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As soon as he said this, the bullet screen exploded.

Qiu Ye lifted the curtain with a whoosh, and the muscles on his entire face were deformed.


Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

Were these words really that effective

Bo Silin said… a single sentence and got Qiu Ye to accept the bear.

The staff around them looked over curiously.

“Theres no other way, it wont leave.” Su Feifei looked down at the black bear.

“This bear is still young and injured.

Well send it away after it recuperates.”

“Young” Qiu Ye exploded.

His trembling index finger poked the bear through the air.

“Its young, but its very experienced in committing heinous crimes!”

Seeing this, Su Feifei had no choice but to say the second sentence that Bo Silin had taught her.

“Bo Silin said that if you dont accept the bear now that its here, people will ask why.”

“Ah!” Qiu Ye collapsed and knelt on the ground.

Save him!

Someone save him!

There was more to this

“Once husband and wife, till death do you part.” Su Feifei continued.

[A day together as husband and wife, a hundred day of love!]

[Im dying, Im dying! Im laughing so hard that my mom is going to kick me out of the house!]

[I originally thought that this bear would be Su Feifeis pet.

I didnt expect it to become Qiu Yes pet in the end]

[Ever since I started watching this livestream, Ive never thought of what the next scene would be.]

In the end, Qiu Ye accepted the bear with a defeated expression.

It was temporarily detained so that it would be convenient for the veterinarian to apply medicine on it when he came.

When Su Feifei left, the black bear suddenly woke up and opened its eyes.

A man and a bear looked at each other across a tent.

Qiu Ye silently looked away.

He was numb when it came to Su Feifeis antics.

In the forest, Gu Sheng was staring at Bo Silin.

“Su Feifei had something to do, so she asked me to come over instead.” Bo Silin said with a smile.

Gu Shengs face was calm, and he returned to his usual gloomy and cold appearance.

“This is a matter between me and her.

I dont need to tell outsiders.”

As he spoke, he started to leave.

Bo Silin did not stop him and stood behind him, watching him.

After two steps, Gu Sheng turned around and squinted his phoenix eyes.

After looking at each other for a moment, Gu Sheng turned around.

“You might think that you understand her now, but there are some things that only she and I can understand.

Youll never be a part of it.

“Which ones” Bo Silin played with the slingshot in his hand.

“Even if I say it, you might not understand.” Gu Shengs eyes were filled with a rare hint of ridicule.

“How do you know I wont understand if you dont tell me”

Bo Silin looked up with a smile.

“It cant be something like the Great Yan, right”

Gu Sheng was stunned, his eyes shaking.

He actually knew about Great Yan

Su Feifei said it Did she tell Bo Silin everything about Great Yan

Before today, he had never taken Bo Silin seriously.

He thought that this man was just a little smart, but it was impossible for him to enter Feifeis heart that easily.

At least not anymore.

Gu Sheng calmed down after a moment of shock.

“She wont say much.” Gu Sheng sized him up with narrowed eyes.

“I know her.”

If Su Feifei didnt say it, then the man must have analyzed it himself.

Perhaps it was a few words that were accidentally leaked, or perhaps it was some illogical behavior.

In short, his judgment now was that Bo Silin was a very, very smart man.

This man would be a formidable opponent.

Bo Silin did not answer.

He waved the slingshot in the air and squinted his eyes as he gestured in the dark.

“Ah, I wonder if I can hunt a rabbit for Feifei later.” He sighed as he fiddled with the slingshot even more clearly.

Gu Sheng recognized the weapon at a glance.

This slingshot was made by Su Feifei.

He glanced at the love-shaped walking stick that Bo Silin was leaning on, and his face darkened.

In the air, undercurrents were flowing.

“Since youve already guessed about Great Yan, I might as well tell you.” Gu Sheng spoke again.

“Ive been close to her for ten years.

In these ten years, Im the person she trusts the most.”

“What happened after that Why doesnt she trust you anymore”

Bo Silin smiled and stabbed a knife into his heart.

Gu Shengs body swayed, and his face turned paler.

“Because I made a mistake,” he said frankly.

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows and stopped.

Only now did he take a serious look at him.

“But…” Gu Sheng said slowly, “Ill tell her the reason.

The heavens have given me a chance to make up for it, and I wont miss it for the world.

And Ive already made my decision.

Im going to use my entire life to atone for my sins.”

“So, Bo Silin, dont waste any more time on this.

You cant win against me.

I have determination and endurance.

I can afford to wait.

“She met me when she was ten years old.

I was the one who brought her up.

“Including the slingshot that you love so much, I taught her how to make it step by step.

Ive been there for all her greatest moments.

Ive been through with her when she was confused, joyful, and in tears, and when she had a breakdown.

Have you seen it before

“Although its cruel, you have to admit that there are some things in this world that are based on a first-come, first served.”

Gu Sheng stared at Bo Silins expression after he finished speaking.

Unfortunately, he did not see any emotional changes.

He was the best at distinguishing peoples hearts.

Therefore, he could tell at a glance that although it seemed like things were going smoothly between Su Feifei and Bo Silin, there was actually a big problem in between…

Su Feifei didnt know where her feelings were at.

This was where his chance lay.


The forest was very quiet.

Other than the occasional flying birds, there was only the gradually brightening sky.

Bo Silins fingers gently stroked the slingshot.

“Gu Sheng,” He said.

Gu Sheng squinted at him, his dark eyes full of vigilance.

“or should I call you like how Su Feifei does” Bo Silin looked up.

“Wei Ling”

Gu Shengs body stiffened.

Bo Silin leaned back, the thick vines beneath him.

“Actually, I thought about it before I came.

You might really be a formidable opponent.

But after hearing what you said, Ill give up on that idea.

“Tsk, if I may ask, do you still feel that youre quite pitiful You had your own difficulties, and you have no choice but to atone for this mistake”

Gu Sheng pursed his lips.

He was a member of the Gu family, so he had heard of the Bo familys reputation for being venomous.

Who in the Gu family had not been poisoned by the Bo familys words

He was silent.

“And you were wrong about something just now.” Bo Silin tossed the slingshot in his hand.

His profile was exquisite, and his eyes were lazy.

The words that came out of his mouth were as sharp as the tip of a blade.

“You said you know her How

“Just because you trained her and accompanied her doesnt mean you understand her.

“Seeing her every moment doesnt mean that you understand her.

“If you really understood her, you wouldnt dare to make mistakes, and you wouldnt think that you can make up for it after making a mistake.”

“Thats your personal opinion,” Gu Sheng said coldly.

“I dont need you to lecture me.”

“Dont worry.” Bo Silin stood up with a smile.

He suddenly raised his slingshot and aimed at a certain direction in the grass.

A rabbit fell to the ground and Bo Silin picked it up.

There was a red dot between his eyebrows.

“Ya, Su Feifei is in for a treat tonight.”

Gu Sheng, “You..”

That close shot was definitely intentional!

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