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He rolled and crawled, trying to escape.

Bo Silin grabbed him.

“Stay with me!”

These words were squeezed out from between his teeth.

“I wont!” Qiu Ye lowered his voice, gritted his teeth, and rushed forward.

“No! Let go! Let go! Bo Silin!”

Bo Silin was very strong as he pressed the person down.

Under the fire, the silhouette of a girl with a slender waist appeared.

She was wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt and black leather pants, and a pair of high heels with shiny diamonds to accompany her slender legs.

Just looking at her body was enough to make ones nose bleed.

However, that face shone even brighter.

The large area of purple eyeshadow set the tone of the nightclub.

Her bloody mouth and fiery red lips decorated the desolate island.

Even her cheekbones were accentuated.

For a moment, they couldnt tell if she had drunk alcohol or if she had applied blush.

As soon as she walked forward, she sprained her ankle and fell toward Bo Silin.

Qiu Ye couldnt escape either.

He stared at the ground with his eyes wide open, his whole body trembling.

He didnt even dare to look at Su Feifei.

He suspected that Su Feifei wanted to take revenge on him because of what happened in the arena.

This makeup looked exactly like the day he sent his dead uncle away.

The makeup on his uncles face was similar to Su Feifeis face.

He only took a glance at the makeup.

He felt that the insects around them had stopped chirping.

It was to the extent that he would have nightmares for a month.

[What the actually f*ck!!]

[Qiao Hefeng, come out right now!]

[Hefeng, are you crazy! ] What did you teach Su Feifei!]

[What is this sh*t]

Bo Silin raised his head bravely.

“Su Feifei, you…”

“My baby Bo!” Su Feifei suddenly opened her mouth and called out in an imposing manner.

[Ive watched too much.

This wasnt what Hefeng taught her just now!]

[Hefeng has specially emphasized that you have to be soft! Softer!]

[Has someone ever called him baby in a soft and sweet voice]

“You, you called me” Bo Silin asked slowly.

Su Feifei nodded and bent over.

She lifted his chin and touched it gently.

“What are you guys tawking about Can I join pwease Pweety pwease”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

He really wanted to escape!

Something was wrong with her speech! She was speaking like a baby!

He thought that Su Feifei was the scariest person in the arena today.

He never expected that there was something even more terrifying to come!

“I, I, I, that…”

Qiu Ye was being held by Bo Silin, so he simply took off his coat and ran away.

“You two have a good chat! Im going to do uh… Find that production team!”

He ran away like a wisp of smoke.

[Qiu Ye, youre not strong enough to handle this.]

[What do you want Bo Silin to do]

[This is such a critical moment! Shame on you for leaving!]

[Im going crazy! Im actually going crazy!]

Su Feifei lifted his chin and thought for a moment.

She had forgotten her lines.

Blame these shoes for being too difficult to wear, they were even borrowed from Su Ling.

She began to doubt whether Qiao Hefengs trick would work.

Bo Silin didnt seem to have any reaction though…

“Lets call it a day.” Su Feifei made a hasty decision.

She was about to leave when Bo Silin reached out helplessly.

He pulled her back.

Su Feifei turned around and saw the mans deep eyes staring at her.

“Where are we going” He asked, “Dont you want to play”

[Bo Silin you mother f*cker!!]


[Whats going on!]

[Well for starters this show forcefully turned it into a love segment.]

[I really didnt expect this to happen!]

“Apparently so.” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

However, Qiao Hefeng only taught her this much so that she could test the waters.

He didnt say how to continue if Bo Silin agreed to play together…

“Then lets go and play together.”

Bo Silin stood up, held her hand, and walked into the tent.

Xiao He, Qiao Hefeng, and the others, who were hiding in the dark, were all shocked.

“F*ck! Why arent you following the script!”

Qiao Hefeng said agitatedly, “The script is to withdraw at the first touch! Did Su Feifei forget! Its only good if theres a push and pull going on.”

He turned around and saw Shen Ruoqings dark face.

“How do you know so much” Shen Ruoqing asked.

“It wasnt my idea!” Qiao Hefeng raised the script in his hand.

“Its the drama Im shooting next month.

I think its pretty good.

The female lead is really good at doing it.”

Everyone was speechless.

“Guys, take a look.”

Qiao Hefeng pointed at the words on the script and spoke, “Fiery red lips, large purple eyeshadow, exuding a charming glow on the dance floor of the nightclub… The male lead walked towards the female lead, lifted her chin, and said… Woman, youve successfully attracted my attention.

The female lead wrapped her arms around his shoulders and asked, what are you playing Can I join”

He put down the script.

“Its good, right Its a one-to-one copy, honestly.”

“Whats your role in the movie” Shen Ruoqing asked.

“I have three lines as the bartender.” Qiao Hefeng said smugly.

Everyone was speechless.

[Why dont you stick to being a Spongebob fan]

[Honestly feels bad for him.]

[Ill speak to the director to give him more lines!!]

[Its over for my Subo Pot ship.

Its over!]

[Is no one concerned about whats happening in the tent Ill go to the other live stream room to take a look!]

Outside the tent, the drone flew but failed to enter.

In the tent, a pair of hands gently caressed Su Feifeis face.

Soon after, Bo Silin took the makeup removal wet tissue he had just borrowed and slowly removed the purple eyeshadow.

Under the shadow of her eyes, her round black eyes were exposed as she stared at him.

“Bo Silin, do you not like this” Su Feifei asked.

Bo Silins fingers paused.

“Qiao Hefeng said that this makeup looks good and will definitely attract you.” Su Feifei said.

In the grass not far away, Qiao Hefeng suddenly shivered.

Bo Silin reached out and gently wiped away the red lip print on the side of her mouth.

“I like it.” He said.

Su Feifeis eyes immediately curved.

Qiao Hefeng gained another merit.

A beautiful and delicate face slowly appeared where the makeup removal wipe had wiped.

In order to match her overall look tonight, Su Feifeis hair was let down.

Under her long black hair was a porcelain white face.

The light from the flames outside the tent flickered.

Coupled with the clothes that didnt belong to her at all, she was a strange yet moving beauty.

He stopped moving again and his breathing slowed.

He pressed his thumb against her lips, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

He rubbed it twice.

It was toot and very tempting.

“I wanted to marry you, so I thought I had to show some sincerity, so I went to ask someone else for advice.”

Su Feifei held his wrist and gently touched it like Bo Silin.

“Dont be afraid, you can reject me.

But its best not to.

Youll eventually… Marry me anyway.”

Bo Silin could hear his own eardrums ringing.

“You really want to marry me” He asked.

“Yes.” Su Feifei nodded.

Of course, she really wanted to.

She had always dreamed of having a home.

Bo Silins house was very fitting.

“Actually, you dont need to even do anything…”

He pressed forward, his lips replacing his fingers, his voice hoarse.

Then, an even lower and softer voice sounded-

“I can teach you personally.”

Before he could kiss her, Su Feifei suddenly got up.

She turned from defense into offense.

“I know how to do this.

Youve taught me before.”

She got on Bo Silin.

Her long hair brushed past his face, and then she cleanly pulled his collar open.

The button fell to the ground and spun twice.

Her fair fingers touched his collarbone causing him to shiver.

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