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She saw with her own eyes that a certain muscle on Gu Shengs cheek twitches.

It was a physiological change that he could not control.

Su Feifei sneered and covered the trap.

Pretending to look away.

‘Shriveled b*stard, continue acting.

It was fine if he hid far away in this life and she couldnt find him.

Yet he delivered himself to her door

Wasnt this just courting death

She was originally just wasting her time.

However, from now on, this show had a different meaning to her.

“Lets wait for our prey.”

After the trap was set, Su Feifei stood to the side and waited with her arms crossed.

Now, all they had to do was wait for Qiu Ye to come out and force Gu Sheng to use the bow and arrow.


Other things could be covered up, but in the face of danger, ones most instinctive reaction could never be hidden.

In particular, Wei Ling was used to using a bow with his left hand, and his posture was very special.

Tigers dont change their stripes.

He would act out of instinct.

Gu Sheng turned to look at her.

His gaze moved slightly.

His eyes slid across her full forehead, to the tip of her nose, and then to her lips.

His lips moved slightly and he was about to open his mouth.

Right then, there was a sudden movement in the grass.

Su Feifei immediately turned around.

A huge black creature walked out unsteadily from behind the tree.

It even tripped when it came out, almost a little unwilling.

It took two deep breaths and moved forward.

[What the f*ck]

[What happened to his acting skills!]

[Qiu Ye, lets be serious, okay]

[Youll be easily discovered if you dont try hard!]

Su Feifei took a step back and turned to look at Gu Sheng.

Gu Shengs expression turned serious.

“This trap isnt enough.

Climb up the tree first!”

He immediately turned around and ran forward.

Su Feifei also started to run, but she suddenly turned around.

“Do you think you can run” She asked.

She was concerned about him

Gu Sheng could not hide the joy in his eyes.

“Dont worry.”

“I wont.

If you cant escape, you can stall the bear first.

Youre going to die anyway.”

Su Feifei turned around and climbed up the tree.

Gu Sheng, “Su Feifei.”

The black bear slowly approached.

Su Feifei took a big step and climbed up the tree without even looking back.

Gu Sheng gritted his teeth and supported his body.

He threw away his walking stick and used the same technique to jump up the tree from low to high.

“Give me the bow!” Gu Sheng said.

Su Feifei had been waiting for this.

She raised her hand and threw the bow and arrow over.

Gu Sheng raised his hand and drew his bow.

He was using his right hand, and his movements were very skilled.

Su Feifei sized him up and didnt say anything.

[Su Feifei, stop him!]

[If were not careful, this show will lose its second director.]

However, very quickly.

The grass moved again and a second black figure appeared.

This time, it was still covered in black fur, but its body was standing upright, looking around.

[Another one Bo Silin, is that you]

[Where is Bo Silin]

[Good friends do d*mb sh*t together!]

The black shadow stood in front of him happily.

He even raised his arms and roared out.

After Qiu Ye had finished shouting, he suddenly realized that the bear in front of him had turned around and was looking at him.

He was stunned.

Eh, why is there another one in front

Who is that

Bo Silin had found another actor besides him

[Didnt Bo Silin only find one just now]

[Theyve been walking up the mountain for a long time in this barren mountain.

It cant be Qiu Ye.]

[F*ck no way!]

[Im already scared of this show.

I think its normal for anything to appear now!]

Qiu Ye paused for a moment, not understanding the situation.

The bear in front suddenly turned around and pounced toward Qiu Ye!

“Qiu Ye! Retreat!”

Su Feifei shouted and immediately tried to get down from the tree.

But someone pulled on her wrist.

“Its dangerous!”

Gu Sheng tugged at her.

Then, Su Feifei threw him away!

“Get lost!”

She leaped and directly jumped off the tree!

Gu Sheng gritted his teeth.

He had no choice but to draw his bow again and look for an opportunity.

On the other side, Qiu Ye was pounced on by the black bear.

He stood up again and didnt hear Su Feifeis cry.

[Look at Su Feifeis reaction.

That bear must be real!]

[What should we do What should we do Is that real]

[Will someone really die today!! I hope not!]

[That was quick!]

“F*ck, your props are more realistic than mine!” Qiu Ye sized up the black bear and said, “That b*stard Bo Silin gave me such a low-quality one, but he gave you such a good one”

As he spoke, he lifted his leg and kicked.

The black bears butt flicked.

[Qiu Ye! Stop!]

[Youre looking for death, youre looking for death, youre looking for death!]


The black bear went around him and pushed him with its paw.

Qiu Ye staggered after being pushed by him.


Look at the acting skills! He was really good at acting as an animal!

As a director, how could he lose

Qiu Ye immediately fell on all four limbs and looked at him.

Then, he turned around and shook his body.

What a joke! He had made quite a few documentaries on wild animals!

“Hey, who are you Xiao He One of the brawny men Could it be Qiao Hefeng Your body shape doesnt look like it either.

You must be one of the brawny men, right”

The black bear pounced again.

“Qiu Ye! This is real!”

Su Feifeis roar sounded again.

Qiu Ye laughed and said, “Whats real”

The next second, he was stuck and almost vomited blood.

“What Is the bear real You!!!”

The black bear stared at him.

He panicked.

He was completely flustered!

He wanted to run but it was too late!

The black bear pounced on Qiu Ye with all its might!

Su Feifei immediately took out her sleeve arrow! His expression turned cold!

Bo Silin happened to arrive at the scene and the two of them looked at each other, ready to attack!

Qiu Ye also roared!

The next second.

The black bear pressed Qiu Ye down.

He roared while swinging back and forth.

The strength was great!

The speed was extremely fast!

No one could react in time!

Qiu Ye was stunned for a moment and turned around to look.

What was going on

His neck was still there

His body was also intact.

Then what was the bear doing

After a second of confusion.

An idea suddenly flashed in his mind, and his face quickly turned red.

No, no, no, no.

It wouldnt be the Su Feifei he was thinking of.

That was impossible! Impossible!

Su Feifeis movements stopped, and Bo Silins expression froze.

Soon after, the candle emoji that had not appeared for a long time filled the screen again.

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