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To cook

Su Feifei glanced at him.


[Bo Silin! Stop lying.

When have you ever cooked!]

[You can cook]

[Su Feifeis face is full of disbelief.

I can already tell.]

Bo Silin turned around and walked away, but he suddenly stopped outside.

Su Feifeis gaze was attracted to him.

“Why arent you coming” Bo Silin said.

[Who is Bo Silin talking to]

Bo Silin continued to speak as he walked outside, “Dont stay here too long.

Dont be blinded by the colorful world.

The dogs outside only know how to deceive your feelings and have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves.

When you wake up, you might lose your kidney, you know”

The drone turned and flew out when Bo Silin left the scene.

A tiny man was tied to a tree, and his innocent eyes were wide open.

Qiu Ye, who had just been untied, “Feifei!”

Inside, Gu Sheng was panting slightly as he propped himself up.

Su Feifeis gaze had already turned back, and her face had returned to its cold state as she stared at him.

Gu Sheng sat up straight and picked up the necklace beside him.

His movements paused.

“I can explain.” He said weakly.

Su Feifei nodded.


At the encampment, a few heads were gathered together.

There was a wooden board on the table, and the words were written on it with strawberry sauce.

The first deserted island staff meeting.

Xiao He coughed lightly and said, “I called everyone here today mainly to deal with the recent incident of an enemy sneaking into our camp.

So, for the sake of Su Feifei and Bo Silins happiness, we have to act fast!”

“Right!” The rest of them nodded seriously.

“I have a question,” Ji Ran said.

“Why should we attend this kind of meeting”

Everyone turned to him in unison.

“Whats the reason for that!” Xiao He said fiercely, “Just to intimidate you!”

Qiao Hefeng widened his eyes and said, “Thats right! Be more honest! After its over, all of you came over to sign your names and volunteer to join the Subo Pot fan club!”

Ji Ran, “Whatever.”

“Next, please provide specific safety measures.

From today onwards, we will form an assist team!” Xiao He slammed the table and made the decision.

Everyone looked at each other.

“I think we should sneak into Gu Shengs tent first.

While he cant get up now, we should tie him up as a warning!”

Everyone in the crew was speechless.

Shen Ruoqing said, “Whats the use of just a warning Why dont you castrate him”

Ji Ran gasped and covered his lower body with his hand.

What group did he join They couldnt be serious, right

“Lets be more realistic,” Tiantian said.

“I think theres something wrong with this Gu Sheng.

He looks like a loose canon who wants to ruin someones family!”

“Yeah, he even smells.” Qiao Hefeng replied.

“Hey!” Ji Ran couldnt stand it anymore.

“If were talking about who is weak, it should be Bo Silin!”

“Whats wrong with our Bo Silin!” Tiantian shouted, “Hes just a little weak!”

“Thats right.

Hes gentle and doesnt like to argue.

Is that wrong”

That was f*cking amazing.

They could even turn black into white!

Bo Silin was weak Gentle Not willing to argue

Ji Ran couldnt stay any longer.

However, he wanted to hear how these people were going to deal with Gu Sheng so he endured it.

“Theres nothing we can do in this situation,” Tiantian said solemnly.

“We can only condemn him on a moral level.

Moreover, the live broadcast is still recorded, so its not appropriate for us to do anything.

Why dont you try metaphysics first”


Everyone turned around.

In the directors tent.

Gu Sheng caressed the photo and said in a low voice, “Feifei, do you still remember this photo You gave it to me with your own hands.”

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

“I dont think so,” Gu Sheng laughed.

“After we met again, you seemed to have completely forgotten about me.”

His gaze shifted to Su Feifeis face.

Su Feifei didnt say anything and just looked at him quietly.

Gu Sheng did not expect an answer from her, so he said directly, “When we were eight years old, we would meet at the reservoir every week.

We were considered childhood playmates.

Of course, it didnt last very long.

I left the country with my family very soon, so its normal that you dont remember me.”

Su Feifei stared at him and frowned.

There was indeed no such part in her memory.

However, the photo in Gu Shengs hand was indeed from a long time ago.

It didnt look fake.

“And then” Su Feifei said calmly.

“Actually, Ive been following your news since then.

After you entered the entertainment industry, there was so much news about you, but most of them werent too good.

“Later on, I happened to participate in a foreign wilderness show.

This time, when I saw you in this show, I was quite surprised and felt that it was fate.

“After following the show for a while, I even asked the Gu Corporation to invest more in it.

I wanted to use the investment to sneak in.

“But I didnt succeed.

Qiu Ye tried to stop me.

“I thought about it for a long time, and I wasnt willing to part ways just yet.

Therefore, I signed up again and waited.

Finally, a replacement seat was available and I immediately said yes.

I was worried that you would forget everything, so I brought the evidence-here, this is it.”

He shook the necklace in his hand.

“Theres no special reason for me to make it into a necklace.

Im just afraid of losing it.

After all, Ive been on this kind of program once.

Its better to keep it close to you.”

Outside, two heads were revealed.

“No way, childhood sweethearts” Qiu Ye was shocked.

He did not expect that Bo Silins love rival would be so explosive!

Bo Silin sat cross-legged on the spot, his long and narrow eyes narrowed.

[Hey, you two.]

[ Bo Silin, whats going on with you! Didnt you say you were going to cook]

[All men do is lie.]

“Let me make it clear, I really didnt know about this part!” Qiu Ye replied, “Ive never heard him mention it! I just wanted to get you a strong opponent, but I didnt expect there to be a history.”

He only wanted to add to the mess, he didnt want to change the outcome!

If the two of them had been together before, then they would be together now.

The Qiu family could be destroyed by Bo Silin!

“Lets keep listening,” Bo Silin said.

“So you came onto this show to look for me” Su Feifei concluded.

“You can say that.”

Gu Sheng nodded.

He looked up at Su Feifei, his eyes were clear.

On the other hand, Su Feifeis eyes were bottomless.

“Why” She asked.

[Thats because he likes her!]

[Isnt this how love stories are written!]

[It would be best if Su Feifei had saved Gu Sheng when she was young and someone had taken the credit.

After countless twists and turns, the two of them finally met on the show, cleared up the misunderstanding, and built a future together.]

[Bo Silin might be lurking in the comments.

Be careful what you say.]

“Part of the reason is that I wanted to see you all grown up.” Gu Sheng said.

Su Feifei glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, her face expressionless.

He even let out a cold laugh.

Gu Sheng continued, “The other reason is that… Would you believe me if I said I wanted to pursue you”

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