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“What do you mean!”

“Its true! I heard you!”

Qiao Hefeng pointed angrily at Pei Zhu.

Pei Zhu shot into the forest and disappeared.

[Its over.]

[Really The chicken leg in my hand doesnt even smell good anymore.]

[Thank God this passed.

Pun intended.]

Save me! Why did I open this livestream Why!]

A few of them rushed out of the encampment and chased after the figure in the forest.

“Assistant Pei, you should go back and practice clenching your butthole!”

“Stop following me!”

“I thought you were here to make a scene.

I didnt expect you to come here to vent your anger!”

“No matter how stressed you are in life, you shouldnt do such a thing!”

“Im going to complain to the movie queen! Ill lodge a complaint!”

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill go back and help with the roasted rabbit.

I wont be getting any rabbit meat later!” Xiao He said.

Qiao Hefeng shook his head weakly, “Im not eating, I cant eat anymore…”

Everyone walked into the encampment.

“Eh, wheres the roasted rabbit”

On the other side.

Bo Silin looked at the figure who was feasting on the roasted rabbit in the open space, “You sure are carefree.” He said faintly.

Su Feifeis back stiffened.

Then, she turned around.

Her mouth was full of oil, and there was only half a roasted rabbit left.

Bo Silin, “Su Feifei.”

He stepped forward and wiped Su Feifeis lips.

“They didnt notice, did they” Su Feifei asked.

Then, she gave a strange smile.

“Its okay if you find out.

I dont think you would want to eat it anymore.”

Bo Silin, “Su Feifei.”

What a good move, killing two birds with one stone.

From the moment they tied up the woman, she was planning to capture this roasted rabbit, right

No, her plan should have started from the stomach upset part.

She was never careless about food.

“Ive found the information.” Bo Silin sat down in front of her.

“That quickly”

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.

Bo Silin nodded.

“Theres nothing unusual.

Heres the information.”

He handed the phone to Su Feifei and helped her flip through the information.

“The only special piece of information is that he got into a car accident two years ago before he participated in the survival variety show.

He was in a vegetative state for a month.”

A vegetable

Su Feifei bit into the rabbit meat and looked down at the screen.

Bo Silin nodded.

The reason why this information was special was because this description had never appeared in the book.

There was not much description of Gu Sheng either.

What was more interesting was that Gu Sheng had only participated in the wilderness program two years ago.

He did not participate in other programs, nor did he have any interactions with her.

Bo Silin had a flash of inspiration.

“Su Feifei, why did you want to check on his information” He asked.

Su Feifei stopped eating the roasted rabbit and glanced at Bo Silin.

“To confirm something.”

“Youre sure that hes not someone you know, right” Bo Silin asked.

Su Feifeis eyes flickered.


“He is,” Bo Silin said.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment.

“Believe me, he is.” Bo Silin repeated.

The only variable now was him.

Gu Sheng only joined the show because of Su Feifei.

At the same time, he didnt participate in the program because of the original Su Feifei.

He came to the conclusion that he had only interacted with the current Feifei.

After eliminating all the wrong answers, even if the remaining ones were ridiculous, they could only be believed.

Bo Silins eyes darkened.

Su Feifei started to chew on the roasted rabbit again.

“Then can you do me another favor” She asked.


“Lets put on a show.”

Their heads touched again.

After muttering to herself for a while, Su Feifei retreated.

“By the way, be careful of Qin Ya.” Bo Silin said, “She should be participating in the next battle.

Shes a strong opponent.”

Su Feifei nodded.

“When do we act” Bo Silins eyes were already starting to flash with excitement.

“Wait for me to finish.”

Su Feifei bit down on the rabbits leg and mumbled.

[Sorry, I didnt understand the whole thing.

I only understood this one sentence.


[I can only see one thing, their love.

What are they talking about]

[Whatever theyre thinking about, Im already scared of it.]

[Dont say that Bo Silin is in on it too, Su Feifeis brain is actually quite sharp, especially when it comes to protecting her food, right]

[Ill pray for that person, amen.]

At the filming location on the mountain top.

After the shower, Pei Zhu cried to Qin Ya in the room.

“There must have been something wrong with that fish soup! I only ate that fish soup.

Ive also asked around just now, and the fish soup was sent by Su Feifei! Ive been mocked!!”

She wiped her tears and looked at Qin Ya.

Qin Ya, you drank it too.

Are you okay”

“Im fine.” Qin Ya took out a box.

“Eat it, and you wont have a stomach ache in a while.”

Pei Zhu immediately took it.

Qin Ya often had some strange things on her, all of which were very useful.

She was already used to it.

“To be honest, Qin Ya, Su Feifei is a bit scary!”

Pei Zhu instructed, “If you have to face her in the future, you must be very careful!” Shes a lunatic!”

Su Feifei

Qin Ya read the name and said, “It doesnt matter.

Since Im here, shell be eliminated soon.

Ill go to their campsite to see Bo Silin after the shoot tomorrow.”

Pei Zhu wanted to say something but stopped.

She wanted to say that Bo Silin was acting strange, but she was afraid that Qin Ya would feel uncomfortable.

In the end, she kept her mouth shut.

Qin Ya had never made a mistake when she made a move.

She would wait for her to see the situation.

At the campsite, Su Feifei came back after eating the roasted rabbit.

She picked up her bow and arrows and walked out.

“Su Feifei, where are you going” Xiao He asked.

“To hunt.” Su Feifei said.

At the director teams campsite, Qiu Ye was sitting in Gu Shengs tent with the surveillance screen.

“Whats wrong” Gu Sheng saw his unfriendly expression and asked.

“Its late and Su Feifei said she wanted to go hunting.” Qiu Ye sighed and glanced at him.

“Thats quite worrying.”


Gu Sheng frowned.

“Yeah, her hand injury hasnt healed yet, and shes not used to moving alone.

If anything were to happen, the Festival Group would be the only ones to take responsibility.”

Gu Sheng immediately sat up.

“Youre thinking of the Festival Group if she gets in trouble” His eyes turned cold as he picked up his walking stick and walked out of the door.

Qiu Ye said, “Hey, I was just saying! Why are you getting mad Youre angry at me because of a womans choice”

Gu Shengs figure disappeared into the night.

Qiu Yes expression immediately changed as he watched them leave.

“You did it,” Bo Silin jumped down from the tree, his love-shaped walking stick on his back.

He glanced at him.

“Your acting has improved.”

“What are you guys up to this time!” Qiu Ye broke down immediately.

“Dont make me lie for you next time! Look at the sweat on my palms! It scared me to death!”

“Since youre already here, why dont you continue with the act” Bo Silin said with a smile.

Qiu Ye suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“I wont!”

He wanted to run away but was pulled back by Bo Silin.

“I dont want to! I dont want to act anymore! Im not good at acting!”

“This time, youll definitely be good at it.” Bo Silin promised.

Five minutes later.

A black bear suit was thrown into Qiu Yes arms.

Qiu Ye took a look and felt numb.

“What the f*ck You want me to play the bear”

[Hahahahahaha, a bear What the hell are they doing!]

[Qiu Ye, stop struggling.

Youve been a tiger before, relax.]

[Im really good at it this time.]

On the other side, Su Feifei was walking in the mountains under the twilight.

There was a sudden movement in the grass.

She immediately turned around.

“Who is it”

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