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Xiao He took a step forward to block him.

However, Gu Sheng was not walking toward the tent, but toward a pile of wooden planks at the side.

He immediately squatted down.

He reached out and touched it.

Then, he took out two boards and made a comparison.

[What is Gu Sheng doing]

[Why is he touching the wooden board]

Xiao He was stunned.

He only reacted when Gu Sheng picked up the hammer.

“Hey! This was the wooden board that Su Feifei wanted! Dont move!”

Gu Shengs hand was pressed down by him, and he looked up.

“This is to make a boat.”

He slowly said, “The length and width, as well as the size on the drawing, are for ships.

The captain is probably planning to let us eat seafood tonight.”

Xiao He was stunned.

“Do you think well eat seafood just because you say so” He didnt believe it.

Gu Sheng waved his hand, signaling him to let go.

Then, he ignored the obstructions and started to assemble the pieces

Xiao He gritted his teeth.

“If you want to commit a crime, Su Feifei will punish you later.

Dont blame us for it!”

[Oh my, Gu Sheng is really daring!]

[Hes touching Su Feifeis things.

Hes waiting to be executed.]

Ji Ran said, “Its obviously a ship, and you guys are being too nervous! Gu Sheng knows a lot of things, dont make your jaws drop later when hes right! Gu Sheng is a veteran in survival shows!”

The few of them glared at each other as if they were fighting each other.

The atmosphere was tense when Su Feifeis voice came from inside.

“Xiao He, prepare that big wooden bucket!”

Xiao He regained his senses.

“What wooden bucket”

“The one I snatched from Qiu Ye last time.”


For a medicinal bath

Xiao He immediately went to get the wooden bucket.

There was also a self-made wheel at the bottom, which was very convenient for pushing and pulling.

“And then, Su Feifei”

“Put in the herbs we picked today.”

Gu Sheng stopped what he was doing at the mention of herbs and turned around.

He saw Xiao He take out Su Feifeis herb basket and reached out to one of them.

“Su Feifei, whats this herb for” he suddenly asked.

“To give Bo Silin a medicinal bath.”


Xiao Hes voice dragged on.

“So its for Bo Silin! Medicine! A bath! Ah!”

Gu Sheng pursed his lips.

Qiao Hefeng arrived at the scene.

“Hey! This bucket for Bo Silins medicinal bath is so unique!”

“Is it a couples bath, Su Feifei”

The two of them looked at each other and winked at each other in tacit understanding.

“Then, are you going to spend the night with Bo Silin”

Xiao He said affectionately and looked at Qiao Hefeng in front of Gu Sheng.

“Silin, is the water temperature comfortable”

Qiao Hefeng lowered his head shyly.

“Of course, as long as you make it, itll be suitable.”

The two playful boys rubbed their arms in excitement.

He turned around.

Tiantian, “Feifei.”

Shen Ruoqing, “Feifei I love you.”

Gu Sheng, who was being targeted, was speechless.

[What Im saying is, while protecting the couple, dont forget your own dignity.]

[Thats true.

Dont be cringe.]

After a moment of silence, Gu Sheng turned his head silently and continued to fiddle with his wooden board.

Qiao Hefeng secretly glared at him from behind.

Inside, Su Feifei poked Bo Silin under the blanket again.

“Are you still uncomfortable” She asked.

After entering, she realized that Bo Silin was in a daze.

He looked weak.

It looked like he had been cut by tree bark in the morning and was injured.

This time, the curtain was open so the drone could enter.

[Dont believe him.

He was so strong when he tore down the tent just now.]

[Only Su Feifei believes in his amazing acting skills every time.]

[Come to think of it, I think its endearing.]

[Su Feifei, do you really not know, or are you just spoiling him]

“Xiao Hes medicinal bath is ready,” Su Feifei said.

“Shall I take you out”

The person under the blanket moaned.

He was just about to stop and get up.

Suddenly, he fumbled.

Bo Silin was speechless.

Su Feifei carried him in a familiar princess-like manner and was about to bring him out.

Bo Silin subconsciously wrapped his arms around her neck, but he struggled to balance himself.

“Dont mess around,” Su Feifeis hands clenched tightly and she held him.

“You were injured two days ago.

Todays medicinal bath is just right for you.

Its all good stuff and I even added in a secret recipe.”

Then, she strode out the door.

“Xiao He! Prepare hot water!”

[Theyre coming!]

[The famous scene is here hahaha!]

[Please turn the camera to Gu Shengs face.


[Not just Gu Sheng, when have the crew ever seen such a scene Im already laughing thinking about it.]

“Alright!” Xiao He said from outside.

“As expected of the best actor,” Ji Ran said.

“The treatment he gets is so special.”

“So many people are willing to lick his boot.”

“Even the best actor wouldnt do such a thing, right”

The whispers all stopped the moment Bo Silin was carried out.

The wooden board in Gu Shengs hand fell to the ground as his pupils shrank.

He didnt move and just stared in Su Feifeis direction.

Su Feifei didnt take her eyes off him while she strode toward the bathtub.

“Feifei,” Bo Silin suddenly said, “Youre giving me special treatment.

Gu Sheng wont be happy.”

Everyone was speechless.

Ji Ran cupped his chin.

He could not believe what he had just heard and seen.


[What a strong f*cking come back!]

“Dont worry, no one would dare object,” Su Feifei said indifferently.

After all, she was going to marry him.

How could he not be special

Ji Ran covered his mouth.

He had taken a bite of the remaining mushroom soup when no one was paying attention.

Was there something inside that caused hallucinations

Everyones eyes were about to pop out.

“Thats good.”

Bo Silin leaned on her shoulder gently.

“Then youll have to comfort Gu Sheng later.

Hes new here, so its inevitable that he cant fit in with this group.

Even if his attitude towards me is a little rude, I can understand.

Thats why I didnt bother about him glaring at me just now.”

“He glared at you” Su Feifei looked over with a frown.

The last piece of wood in Gu Shengs hand also fell.

“I didnt,” he said after a while.

“Ill have a chat with him later.”

Su Feifei ignored Gu Shengs answer and put Bo Silin into the bathtub.

Before she went in, Bo Silin even grabbed her sleeve and lowered his eyes.

Xiao He, “Why is he being shy!”

Tiantian, “Oh my gosh kiss already!!”

Qiao Hefeng, “Hurry up and kiss!!”

Feng Xueges eyes lit up, and she wanted to press them together.

“Whats wrong” Su Feifei glanced at him.

“Im fine.”

Bo Silin sighed and raised his head from the bathtub.

Gu Sheng gritted his teeth.

Every step this man took was beyond his limits.

He felt that the string in his brain was about to be snapped.

“I was just bullied by someone just now, so Im a little unhappy.” Bo Silin said.


As expected, Su Feifei immediately understood that it was him.

“Youre not happy”

She reached out to pinch Bo Silins cheek and kissed him.

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