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On the other side of the grass, Su Feifei stretched and looked back.

The strands of hair on her cheeks fluttered, and a clear girlish feeling instantly hit her face.

Xiao He was dumbfounded.

He felt that even though he had been a top assistant for so many years and had seen so many different faces, he still felt that Su Feifei was really beautiful at this moment.

Then, he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Bo leaning back on the chair.

Although his movements were lazy and casual, his eyes were fixated on Feifei.

‘Somethings happening…

In the next second, Su Feifei tied her hair up with both hands and sneered.

“Our team is not to be provoked! The few of you, stay here.

Ill go and pick herbs for you.”


Renbo had no idea what he had just gotten himself into.


Xiao He was speechless.

She was beautiful, but unfortunately, she had a sharp mouth.

[Picking herbs Did I hear that wrongly]

[Let me ask you the same thing.

That man is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

He brought all kinds of tools with him every time he picked herbs.

She doesnt have anything.

Can she really pick herbs]

[Didnt anyone notice Su Feifeis godly face]

[I can hear the sound of someone drooling, hahaha.]

Su Feifei walked away without looking back; with Bo Silins gaze on her.


On the mountain, near the central command post.

This island was actually formed by a dormant volcano.

The closer one was to the crater, the more minerals and products there were.

Su Feifei had long discovered that this area was very fertile.

Even without this activity, Su Feifei would have come here to collect items.

She walked and stopped, pulling out grass and wool.

Her movements were quick and smooth.

[Appraisal complete.

This is a reckless guy.]

[Wait, somethings standing up behind Su Feifei!]

[It looks like a snake!!]

[Tell the Festival Group.

Someone will die soon!]

[Lets talk about it online!]

In the main control room, the topic of saving Su Feifei was getting more and more popular, and everyone was asking the program team to stop Su Feifei from continuing on her path.

Otherwise, something would really happen.

The Assistant Director looked at the monitor worriedly and said, “Director Liu, why dont you intervene”

Director Liu looked at the tens of millions of views, gritted his teeth, and said, “Im not going! Have we prepared the snake venom serum”

“We dont have the snake venom serum!” The director in charge of the reserve team reported.

“Lets wait a little longer,” Director Liu said as he repeated it the second time, but softer.

At the same time, the person on the screen didnt seem to notice at all.


Su Feifei was still looking for herbs.

Her hair was tied up on one side behind her back, and her movements were casual and natural.

The green snake flicked its tongue and slowly moved in her direction.


[F*ck, Im shaking! That wriggling thing looks disgusting!]

[Whats wrong with the director]

[Exciting! Something exciting is going to happen!]

[Is there no one from the production team here yet This snake is definitely venomous!]

[Cant she just take a bite and send it away]

[Ive found his family.

Its the tropical snake king!]

[Holy sh*t!]

The snakes body was already in its offensive stance.

Seeing that it was about time, Director Liu ordered his men to rush over now.

Anyway, Su Feifeis accident had nothing to do with her.

As long as he sent help, he wouldnt have to be responsible for Feifei.

These people had signed a life and death contract after all!


He remembered that after last years incident, the viewership ratings had reached a peak.


Although some people left the show one after another, it still helped to build momentum for the second season.

If you want to play, play big!

He would use Su Feifeis death as a sacrifice for the viewership this time!


Director Liu narrowed his eyes.

On the opposite end of the screen, the snake circled around for the last time.

[It looks like its about to attack!]

[Although I dont like Su Feifei, she doesnt deserve to die!]

[Hurry up and save her!]

However, no matter how many comments there were, there was only one drone hovering in the air, buzzing weakly.

The next second, the snake stood up straight!

Su Feifei reached out her fair hand and pushed it into the grass without looking back.

The snake suddenly pounced forward!

Su Feifei was sensitive enough to sense the movement behind her.

She immediately turned around and frowned, but it was too late!


[I cant watch this anymore!!!!!]

The scream and the sound of the stone bullets flying by sounded at the same time.

Su Feifei suddenly turned around.

What entered her line of sight was the little snake that had been hit by the stone, as well as a pair of amber peach-shaped eyes.


[Baby Bo!!!!!]

[Hes so handsome!]

[Was it Bo who saved Su Feifei just now]

[Im breaking out in a cold sweat!]

[Su Feifei must have lived a great past life to deserve this.]

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows, glanced at the snake on the ground, and then at Bo Silin.

Behind him was a caved-in canyon, and the volcano was located in it.

Around him was a swift slender waterfall that flew straight down, creating a huge splash that echoed throughout the entire empty valley.

He stood behind the rainbow that stretched across the canyon, becoming the most eye-catching and prominent part of the scenery.

Su Feifei recalled the time when she was in Great Yan.

When the palace was first built, in order to appease the courtiers, many men joined the harem.

Some were domineering, some were feminine, and some were fat or thin.

It was like a bustling morning market.

You could choose whatever flavor you wanted.


However, she had never seen someone like Bo Silin before.

She had a keen eye for people and had long noticed that the soldier under her was not as simple as he looked.

However, as long as it didnt involve her, she couldnt be bothered.

Moreover, teammates were people who could entrust their backs to each other.

If she used someone, she would not doubt them.

If she suspected someone, she would not use them.

Su Feifei had always been very good at trusting her gut.

That was why she liked Bo Silin.

He was complicated but not worldly, instead, he was calm and well-defined.

Moreover, he was born with heavenly features.

At this moment, the comments naturally flooded the screen.

On-screen, all they could see was a man who was protecting his woman.

When they looked at each other, ambiguous sparks were instantly ignited on the screen.

[Holy sh*t! What in the actual f*ck is happening!]

Im just going to say it right here right now, they look really good together!]

“What are you doing here” Su Feifei asked.

Bo Silin held the slingshot in his hand and walked over the huge rock to Su Feifei.

“You havent replied for a long time, so I came over to take a look.”

[No baby! Dont show any concern for this b*tch!!!]


[What made you think he cares]

[Just admit it.

Theres really something wrong with your baby Bo.]


Su Feifei looked at the slingshot in his hand and then at the snake on the ground.

Her back was covered in a cold sweat when she had a closer look.

She recognized the species of the snake.

Once bitten, death was certain!

In other words, this seemingly weak and useless subordinate had just saved her life.

Bo Silin handed the slingshot in his hand to Su Feifei and moved closer.

“For you.

Im repaying you for the shower gel you gave me.”

He had rushed over for one thing — to give Su Feifei another chance.

Su Feifei was the only issue in the story that had appeared so far, and he had to figure out how this issue came about.

The simplest way was to create an opportunity for contact so that the plot could return to its original point earlier.

Su Feifei was stunned for a moment, then she nodded.


Take it first.”

Bo Silin stopped in his track.

Su Feifei turned around and went to look for the snake.

She grabbed the snakes tail and threw it hard onto a nearby rock.

Then, she skinned it and opened its chest with practiced movements.

Bo Silin was speechless.

After killing the snake, Su Feifei licked her lips, and a smile appeared on her porcelain-white face.

She lifted the snake and patted Bo Silins shoulder.

“I didnt dote on you for nothing.

Youre very thoughtful.

Ill add an extra meal for lunch today.”



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