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On the other side, Bo Silin chewed the herb in his mouth.

It was bitter and astringent, and it was very unpalatable.

“You may rise.” Su Feifei patted his shoulder and pushed Bo Silin away with one hand to help him stand up.

She did not forget to remind him, “From now on, take the medicine three times a day.

Ill give it to you on time.”

Bo Silin frowned.

“Su Feifei, Im fine.”

“Still trying to be brave” Su Feifei gave him a sidelong glance.

“I know you men are all concerned about your reputation.

Ive heard this a lot in the past.

Ill keep it a secret for you.”

A secret…


Bo Silin glanced at the drone that was following him.

This conversation was indeed kept a secret.

“Ah! A rabbit!” In front of them, Su Feifeis voice suddenly became a pitch brighter.

Bo Silin turned around.

Su Feifei took out her slingshot and shot out like an arrow.

[No way.

Such a handsome man is right in front of you, and youre going to catch rabbits instead]

[Actually, when Su Feifei helped Bo up with one hand, I realized that she seems to be immune to beauty.]

[Come on, what era is this Youre still playing hard to get]

[Thats right.

Shes obviously trying to play tricks.

Shes amazing.

She has all kinds of tricks.]

[Su Feifeis life sure is complicated.]

[I think its very funny, actually!]

After Su Feifei ran a few steps, she turned around and smiled.

“Bo Silin, do you want to compete”

A competition

Bo Silin raised his brows, infected by her smile.

After a while, he said, “Alright,” he said.

“Catch!” Su Feifei threw the slingshot.

“You first!”

Bo Silin took the slingshot and turned to look at the running rabbit.

“Hurry!” Su Feifei urged him, her eyes shining.

“Hares arent like domestic ones.

They move faster, so you must seize the right time to shoot.

One point each time, there are five rabbits here, Ill let you go first, lets see who wins!”

The grass rustled as the rabbits ran around, jumping further and further away.

Su Feifeis saliva was almost visible through the screen.

A wild rabbit in this kind of mountain forest was the most delicious! It was raised all year round and ran and jumped around.

One bite from it… itll be delicious.

With a swooshing sound, Bo Silin fired the slingshot but missed.

“What kind of skill is this” Su Feifei frowned.

“Can you aim better”

“Im sorry, Ill do it this time.” He stared at her with his pair of watery eyes.

Su Feifei was at a loss for words and couldnt bring herself to lecture him.

He really had a face that people couldnt bear to scold.

In the next second, Su Feifei closed in and placed one hand on Bo Silins arm while the other covered his fist.

“Ill teach you.”


Her soft and clear voice rang in his ears.

Bo Silin turned his head slightly and felt a strand of hair brushing past his neck.

The wind blew and the faint smell of soap and sunlight mixed in his clothes was more alluring than any perfume.

[Im gone, Im gone!!!!]

[Mom, the love of my life is drifting away!!]

[My favorite ship Subo Pot is sailing!]

[Let go of my baby Bo!!!!]

[Su Feifei, get lost!!!!]

[What did I say This woman is doing this on purpose!]

[Shes scheming, that vixen!]

[I want to hold the Best Actor in my arms too.]

[I cant take this!]

“Dont be distracted, look clearly.” Su Feifei tightened her grip.

Bo Silin looked at the rabbit not far away.

She pressed herself against his body and adjusted the position of the slingshot.

She then pulled it back and released it!

The moment the stone left the slingshot, the rabbit in front was immediately hit to the ground!

“Hahaha!” Su Feifei rushed forward, picked up the rabbit, and weighed it in her hand.

Then, she laughed out loud.

“A big fat rabbit, lets give Tiantian and the others an extra meal when we get back tonight!”

This smile was not a smile that had ever flashed across his lips, nor was it a cold smile.

It was a genuine, happy laugh.

It was Bo Silins first time seeing her like this, full of wildness and unspeakable beauty.

He was lost in thought for a moment.

Then, they heard movement in the grass behind her.

“Coming, coming!” Su Feifei immediately said, “Hurry up and fight! Hurry up and fight!”

[Im dying of laughter.

Are you Su Feifei]

[Be steady my heart!]

[Dont tell me she was like this when she caught the rabbit the other day]

[I burst out laughing.

Isnt this contrast a little cute]


[Bos skills arent that good.

He wasnt even as good as Su Feifei.]

[This isnt our baby Bos specialty.

What do you know!]

On the other side, Bo Silin glanced at Su Feifei and fired the stones one after another.

Out of the three shots, one of them hit the target.

Su Feifei looked at him with admiration.

“Not bad.

Youre quite talented.”

“Youve taught me well,” Bo Silin replied.

[What the f*ck]

[My ship is sailing![

[Su Feifei bring him back to us right now!]

A smile flashed across Su Feifeis face when she was praised by her subordinates.

“You have to practice more in the future.

I won this time, lets have a hearty meal today!” Su Feifei waved the things in her hand, turned around, and left.

When Xiao He saw Su Feifei walking out first, he immediately left Tiantian and walked toward Bo Silin.

“Bo!” He stared at Bo Silin in excitement.

He had clearly seen the situation from afar.

That was called a surge of passion! The two of them were already hugging, would there be any other progress today

Yesterday, when he was secretly resting, he received news from the outside that Bo Silin and Su Feifeis love line had been hyped up.

As a member of the team, he naturally chose to add oil to the flame when necessary!

Bo Silin nodded and did not say anything.

He just walked forward.

His tall figure coupled with his exquisite face made the whole picture look more dashing.

“Hey! Be careful!” Xiao He suddenly called out.

In front of him, a red bird was swooping down towards Bo Silin, its movements were swift.

Bo Silin took a step back to avoid the bird, then turned around and pulled his slingshot.

His actions were swift and clean.

The bird flew ten meters away and landed.

Xiao He was stunned and kept clapping with excitement right after.

“That was so accurate! You go, Bo!”

He was stunned, and his expression suddenly became complicated.

‘Thats right, Bo had participated in the archery event for sports day! Thats why he was so good! If I recall, he had gotten first place back then, right Then why couldnt he hit the rabbit that was right in front of him just now


Xiao He gasped as if he had discovered something incredible.


[Have you found the blind spot Have you discovered it]

[Baby bo, youre not doing this on purpose, are you]

[I dont believe it!!!]

[In order to get Feifei to teach him how to slingshot and create an opportunity for intimate contact, he deliberately said that he didnt know how to… Oh my gosh!]

[This is Bo Silins real aim.

Ive seen him at the all-star games, he was definitely pretending just now!]

[Oh my, Im so excited.

Is there really something going on]

[Falling in love! Falling in love! Falling in love!]

At this moment, the campsite was filled with excitement.

As soon as Xiao He and the others arrived, they found that there were three more strong men in the camp.

“What are these” Xiao He shivered as he looked at Tian Tian, who had arrived at the camp first.

Tian Tian was also dumbfounded.

“We want to eat!” The three brawny men shouted in unison, “Food! Now!”

The word eat resounded through the clouds, and Xiao He could not help but cover his ears.


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