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His face was swollen, and there was dry blood on his lips.

He had his eyes closed and there was an ECG monitor at the side.

There were red and green waves and numbers on them.

Su Feifei glanced at it and walked to the bed.

She lowered her eyes.

Suddenly, she reached out to Gu Shengs neck.

Then, she pulled something off his neck.

It was a pendant.

After opening it, there was a photo inside.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

The background of the photo was already beginning to turn yellow.

The girl in the photo was only eight or nine years old, and she had a bright smile.

She looked a little familiar.

“This is your photo.” Bo Silins voice came from behind.

Su Feifei had heard him when he came in.

However, because the smell was familiar, she knew it was him and didnt turn back.

“Me” Su Feifei glanced sideways.

“Yes, when you were eight years old.”

“How did you know”

“Ive checked your information before.”

Su Feifei nodded.

[Wait, what did I just hear You checked her past]

[Bo Silin, why are you even saying this!]

[Shouldnt she ask why he checked her information Shes too trusting!]

[Everyone, calm down.

Shouldnt the question now be why Gu Sheng is carrying Su Feifeis photo on him]

[Oh yeah!]

[Were they childhood sweethearts]

[You saved his life when you were young, right I know how love stories go!]

“Why is your photo on him” Bo Silin asked with narrowed eyes.

“I dont know.”

Su Feifei casually threw the pendant at Gu Sheng.

With a thud, it slid across his face.

His eyelashes moved, but he didnt wake up.


[Someone, please go and save Gu Sheng from this harsh treatment!]

[This is the first time Ive seen Su Feifei target someone like this.

Did she do it on purpose just now I didnt misunderstand anything, did I]

[Its definitely intentional.

I fact-checked.]

Bo Silin chuckled, his eyes suddenly fixed on the ECG monitor.

Her heart rate had been 80 just now, and now it was 100.

He raised his eyebrows as his gaze glided across Gu Shengs face.

Then, he slowly curled his lips.

“Feifei, do you know what this is”

Bo Silin suddenly leaned over on Su Feifeis shoulder, pointing at the screen.

“I dont know.”

“This is an ECG monitor.

Its used to detect the patients heartbeat.”

Su Feifei nodded, but she was still in low spirits.

She was still thinking about the photo and the other information she was trying to piece together.

“Ah, Im a little tired.”

After Bo Silin finished speaking, he suddenly sat on the edge of the bed.

Gu Shengs legs were right under his seat.

The pair of legs did not move at all.

Su Feifei turned around.

“If youre tired, go back.

Why are you sitting here Its dirty.”

“Thats true.”

Bo Silin got up again.

The person on the bed moved imperceptibly.

“Feifei, come here.” Bo Silin waved again.

Su Feifei heard this and walked up to him.

Bo Silin sat down again.

This time, the place where he placed his legs was already empty.

He sat down comfortably and gently pulled Su Feifei into his arms.

“Remember what I taught you last time” He asked.

Su Feifei was unusually quiet in his arms.

“I remember.”

Bo Silin glanced at the screen.

Very good, his heart was beating at 110.

“Ill teach you another one.”

As he spoke, he suddenly leaned forward and pulled out the connector from Gu Shengs body.

[What the f*ck Bo Silin!!!]

[Thats a heart rate monitor for patients!]

[He pulled it out]

[What are you doing!]

He turned around and put it on Su Feifei.

The numbers on the instrument began to change.

It was a steady 78.

There wasnt even a single fluctuation.

[Oh, Su Feifei, why is your heart beating so stable in front of your man]

[But youre in Bo Silins arms!]

[Bo Silin, tell me the truth.

Do you just want to see if Su Feifeis heart is beating fast in your arms]

[Hi, is anyone there Does anyone care about Gu Shengs life]

“What are you doing” Su Feifei glanced at the screen and then at the thing she was holding between her fingers.

“Look at that.” Bo Silin pointed at the screen.

Su Feifei turned around.

He turned around with her in his arms.

Suddenly, he hugged her and kissed her.

Their lips met, and when they left, their eyes were dreamy.

He stared at Su Feifei, and the heart rate on the screen suddenly changed — 85.

[This is a medical bay!! Not a kissing booth!]

[Im sorry, I didnt close my eyes.]

[I never thought that Id be so obsessed with Subo Pot that Id take anything!]

[Bo Silin is one smooth mother f*cker!]

[I really didnt expect this to happen at all.]

Qiu Ye was breathing heavily outside.

“I need to save him.”

What kind of weird scene was this Was he worthy of seeing what was happening

“Im moved.”

He taught her in a serious manner.

Su Feifei muttered to herself for a few seconds.

“So this was what the book meant by being moved…”

His heart rate had recovered back to 70.

Bo Silin hugged her a little tighter and started to press against her forehead, kissing her gently.

Then, the kiss moved to the tip of her nose and further down to the side of her face, the corner of her lips, and her earlobes.

It just didnt reach her lips.






[Holy crap!!!!]

[Su Feifei!!!! Ive underestimated you!!!]

[Im sorry, I said that if you dont open your apertures, Ill take it all back!!!]

[You guys better restrain yourselves! Gu Shengs coffin isnt even a closed casket!]

[Its really f*cking tragic to be Bo Silins love rival like this.

My tears are about to fall!!]


“Well, I do like the look of that.”

Bo Silin pointed at the number 101 on the screen.

The person on the bed looked tense.

His entire face was scrunched up.

However, because it was in the dark, it was not too obvious.

Bo Silin glanced at him again and got up with Su Feifei.

“Is this device fun”

“Its fun.”

Su Feifei casually disassembled the things and hung them on Bo Silins body.

“But Bo Silin, why is your heart beating so fast”

The screen showed 120.

[Bo Silin, you sly fox.

You cant get away.]

[I knew it.


[What a crushing defeat.

And that was just a hug.]

[I wonder if the machine will explode if she kisses him now.]

Bo Silin glanced at the instrument.


The person on the bed finally couldnt take it anymore and woke up.

A pair of deep eyes were staring straight in Bo Silins direction.

“Oh, youre awake”

Bo Silin put Su Feifei down.

Gu Sheng did not say anything and slowly propped himself up.

His eagle eyes were fixed on Bo Silins hand that was holding Su Feifei.

“Im sorry, I borrowed your equipment.

You didnt seem to need it, no offense,” Bo Silin said with a fake smile.

“You dont mind, do you”

Gu Sheng was silent.

The bullet screen exploded again.

[The shade!]

[Get him!]

“Its good that you dont mind,” Bo Silin smiled.

Gu Sheng, “Feifei.”

After that, Bo Silin helped Su Feifei tidy her hair.

“You guys continue chatting.

Im going back to the camp to cook.”

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