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After two seconds of silence, Qiu Yes roar echoed throughout the forest.

He struggled to escape, but was pressed back by the black bear!

Bang! Bang!

This was the secret of reproduction!

Bang! Bang!

This was a collision of life!

Bang! Bang!

This was the fruit of love!

“Ahhhh! F*ck! Stop your perverted actions!”

Qiu Ye roared, “Save me! Hurry up and save me!”

“Bo Silin! Dont record the video anymore! Hurry up and save me, someone save me!”

One of his bear claws trembled in the air.

He wanted to struggle, but it was to no avail.

The eyes of the black bear behind him were red.

Faster and faster!

The love of the bear could not be stopped!

[Please save him.

The children are watching.]

[The clothes are fine, but Im afraid Feifei wont be able to protect him.]

[Im sorry, I just realized that this is actually a dangerous situation.

Is it too late to laugh now]

[Dont worry, Qiu Ye.

At least it thinks youre the same kind now.]

[At least you have someone in your life that loves you now.]


[Im really numb from laughing.]

Qiu Ye madly pounded the ground and roared loudly.

In the end, he stopped moving and let it do whatever it wanted.

Forget it.

If life had to treat him this way.

Then so be it.

After the black bear moved a few times, it got up from Qiu Yes body in confusion.

As for Qiu Ye, he had once thought that the darkest moment of his life was when the helicopters changed formation.

After that, he thought that it was because he saw Su Feifei walking towards him with her thick makeup and crab legs.

He had fantasized about such a scene before-

One day, when he was on the stage of a world-famous director, someone would raise a microphone and ask him, “Whats the biggest difficulty youve encountered in your career as a director”

At that time, he didnt know whether to choose the helicopter or Su Feifeis heavy makeup.

But now… There was no need to choose.

There was no need for that anymore.

If he could, he really wished that the internet really had no memories.

However, at this moment, not only did the internet have it, but it would also spread like wildfire.

Tonight, the top three trending searches were obviously about Qiu Ye.

[Shocking News! Qiu Ye Violated by a Bear]

[300 Rounds of Qiu Ye and Bear.

Video Link Below!]

[PM for Details, Watch aHigh-definition Uncensored Qiu Ye and Bear.]

In the director teams tent.

“F*ck! Hurry up and save them! Hurry up!”

The Assistant Director shouted, his body already numb.

Behind him, there were several staff members who were laughing too hard to act.

When they saw the Assistant Director glaring at them, they immediately took their tools and ran into the mountains.

In the mountains, as the two looked at each other, the atmosphere became a little stagnant.

Su Feifei took a step back and the atmosphere became tense again.

Qiu Ye was still lying on the ground.

He didnt want to live, but he didnt dare to die.

Su Feifei kept her eyes on the black bear as she retreated.

[Im more afraid that it wants more.]

[Qiu Ye is still wearing a black bear costume.

The others might just look like dinner.]

Gu Sheng drew his bow from the tree, but did not fire.

This distance had already exceeded the normal shooting range.

Bo Silin suddenly leaned close to Su Feifeis ear.

“Call me when youre done.”


[Why call]

[What is it Why should she call him]

[Explain clearly!]

“Why call” Su Feifei asked.

“Do you still remember what Qiao Hefeng cried out when he fell into the arena”

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes and nodded.

She exchanged a look with Bo Silin and immediately started running!

With a moving target, the black bear was immediately attracted to it!

It instantly moved and ran in Su Feifeis direction!

Gu Shengs pupils shrank as he drew his bow to the maximum.

Both sides were moving too fast.

He couldnt aim!

The black bear pounced with all its might, causing Su Feifei to… scream out loud The figure in front suddenly let out a wail.

“Ahh, please! I dont want to die! I want to go home!”


Isnt it a little too similar

Su Feifei circled around and was gradually caught up.

Bo Silin stood to the side and pulled the slingshot, aiming at the black bears eyes just in case anything happened.

He was looking at Gu Sheng out of the corner of his eye.

He was waiting for Gu Sheng to make the first move.

Su Feifei ran up the tree, but the black bear bit her clothes.

She turned around and landed on the ground again.

As she pulled off the hem of her clothes, she kicked it.

“Ahh!” Su Feifei added more strength.

But she gradually lost his patience.

Seeing that Gu Sheng was still hesitating, she turned around and shouted, “Gu Sheng, what are you doing Shoot the arrows!”

The black bears roar reverberated through the forest!

Suddenly, an arrow broke through the air!

However, it only brushed past!

Gu Sheng gritted his teeth.

The hand holding the bow and arrow began to tremble.

That was because he was still using his right hand.

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

In the next moment, the black bear swiped its paw and flipped the person over!

Su Feifei hit the ground and suddenly came up with a plan.

“You dare to flip me over”

She suddenly pulled out her knife and prepared to face the black bear head-on!

“Dont be rash!”

Bo Silins voice sounded.

Qiu Ye, who was on the ground, sat up and lifted his hood.

“F*ck! Thats a bear, Su Feifei!”

[This is a bear-y serious situation girl!]]

[Su Feifei, lets just bear with it for now!!]

[Dont be afraid, dont be afraid! Steady! Su Feifei can bear-ly even think about whats going on.]

[ I dont mind playing the bear to catch Su Feifeis heart!]

Su Feifei jumped onto the bears body, and the black bear roared and opened its mouth!

She raised her hand and was about to hit the bears mouth.

This time, both sides were destined to suffer!

Su Feifei didnt care and gathered her strength to move!

Right then, the arrow was suddenly fired!

It hit right in the bears mouth and went through the tip of its teeth.

It was an extremely good aim!

Su Feifei instantly stopped and raised her head!

She looked at the person on the tree after a distance.

Dead silence.

Gu Sheng clenched his bow tightly and pursed his lips.

At this moment, the face he gave had penetrated through time and completely matched the face of the last battle of Great Yan.

He held a bow in his left hand and an arrow in his right.

Because he had used too much force, his thumb had already drawn a bloody mark.

Just like before.

Their eyes met, and Gu Shengs eyes were full of struggle.

After a while, he closed his eyes.

There were some things that didnt need to be said.

The forest was silent for two seconds.

Su Feifeis expression was calm.

She got off the bear, and all her anger and agitation had faded.

She even patted the bears head.

Then, she called out Bo Silins name.

Bo Silin had the same thought and immediately threw the arrow over.

The next second, her slender hand caught the bow and arrow.

Then, she aimed at Gu Sheng.

Everyone was speechless.

What was going on

Without waiting for them to react, Su Feifei took an arrow and shot!

The rain of arrows headed straight for Gu Sheng.

Gu Shengs reaction was extremely fast.

He flipped down from the tree.

After that, a wooden sword also flew across the sky and he immediately dodged it.

With a loud bang, it was directly inserted into the tree trunk.

The tree trunk was instantly split into two!

Gu Sheng turned his head and said, “Su Feifei! Calm down please, Su Feifei!”

Su Feifei didnt say anything and shot the arrows again and again!

Before the staff who had just arrived could figure out the situation, a tranquilizer gun was aimed at Su Feifei!

Everyone was shocked.

“F*ck! Hurry up and stop her!” Qiu Ye was frightened.

“Whats going on!”

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