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Gu Sheng paused and said weakly, “Captain-!”

A punch landed on his face.

Following that, a few more explosions could be heard!

A series of screams came from the forest.

Half an hour later in the director teams tent, Su Feifei could be seen crossing her arms and leaning to the side, her cold eyes staring straight at the tent, almost burning a hole in the curtain outside the tent.

[Help, I feel pain all over my body.]

[Im afraid that scream will become my nightmare tonight.]

[It turns out that Su Feifei was being merciful to Qiao Hefeng and the others…]

[Luo Feifa should be glad that she has already quit this show, really!]

The professional medical team was busy tending to Gu Sheng.

Qiu Ye stood at the side, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Youve matched quite a number of people to this show.” Su Feifei suddenly said.

Qiu Ye laughed drily.

Would he dare to recruit more

Why dont you take a look at the crazy guests on the island now

He was a pervert who even dared to create an arena filled with beasts as he pleased!

Fortunately, he hired a complete medical team after that stunt.

Otherwise, Gu Sheng would have to hang up before he was sent out of the island after being beaten up so badly.

The more he looked at Su Feifei, the more terrified he felt.

Only that lunatic Bo Silin would dare to approach this kind of man-eating flower!

“Well, Su Feifei…”

Qiu Ye coughed lightly.

“I have a question.

Do you have a grudge against Gu Sheng”

He had never heard of it before.

How did these two people know each other

He had been staring at the screen the entire day, monitoring the two.

Su Feifeis reaction was really abnormal.

It was clearly written on her face that she wanted to kill this man.

She didnt even try to hide it.

Before Su Feifei could answer, the doctor lifted the curtain and came out.

“Its nothing big.” The doctor reported.

Su Feifei frowned.

Qiu Yes eyes widened,What does this expression mean You even look a little regretful.

[Su Feifei, hahaha, why dont we restrain ourselves]

[To be honest, Su Feifei must have restrained herself.

Otherwise, how could it be no big deal]

“But two of his ribs are broken.”

The doctor said and glanced at Su Feifei.

Su Feifeis lips twitched and revealed a faint smile.

Qiu Ye, “Feifei…”

“By the way, hes vomited a lot.

He needs to be careful of what he eats in the future.” The doctor continued.

“Induce vomiting” Qiu Ye was surprised.

Had his stomach been beaten out of shape

“He has food poisoning.

It should be something he ate tonight, which caused a slight food poisoning.”

Su Feifei suddenly looked up.

Food poisoning

“What are the symptoms of food poisoning” She asked.

“Vomiting, nausea, and fatigue.

Weve already diagnosed him.

He must have eaten something by mistake.

You cant eat everything on a deserted island.

When he wakes up, you have to talk to him.”

The doctor turned around and left after giving his instructions.

Su Feifeis eyes darkened.

So, Gu Sheng might not have vomited after drinking the fish soup out of disgust.

“What did he eat today” Qiu Ye turned around and asked.

“Fish soup.”

“Didnt all of you drink the fish soup” Qiu Ye said strangely, “But you guys are fine.

The problem shouldnt be with the fish soup.

Could it be that he was so hungry that he ate something else He has participated in a foreign survival show before and even got second place.

He has a lot of knowledge about the wild.”

Su Feifei turned to look at Qiu Ye.

Qiu Ye understood the meaning of this look and immediately explained, “This is the second season.

After the first season became popular, they bought the copyright and released it overseas.

Gu Sheng happened to be participating in one of those at that time, and he was the only Chinese who made it to the end.”

[F*ck! Now that you mention it, I do have an impression of him!]

[I knew it.

Ive always felt like Ive heard Gu Shengs name somewhere before!]

[Yes yes! That Gu Sheng!!]

[Gu Sheng isnt in the entertainment industry.

Its normal for him to not know.]

[The second-place winner, right ]

[I found it! In the first season of the Man versus Wild competition, Gu Sheng, who came in second, teased me.

I was wondering why I couldnt recognize him.

He was still a fat guy when he went to the show, but now hes changed to this point!]

They quickly found Gu Shengs comparison on the internet.

One fat and one thin.

It was as if they were two different people.

It immediately caused a huge uproar.

There were even comments left under the pictures from different fans.

[Su Feifeis Can: Now its worth watching! Its good that hes on the same team as Su Feifei.

If they werent, wouldnt they have fought]

[Subo Pot Shipper: Absolutely.

Do you want to see whats going on with the division The competition between the foreign runner-up and Su Feifei in the wilderness will be exciting to watch!]

[Su Feifeis ATM: Ill support them!]

[Baby Bos Ex-wife: This is getting more and more fun.

If he went to another team, there would be even more to see! Qiu Ye, think clearly!]

On the island.

Su Feifei ran through all the information in her mind.

For the first time, she doubted her intuition.

So far, every piece of evidence pointed in the opposite direction of her intuition.

And thinking about it carefully… The only thing that could directly prove Wei Lings identity was the knot.

“Qiu Ye,” Su Feifei raised her eyes.

“Have you seen the knot of the Gu family”

“Yes, I have.” Qiu Ye nodded.

Su Feifei walked around, took a rope, and quickly tied a knot.

Qiu Ye immediately agreed, “Yes, thats it! The Gu familys ancestors made a fortune in the timber business, and his grandmother was a carpenter and a craftsman.

The whole family was very powerful!”

The rope was from the Gu family.

The vomiting was due to food poisoning.

Their personalities were very different.

His field of knowledge came from participating in a survival program.

Su Feifeis eyes shifted, and they turned cold inch by inch.

There was a reasonable explanation for all of them, which was the most unreasonable part.

She was too lazy to guess anymore.

Su Feifei got up, wrapped the rope around her hand, and turned around to walk back to the tent.

Qiu Ye was shocked.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!”

He reached out to stop her.

“You, what are you doing”

“The doctor asked me to tell him not to eat anything.” Su Feifei said calmly.

Qiu Ye, “Are you going to instruct him or just send him away”

Did she need to use a rope to instruct others

“That… Ill go!” Qiu Ye pulled her along and walked towards the tent.

The next second, Su Feifei stepped forward.

The rope wrapped around Qiu Ye and made a turn.


Qiu Ye shouted as he was tied up and thrown aside.

“Su Feifei! Dont be rash!”

The figure disappeared.

Qiu Ye had no choice but to hop towards the tent at the side, shouting for help as he walked.

He bumped into Bo Silin, who was walking towards her.

“Hurry up! Somethings going to happen!” He shouted, “Your woman broke two of Gu Shengs ribs and now you want to go in and finish the job!”

Bo Silins eyes lit up.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“Are you crazy Youre still laughing” Qiu Ye said, “Hurry up and save him!”

Two minutes later.

Qiu Ye sat on the ground helplessly.

There was a small coffee table at the side.

There was a glass of red wine on the coffee table, and a man who was tasting wine sat next to it.

He was elegant, calm, and composed.

“To the future.”

Bo Silin picked up his wine glass and clinked his glass with the empty glass opposite him.

After Bo Silin took a sip, he sighed and looked at Qiu Ye from the corner of his eyes.

He suddenly stretched out his leg and kicked him.

“Come on, dont look so dead.”

He lowered his voice.

“She knows how to weigh the consequences.”

“Are you serious” Qiu Ye turned his head.

“Yeah, she didnt kill anyone, did she”


He had spoken too much.

In the tent, the first thing Su Feifei saw when she entered the room was the person lying on the bed.

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