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Everyone moved quickly and in unison.

Xiao He could put on his clothes in three seconds with his eyes closed.

Su Feifei came out with a toothbrush and glanced at everyone who quickly came out of the tent.

What surprised her was that the crew members who had just arrived last night moved quickly, no slower than Xiao He and the rest.

They lined up first and brushed their teeth after.

It was as if they had been trained.

She frowned slightly.

Were the lives of those who made dramas that intense

Not bad.

She turned her head and saw that there was no water beside her.

She looked around.

A bottle of water was suddenly handed over.

Su Feifei raised her head and saw an unfamiliar but well-defined face.

[What the f*ck]

[T-T-this is… Gu Sheng]

[No way, I now know Qiu Yes plan!]

[Is there anything I should know I saw Gu Sheng wandering around for a long time just now! Was it just to pass Su Feifei water]

[Wheres Bo Silin!! Your girl is about to be stolen!!]

In the director teams tent, Qiu Ye slammed the table and laughed wildly.

“Good, good, good! I like to watch this! Gu Sheng, youre good!”

He had thought that Gu Sheng would only dare to attack after a few days.

Who knew that he was much braver than he looks like

This is what it looks like!

Qiu Ye was extremely excited and slowly took out a thermos.

He took a sip of his coffee and finally let out some of the anger he had been holding in these days.

Su Feifei glanced at it and took it.

“Are you new”

“Yes.” Gu Sheng responded.


“Gu Sheng.”

“Not bad.”

[Bo Silin wake up, something is happening!]

[Your wife is complimenting someone else!]

[Shes going to have another lover in mind!]

[Hurry up and come back!]

[Where the heck are you]

Gu Sheng did not have much of a reaction.

He only said, “I should go.”

Su Feifei glanced at the tent he had set up and the fire pit with leaves added to it and squinted.

This person… He was an expert.

“Assemble!” She called out.

Everyone instantly jumped up and lined up.

Only the dozen or so people from the crew were still at a loss and stood to the side.

“You guys…”

“Just stand in the last two rows,” Gu Sheng said.

“Yes, sir!”

The film crew also responded in unison and walked to the back of the line.

Xiao He and Tiantian were speechless.

What was going on

Why did they recognize… The behavior of their own kind

The moment their eyes met, they seemed to see the same traces of heart-felt training in each other.

[Dont tell me thats Su Feifei 2.0]

[By the way, where did Bo Silin go!]

[Im dying from anxiety! I cant even go to the toilet! Im afraid of missing out on anything!]

[Thats right, Bo Silin.

You are being such a disappointment in such a critical moment!]

[I dont think Ive seen Bo Silin since I woke up this morning.

Could it be that he didnt sleep in the tent last night]

Su Feifei tilted her head and glanced at Gu Sheng again.

“Alright, return to the team.”

Gu Sheng walked away.

He stood at the edge of the line, next to Xiao He.

Xiao He squinted at him, his face full of undisguisable hatred.

Behind them, Qiao Hefeng was also eyeing them like a tiger watching its prey.

“You, where are you from” Xiao He asked.

Qiao Hefengs voice came from behind, “Hes giving Su Feifei water! Thats so shameless! Lets isolate him!”

The rest of the people were speechless.

Why did he have to say it that loudly

Xiao He thought that Gu Sheng would feel embarrassed if he said those words… or he would complain.

Either that, he could retort.

No matter what, they would temporarily swallow their anger and look unconvinced.

However, there was nothing.

Gu Sheng just stood there, his eyes fixed on Su Feifei in front of him.

“Today, were going down the cliff to pick herbs.” Su Feifei assigned her daily tasks.

“Pick one person to follow me.

The rest will be led by Renbo!”

Renbo stood up straight.

“Yes, captain!”

After yesterdays battle in the arena… He was very glad.

Although he had thrown a tantrum before, he still did it.

He decided to hide any emotions he had before leaving the island.

Luo Feifas dazed face was etched in his mind.

It reminded him to cherish his life and learn to shut up when he had to.

“The last person…” Su Feifeis eyes fell on Xiao He.

Xiao He immediately wanted to step out.

“Captain, I have a request!” Gu Sheng suddenly said.

His dark eyes looked over and met Su Feifeis eyes.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

“The cliff is very dangerous.

“Ive gone there before.

Our fight scenes are all shot in real-time.

Ive practiced it many times and know the way around mountains.”

Su Feifei thought for a moment.

“Alright, you can follow me then.”

“Su Feifei!” Xiao He stomped his feet anxiously.

“I can go too!”

“We need to climb down the mountain with ropes.

Itll be too dangerous for you.” Gu Sheng suddenly reached out his hand and pinched Xiao Hes arm.

“And you dont have enough arm strength.

It wont be a good fit for you.”

“F*ck! Am I not a good fit just because you say so!” Xiao He gritted his teeth before he spoke again.

“Come on then and show me what youre capable of!”

The next second, Gu Sheng hooked the rope beside him with his foot and pulled it directly in front of him.

He quickly tied a knot, then threw it and hung it on the tree.

Then, he used force to step on the tree and turned around.

Like a special effect, the scene started quickly and ended quickly.

It instantly caused a group of girls in the team to scream.

He threw the rope to the side and shrugged at Xiao He.

Then, he looked at Su Feifei.

“Do I need to prove myself more”

[What a lad!]

[Amazing, is this really the male version of Su Feifei!]

[His actions just now looked a little like Su Feifeis fencing!]

[What do we do, what do we do! If I cant marry Su Feifei… Can I marry him]

[Baby Bo if you dont show up, Im really going to get angry!!]

[Hes a strong opponent!]

[Calm down! Everyone, listen to me.

As long as he doesnt have a cute grandfather or parents, theres still room for salvation!]

Su Feifeis eyes flickered.

She didnt say anything but stared at the knot on the ground.

Her pupils shrank when she carefully observed it.

This knot…

“Not bad.”

Su Feifei slowly said.

Xiao He was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

‘Bo Silin! If you dont come back, I really cant hold on to this position!

The few of them lined up and prepared to set off.

Xiao He and the rest dawdled, trying to stall for time.

Tiantian exclaimed, “Ah! My stomach hurts…”

Shen Ruoqing added in, “Su Feifei, I… I… I need to pee!”

“Oh no!” Qiao Hefeng exclaimed.

“I still havent put away my toys from last night!”

[Hefengs had the most reliable excuse.

Good job.]

Gu Sheng packed his bag and carried it on his back.

“Theres no need to delay any longer.

He wont be back for the time being.”

Xiao He immediately frowned.

“Are you talking about Bo Silin What do you mean by that”

Gu Sheng glanced at him, a faint smile on his lips.

“Thats exactly what I meant.”

With more than a dozen well-trained bodyguards surrounding him, how could they not stop a young master who was so weak that he could not even tie up a chicken

“You dare curse Bo Silin!” Xiao He instantly rushed forward.

He was pulled down by the person behind him and glared at Gu Sheng.

“Im just making a reasonable guess.” Gu Shengs expression was calm.

Xiao He still wanted to say something but could not.

A heart-shaped walking stick suddenly pushed the crowd aside.

He moved left and right in a flirtatious manner.

Then, he slowly leaned on Gu Sheng.

Gu Sheng turned around and saw a pair of long and narrow eyes smiling back at him.

His voice still carried a hint of laziness from waking up in the morning.

“Who do you think wont come back”

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