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The bullet screen also exploded.

[Things are getting exciting!]

[Why did they suddenly start fighting!]

[Su Feifeis expression is no different from seeing her fathers murderer!]

“Uh the bear… Uh…” The staff member looked at the bear on the ground.

For a moment, he didnt know which one to deal with.

“Stop them! Stop her! Are you blind Humans are more dangerous than bears these days!” Qiu Ye roared.

By the time the bear was dealt with, the person was already gone!

On the other side, Su Feifei had already pulled the trigger, her face expressionless.

The tranquilizer gun exploded.

She brushed past Gu Shengs face.

Gu Shengs pupils shrank!

He gritted his teeth and looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifeis eyes were colder than the muzzle of a gun.

Her hands were also very steady as she placed another arrow.

This time, Gu Sheng did not avoid her.

He stood there and looked at her.

Su Feifei curled her lips coldly.

Then, she stretched out her index finger and slowly touched the trigger.

His gaze moved slightly and he stared at her hand… It was extremely stable, without any hesitation or trembling.

He still didnt move and just stared.

Qiu Ye was shocked and opened his mouth wide.

“He really came”

Bo Silin also looked at him from the corner of his eyes.

His gaze swept past Su Feifei and then fell on Wei Lings face, deep in thought.

Suddenly, Su Feifei exerted force with her fingers!

The next second, the staff member suddenly pounced on her.

“Su Feifei! Su Feifei, calm down!”

She hugged their thighs and cried until two lines of tears fell.

“Su Feifei, you have to stop this madness! Im begging you!”

“Su Feifei, please leave our crew a way out!”

Four of them cried, and one of them was responsible for removing the bow from Su Feifeis hand.

Gu Sheng could not hold on much longer either and stumbled.

The rest of the staff came forward and supported Gu Shengs body.

“Su Feifei, lets have a chat.” Gu Sheng turned his head and said.

The night was filled with confusion, and his face could not be seen clearly.

Su Feifei didnt refuse and gave a curt nod.

Only then did Gu Sheng relax and fall on the stretcher carried by the Festival Group.

In the air, there was a sudden wailing sound.

It was the black bear that had been shot.

Su Feifei calmly turned around, walked to the black bears side, and pulled out the arrow.

Qiu Ye gasped.

What was she doing

The staff member trembled as he raised the tranquilizer gun again!

“Theres no need for that.”

Su Feifei stopped him.


No need

The black bears injuries were not serious, but it was hard to guarantee that it would not jump up and hit them again!

[Su Feifei, why dont we solve this like civilized people]

[This is so scary.]

After Su Feifei finished speaking, the staff member didnt dare to move.

She walked to the bushes at the side.

As soon as Su Feifei left, everyone retreated in unison, trembling.

Especially Qiu Ye.

He immediately took off his black bear suit, threw it aside, and stood still.

Soon, Su Feifei returned with the familiar herbs.

Then, she rubbed it and applied it to the black bears wound.

The black bear moved a little, not used to it.

Su Feifei slapped its head.

“Dont move.”

Everyone was speechless.

Thats a bear for goodness sake!

Among the crowd, only Gu Sheng looked calm and even smiled.

The black bear seemed to understand Su Feifeis words.

He lowered his head again and even rubbed it against the side of her pants.

Qiu Ye, “Su Feifei.”

When I told you to stop just now, you werent as obedient as you are now!

[Does it understand Su Feifeis words!]

[All things have spirits.

I believe it now.]

[Thats strange.

The bear that I thought was huge just now suddenly became small]

[Youve become cuter!!! ]Whats going on in your tiny little brain you sweet little baby]

“It was just playing with me just now.” Su Feifei raised her head and said, “I dont have any ill intentions.

You guys go back first, Ill send it to the mountains.”

Qiu Ye trembled.

“You Alone”

“Lets go.

Bo Silin, stay.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin immediately puffed out his chest.

“Alright,” he said.

He walked past Gu Sheng with his chest puffed out and his head raised, his posture elegant.

Gu Sheng coughed on the stretcher.

“Su Feifei, Ill wait for you over there.

Come and find me after youre done.” He said.

Without waiting for Su Feifeis response, he signaled the staff to carry him away.

The staff members started working in unison.

Qiu Ye and the others had no choice but to retreat.

Su Feifei reached out and picked up the bear.

The black bear leaned on her side and moaned, not willing to leave.

She narrowed her eyes and kicked him again.

“Lets go.”

Why does this look so familiar

She glanced at Bo Silin.

After walking for a few dozen meters, Qiu Yes head suddenly thumped and he turned around.

Worried, he instructed, “Su Feifei, dont bring the bear back! I refuse to see it in the camp! I object!”

After Qiu Ye had this thought, he felt that it was ridiculous.

However, it didnt seem impossible since it was Su Feifei he was talking to.

Su Feifei glanced at him.

“We dont even have enough to eat.

Why would we want to raise bears”

Qiu Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

He did not want to see anything related to bears in his life! However, he was still a little worried.

“No, swear on your life you wont! You wont bring it back to the base!”

Su Feifei squinted at him.

However, Qiu Ye was very determined.

At the risk of being cut, he also stared at Su Feifei fiercely and used his posture to show his determined attitude!

After a long while.

“I swear, I wont bring the bear back to the base,” Su Feifei said mechanically.

Qiu Ye thought for a while and was completely relieved.

He turned around and left.

On the other hand, Gu Sheng stayed in the woods for a long time.

From the time the moon rose to the treetops until the sun rose, no one came.

When the sky was almost bright, he sighed softly.

He took another look at the quiet surroundings, turned around, and walked towards the encampment with his walking stick.

Just as he was about to move, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

When he looked up, he saw a pair of long, narrow, amber eyes.

At this moment, there were shiny eyes that seemed very friendly looking back at him.

The directors tent.

Qiu Ye welcomed a new round of collapse.

A man and a bear stood outside the tent.

She was very awake, and the bear was already asleep.

It was leaning against Su Feifeis leg with its eyes closed.

“Su Feifei!” Qiu Yes desperate cry came from inside.

“What did you promise me You swore an oath! You said you wont bring the bear back to the base!”

“This is not the encampment.” Su Feifei looked around.

This was the directors tent.

Qiu Ye, “Su Feifei.”

He endured it.

“Its impossible to raise this thing!”

Bo Silin quickly interjected, “The husband should take care of his wife.”

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