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[Holy f*ck its happening!!]

[Another f*cking straight ball player!]

[Do I really have the chance to see them form a family of three here in my life]

[On the second day on the island, the confession has already been shouted out just like that!!]

After he said this, someone in the grass shook like a sieve.

It was Qiu Ye.

He was excited, he wanted to laugh, and he wanted to see Bo Silins reaction, but he was also afraid of Bo Silins reaction.

He could only try his best to move to the side, and at the same time, he quickly glanced at the man from the corner of his eye.

Bo Silin looked inside with a smile.

Other than this action, there was no other reaction.

This made him even more anxious!

Qiu Ye knew Gu Shengs fate immediately.

As someone who had watched this b*stard grow up, he naturally knew that Bo Silin was not the type to fly into a rage when he was really angry.

On the contrary, the spring rain was quiet, and there was no trace of killing.

“Ive watched your show.

You probably dont know what it means to court people.” Gu Sheng saw that she didnt respond.

“I know,” Su Feifei said.

Gu Sheng was stunned.

“I just found out.

Im wooing Bo Silin and will marry him soon.

So you dont have to waste your energy, this is a monogamous system.”

[Hes barking at the wrong tree!!!]

[Monogamous Su Feifei, you cant be thinking of other modes, right]

[Ive already started twisting the bedsheets.

The conversation between these two is so exciting!]

Gu Shengs face darkened, but he was not too surprised.

“Did Bo Silin teach you Did he ask you to marry him”

“No, its me who wants to get married.”

Gu Sheng could feel his ribs hurting as he breathed.

“Why” He asked.

Su Feifei didnt answer, and the words none of your business were clearly written on her face.

“Do you have anything else to say besides what happened when you were young” she asked.

Gu Sheng clutched his abdomen and looked up.

“Shouldnt you be explaining yourself right now” He slowly said, “If you really dont like me, you can just tell me the reason.

But today, I dont quite understand why I was first pushed into the sea and then beaten up.”


A cold female voice rang out.

He looked up and saw the impatience in Su Feifeis eyes.

“I dont want to know your identity anymore.

It doesnt matter if you are or not him, it has nothing to do with me.

I cant be bothered to play riddles with you.

“Ill give you notice now.

After youve recovered, you can leave the team.”

“At this stage, Ill follow the rules for now and help you feed the mouths of your men.

But I dont want to see you on my team again.

If youre not him, then you can only admit that youre unlucky.

Theres no other reason, Im just narrow-minded.”


She turned around and left after saying that.

Gu Sheng looked up at her straight back, his eyes were distant.

After a long while, he took out his phone.

It wasnt the one from the deserted island, but one he had sneaked in.

After making the call, he looked at the drone.

The drone immediately took control and flew out.

Then, a calm voice sounded in the tent.

“Gu Sheng!” The secretarys voice sounded from the other end.

“There will be people coming to share the information in the near future.

Be prepared and be careful.

Ill start clearing your schedule now!”

“No, keep it.” Gu Sheng said, “Just tell me what information youve obtained.”

He put down his phone.

Men understood men best.

If he wanted to get her, he had to get past Bo Silin.

Fortunately, he had made all the preparations before entering the island.

Outside, as soon as Su Feifei left the tent, Bo Silin tailed her.

His reaction showed that he had taken it to heart.

“Didnt you go back to cook” She asked.

“My legs hurt when I was walking, so I wanted to wait for you,” Bo Silin replied.

As expected, Su Feifei stopped and touched his leg.

“Where does it hurt”

[Wow look at this differential treatment!]

[Dont tell me that this pair of hands is the one that broke two of Gu Shengs ribs]

[Gu Sheng 0 – Bo Silin 1.]

[Su Feifei will only ever react to Bo Silins injuries!]

[Hello, is this the Civil Affairs Bureau Cant you be more sensible Can you fine them for being too adorable already]

“Its much better after you check it,” Bo Silin said.

For a moment, all was silent.

Only Su Feifei calmly glanced at him and retracted her hand.

So it was all an act.

“I need your help with something,” Su Feifei continued.

Bo Silin immediately turned his head, his eyes bright.

“Be on standby.”

[Someones excited.]

[Hes obviously excited.]

[Bo Silin, youre a little more promising!]

Su Feifei tiptoed and went forward.

Bo Silin was stunned by the sudden movement.

He immediately leaned forward and leaned his head in her direction.

Su Feifeis hand was on his shoulder.

She lowered her voice and whispered a few words into Bo Silins ear.

[I cant hear anything!!]

[Im numb.

Someone turn up your speakers!]

When they separated, Bo Silin was already dizzy.

Su Feifei tapped his nose.

“Go on.”

He immediately turned around-

He would not hesitate to go through fire for her!


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