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Su Feifei nodded.

“I know.”

Xiao He and the rest turned around instantly.

Ji Ran was being so arrogant, yet Su Feifei was letting him go

Ji Ran was stumped by that sentence and did not say anything else.

Even he himself felt strange about it.

Su Feifei ignored him and heated up the oil.

The fragrance of the wild boar oil instantly spread throughout the entire encampment.

Xiao He handed over the fish that he had killed.

He added the fish and fried it until it was cooked.

Then, he added the sauce and stewed it for a few minutes.

The color, smell, and taste were all present, which attracted many people to watch.

Qi Zhuliang sneakily stood behind them and smacked his lips.

Ji Ran and the others pretended to be nonchalant, but they still stole glances at them.

Su Feifei picked up the pot and sprinkled a handful of the green onions she had planted.

She then opened the bamboo tube and sniffed the rice.

The rice was soaked with bamboo fragrance and had an alluring smell.

“Lets eat!”

The crowd instantly rushed over and fought for the order.

“Xiao He.”

Su Feifei waved her hand.

She packed another portion and placed it in a clay pot.

Send this to Huang Lings camp.

To Huang Lings camp

[Su Feifei, youre so generous!]

[D*mn, thats so awesome.

Shes repaying evil with good, is that still Su Feifei]

[Why do I feel like its a big trap Look at Su Feifeis face.

Does it look like the face of someone who repays evil with good]

Very quickly, the fish was sent over.

When Huang Ling received it, he could hardly believe it.

“This… This is for us” He repeated the question three times.


Xiao He emphasized, “Su Feifei said that shell share it with you.”

Huang Ling was stunned.

He subconsciously lowered his head and sniffed.

“What do you mean Are you afraid well poison you” Xiao He gritted his teeth.

“Were all eating from the same pot!”

Huang Lings face turned awkward, “No, thats not what I meant at all.”

“Dont worry.

Su Feifei isnt someone who will look for trouble for you after the matter is over.” Xiao He said, “Even if she wanted to, she wouldnt do it this way.”

Thats right.

They had fought alongside Su Feifei for a while, so they more or less knew her temperament.

Su Feifei indeed wasnt someone who came in a dark way.

When he thought of this, Huang Ling felt at ease.

“Help me thank Su Feifei!”

Xiao He left.

Huang Ling looked at the meal and said to the person beside him, “Send it to the crew.

Those actors who followed our team have been only eating wild vegetable soup.

We didnt hunt anything.

Give this to them.”

“Alright,” he said.

A meal was quickly sent to the top of the mountain.

Because it was an earthen jar and had been sealed outside, it was still warm when it was delivered.

“What the h*ll is this How dare you send it up just because” Assistant Pei stopped them from outside.

“Its fish soup.

Su Feifeis camp sent it over.”

“Su Feifei” Assistant Pei repeated with narrowed eyes.

“From Bo Silins side!”

“Pei Zhu, whats the fuss about”

An elegant and soft voice came from inside, interrupting the conversation between the two.

“Bo Silin sent someone to deliver fish soup!” Pei Zhu said immediately.

The voice inside paused.

“Then bring it in.”

Pei Zhu carried the fish soup into the room, her face full of an ambiguous smile.

“See, what did I say Youve only been here for a day.

He must have known that you didnt eat well, so he sent the food over tonight!”

In front of the mirror, there was a woman with her hair in an ancient-style bun.

Her beautiful eyes were as clear as water, and she looked very lively.

However, she had an imposing appearance, and she was dressed in a green ancient costume.

She glared at Pei Zhu and said, “Dont say that.

Although there are only a few people on the crew, there is live broadcast equipment everywhere outside.

Its not good for him if word gets out.”

Qin Ya picked up the fish soup.

He sniffed.

“It smells so good.”

“If it doesnt smell good, he can still give it to you! How sweet!” Pei Zhu laughed again.

Qin ya glared at her again.

She took two sips and suddenly thought of something.

“About yesterdays incident, did you leave any evidence”

“Of course not!” Pei Zhu said confidently, “That woman still dared to be arrogant with me.

In the end, she left in tears! She kept calling her name, Su Feifei.

When you were rumored to be with Bo Silin, Su Feifei was still at the bottom of the entertainment industry! What right does she have to be mentioned in the same breath as Bo Silin!”

“Alright, were just cooperating with the festivals publicity.”

Qin Ya put down her spoon and said calmly, “Youve been through a lot.

Dont mind these things.

If it wasnt for this couple, the show wouldnt have been so popular.

Bo Silin knows what to do.”

“Of course, he knows.

Im just afraid that theres something dirty around her that he doesnt know!”

Pei Zhu rolled her eyes.

“Dont worry about it.

Im very clear about these things! If I dont put an end to it from the start, it might come back to leech off your popularity later!”

“Then deal with it cleanly, just dont leave any evidence.”

“Dont worry, its clean!”

“You should eat too.” Qin Ya pushed the jar over.

“I cant eat too much.

Itll affect my appearance.”

Pei Zhu had already gotten used to Qin Yas obsession with weight.

She immediately took it and started eating.

“Oh right, can you send something over to me” Qin Ya said, “I want to hand it to him personally.”

“Alright, give it to me.

Ill send it over later!”

In the camp.

“Why isnt Bo Silin back yet its so late,” Xiao He asked.

“He has something to deal with.”

Su Feifei sat on the chair and looked up at the starry sky.

Her thick eyelashes cast a shadow under her eyes.

A few of them sat around the fire.

There were still roasted rabbits inside for supper.

“Oh, Feifei.” Xiao He dragged out his words.

“Hehe, you left some fish for Bo Silin.

Youre not angry, are you”

“Whats there to be angry about”

Su Feifei gave him a sidelong glance.

“What are you stopping me for Im here to deliver something!”

An excited voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

The people around the fire all turned their heads and looked over.

A woman was standing outside the encampment and was stopped by a strong man.

Tiantian suddenly shivered when she saw the intruder.

Su Feifei squinted at her and then looked outside.

The brawny men raised their hands and knocked on the sign outside the encampment.

It said no strangers were allowed.

“Alright, I wont go in.

But can you call Bo Silin out ” Pei Zhu asked.

“Hes not here.”

“Are you trying to trick me How can he move when hes injured”

“Hes really not here.”

[Isnt that Assistant Pei]

[The assistant of the movie queen!]

[Im sorry, Im on Su Feifeis side this time.

Did you see how Tiantian reacted]

[Whats there to be so arrogant about The last one who made a ruckus in the encampment is already a cripple.]

Pei Zhu gritted her teeth and said, “I didnt offend you, did I Why are you picking a fight with me”

“I told you hes not here.

Whos the one looking for trouble” One of the burley men spoke.

He was anxious.

How could this woman not understand the human language

“Why are you looking for him”

Su Feifeis figure suddenly appeared.

The brawny men immediately took a step back.

Pei Zhu narrowed her eyes and stopped talking.

She sized Su Feifei up.

This was Su Feifei There was nothing special about her! The rumors outside made it sound like she was a real menace..

She was pretty, but what the h*ll was she wearing She was not feminine at all.

Qin Ya would easily win!

Pei Zhu was relieved.

“Im here to deliver something.”

Su Feifei was also sizing her up.

However, she was only looking at her hand.

“I can pass it on for you.”

“I cant.” Pei Zhus eyes were full of emotions, and her tone was full of superiority.

“Qin Ya told me to give this to him personally.

Ill only be at ease if I hand it over to Bo Silin with my own hands.

Otherwise, who could bear the responsibility if Bo Silin were to blame them if they were to fall and break Will you”

She looked at Su Feifei.

This time, she did not hide her hostility.

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