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Gu Sheng frowned.

“Wei Ling”

He repeated those two words.

Su Feifei sneered and said nothing.

The knot, the habit of using a knife, the action of falling off the cliff, and the fire that was lit in the camp this morning…

There were too many details that she didnt need to investigate to know who it was from.

This was Wei Lings style.

He just loved to do little actions like these.

He would bait people into questioning everything but never tell the truth.

“I dont know what youre talking about.” Gu Shengs neck moved.

“Captain, you seem to hate me.

This should be our first time meeting, right”

Seeing that Su Feifei didnt answer, Gu Sheng continued, “Or did I offend you in the past”

Su Feifeis grip tightened again.

Fresh blood seeped out!

[What the f*ck is going on]

[Su Feifei doesnt like Gu Sheng or something]

[Do you know her That cant be right.

He grew up overseas, right]

[And I feel like Ive heard this name before…]

Gu Shengs expression changed slightly as he felt pain in his neck.

He raised his eyes and looked at Su Feifei.

“You dont communicate when theres a problem, and you insist on using violence to solve it.

Is this the so-called rule in your team”

Su Feifei chuckled as she thought to herself.

‘I guess hes just going to keep this act up.

The next second, she put the knife away.

Then, she glanced at Gu Sheng and turned to leave.

Gu Sheng immediately followed suit.

“Captain, if theres anything I did wrong, please tell me directly.

I dont understand whats going on, but since were going to continue to get along in the team, I think its basic manners to communicate clearly.”

“I only communicate with people,” Su Feifei turned her head and said.

Gu Sheng pursed his lips in silence, his face full of doubt.

Su Feifei continued, “Cut the crap and pick the herbs.”

She couldnt be bothered to watch him act all friendly.

After throwing a list to Gu Sheng, she turned around and went to pick the herbs under the tree.

Gu Sheng glanced at it and tilted his head.

“They all have the function of stopping bleeding… Whos injured”

“Its none of your business,”


[This is the first time Ive seen Su Feifeis emotions fluctuate so much.]

[These two people look… ]

[Forgive me for being blunt, but is there a history between these two]

[I feel like there is too!!]

[Hes not on Su Feifeis list of ex-boyfriends… right]

[Oh my, Ive done a round of research.

Su Feifei has more than 20 rumored ex-boyfriends!]

[Su Feifei, why are you so awkward when it comes to Bo Silin then]

Gu Sheng didnt give up and followed Su Feifei.


Su Feifei turned around and shot daggers at him.

“Can I call you that” Gu Sheng said, “I think thats how Bo Silin addresses you.”

“I did my homework before I came,” he said, “I watched some live broadcasts and asked Director Qiu about you.

This time, Im the one who requested to join your team.”

Su Feifei walked forward while Gu Sheng trailed her.

“I admire people like you and want to work with you to survive on this deserted island.

I hope you wont reject me.

Open communication is needed to survive.

If I dont communicate with you, how can I understand your thoughts You pointed the knife at me just now, and I still dont understand.

If we dont solve the problem, it will affect the unity of our team.

I think that in order to have unity, we must-”

The knife flew past his face and stabbed into the tree trunk.

[This is getting exciting!]

[I never knew that handsome face could be such a chatterbox.]

[Im confused.

What kind of development is this I thought he was going to be Bo Silins love rival.]

[Gu Sheng might have mastered the trick.

Only by being shameless can he get Su Feifei.]

Su Feifei tightly shut her mouth and stared at him.

He didnt dodge when the knife flew past him.

The instinct of being on the battlefield couldnt disappear.

The angle she chose was the angle that Wei Ling would definitely hide from.

However, Gu Sheng did not.

Moreover, Wei Ling would not say such things.

Even Wei Ling had always been silent the silent type, only spitting out one or two words.

Especially after she had pointed a knife at him, it was even more impossible for him to stick to her.

Even if he was here, would his personality change completely

Yet, how could he explain the fire and the knot

“Su Feifei” Gu Sheng opened his mouth again and asked tentatively.

Su Feifei felt irritated from his badgering.

She walked forward and drew a boundary.

“In the future, keep this distance from me.”

Gu Sheng lowered his head.

There were two meters between his feet and Su Feifeis feet.

He was stunned.

“Why is that Do you really hate me that much”


“Can I ask why”


The ending of the note was still there, but she had already disappeared.

[Oh my, whats going on I dont understand.]

[The love rival is too weak to be a threat.

Good job Bo Silin!]

[Gu Sheng, can you please maintain your cold and aloof attitude Your desperation reeks.]

[Who can still be cold when they meet Su Feifei But from what she said just now, Gu Sheng seems to be a fan of Su Feifei!]

The two of them returned to the camp one after another.

Sure enough, Gu Sheng did not stir up any more trouble.

He followed them from a distance of two or three meters all the way back to camp.

Xiao He was fiddling with the wooden boards.

He sawed the wooden board according to Su Feifeis drawing.

For a moment, the camp was filled with noise.

This was the scene Su Feifei saw when she came back.

“Su Feifei!”

As soon as Xiao He saw Su Feifei, he immediately threw away the wooden board in his hand.

He didnt dare to go up and hug her, so he could only stomp his feet to express his joy.

Beside him, Qiao Hefeng was limping, his face swollen and bruised.

He was also crying.

“Su Feifei! Youre finally back…”

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

She looked at the campsite again.

The tent that belonged to Gu Sheng was already in ruins.

“Whats going on” She asked.

Gu Sheng also took a look, his expression calm.

Xiao He stammered, his face slightly red.

“Was it because of the sudden appearance of a… Beast”

He turned to Qiao Hefeng with a pleading look.

Qiao Hefeng immediately nodded and said, “Yes, a beast! A big lion, that good fellow directly charged towards this tent!”

A lion

Xiao He was dumbfounded.

He never thought that Qiao Hefeng would dare to make things up!

Who the f*ck would believe this!

[Pardon me for asking, but do lions have a name]

[I saw it.

That lion was about 1.93 meters tall.]

[Yes, he also had a love walking stick.]

[He even punched Qiao Hefeng.]

“Even your face was smacked by a lion” Su Feifei asked.

Qiao Hefeng felt wronged when he heard this.

He pouted and nodded silently.

Xiao He was speechless.

Next time, Qiao Hefeng would not be allowed to lie anymore.

He carefully looked at Su Feifei, afraid that she would get angry.

To his surprise, Su Feifei nodded.


Whats so good about that

“Ill go take a look at this lion.”

After Su Feifei finished speaking, she turned around and headed straight for Bo Silins tent.

Everyone was speechless.

[Wave that Subo Pot flag for me up high!!]

[She knows!]

[Su Feifei finally knows what a lion is!!]

Su Feifei lifted the curtain and went directly in.

It was as if she was going into her own tent.

Gu Sheng watched her from behind.

Everyone held their breath.

Everyone could tell that Gu Sheng had fought with Su Feifei!

He was clearly a formidable opponent!

He wouldnt be snatching her away right now, would he

Xiao He immediately stared at him vigilantly.

He decided that if there was any sign of trouble, he would immediately take action.

Right then, Gu Sheng suddenly moved.

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