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Qiao Hefeng opened his mouth.

“Y-youre asking too many questions at once.

How am I supposed to answer them!”

“Do it one by one,” Su Feifei replied.

Qiao Hefeng took a deep breath.

He seemed to be able to hear the sound of his heart beating.

“Can I ask you a question first” he asked.

“Ask away.”

“Su Feifei, who do you like” Qiao Hefeng stuttered.

“Bo Silin.”


Qiao Hefengs eyes instantly lit up, and he relaxed quite a bit.

“So its Bo Silin! D*mn, Su Feifei, you should have started out with that! Then youve asked the right person! Im the best at dating! Ive acted in five romance dramas! Im going to take on another one soon!”

He made a five sign with his fingers.

Su Feifeis eyes narrowed.

This was good.

She needed such a strategist and talent to help her.

[Su Feifei, run!!!]

[Su Feifei, lets be good.

Dont listen to him!]

[Oh my, the two of them together are amazingly st*pid.]

[Im already starting to worry for baby Bo.]

[Bo Silin wont die from a relationship, will he]

[For the sake of this love, Bo Silin has sat in a wheelchair, put on a cast, jumped off a cliff, and even fought with a toxic b*tck… When he successfully gets together with Su Feifei, would he evolve into a higher being]

The netizens instructions were already too late.

Qiao Hefengs classroom session had already started.

He was wearing a blue tuxedo with black-rimmed glasses and a red bow on his chin.

He turned around and looked at Su Feifei.

“What Youve already kissed, but you havent started dating”

He rubbed his chin.

“This is pretty tricky…”

“What else did you do besides kissing” Qiao Hefeng asked.

Su Feifeis eyes glanced at his lower body.

Qiao Hefeng instantly covered his crotch.

“T-this fast When did that happen” He asked, trembling.

“It was that day when you were in the tent with Shen Ruoqing.”


Qiao Hefeng almost fainted from anger.

“W-what did you say”

“We were there too.”

“You didnt know The four of us were together.

We kissed and all that.”

Qiao Hefeng replied, “Hey, hey, hey! Its a live broadcast! Dont say such nonsense! Whos for you to kiss is not my problem! We didnt kiss each other, okay”

“Thats not important.” Su Feifei said, “Answer the question.”

“Then…” Qiao Hefeng was a little confused.

“Youve done everything, but Bo Silin didnt do anything”

“What do you mean”

“For example, a promise about the future”

Su Feifei thought about it.

“The future…”

“No, he didnt.”

Qiao Hefeng sighed in realization.

“I see, I see…”

“Whats wrong”

Qiao Hefeng expressed his grief.

“Although I do like Bo Silin, hes really in the wrong this time.

Im afraid he…”


“Im afraid that…”

“Qiao Hefeng, dont drag things out.”

“Well… Hes a sc*mbag.”

That was his final decision.

[Qiao Hefeng, Im warning you, dont mess around!!]

[Holy sh*t, something big mustve happened!]

[Bo Silin, hurry up and explain yourself!]

[Its over.

Its really over now.]

[I didnt expect this development.]

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.

This time, she gained an impression of him.

Bo Silin was a sc*mbag

“But it doesnt matter! Ive also acted out the drama of a prodigal son turning over a new leaf!” Qiao Hefeng said with certainty, “If you want to make him change his mind, its very simple.

You have to be more of a…”

Qiao Hefeng slammed his palm on the table.

“Bigger sc*mbag!”

When Su Feifei came out of the tent, she was in a state of enlightenment.

It was as if she had been blessed.

Before she left, she even showed Qiao Hefeng the textbook that Bo Xi had given her.

Qiao Hefeng only replied with two words — no thanks.

Then, when he heard that it was from Bo Xi, he changed his words.”Yes… We can take a look, but everyone has a different personality, so we cant believe everything one person says.

Su Feifei, you need a custom version of a love plan! To thank you for taking care of me all this time, I, Qiao Hefeng, have decided on this plan for you!”

“Good, youre pretty solid.

Lets give this plan a name.”

“Alright, let me think.

Lets call it… Project King Creation!”

Su Feifei smiled and put the book away.

This was a good step.

In the camp, the fire was still burning.

Bo Silin had not moved since Su Feifei left.

He laughed until he was confused.

[Bo Silin, stop laughing.

Theyve already come up with a plan to finish you off…]

[I only listened for a moment and didnt dare to continue…]

[Im just saying that Su Feifeis plans are always insane.

Why arent you running]

[Everyone, please stop for a while and let him laugh it off.

After all, there arent many opportunities left for him to smile.]


[The more I look at this smile, the sadder I feel.

Whats going on]

This was the scene that Qiu Ye saw when he came.

He clicked his tongue in disgust.

“Is that all you can do” Qiu Ye said.

Bo Silin slowly leaned against the wooden table behind him and raised his eyebrows.

“Youre here”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

The fire crackled as it burned.

“What do you want” Bo Silin sent out an invitation.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

This cheap-looking attitude! Someone had to come and deal with him!

“Bo Silin, I have a gift for you.”

Qiu Ye blinked innocently.

“Wasnt it your birthday a while ago Feifei has given it to me, but as your best friend, I dont have anything good to give you…”

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

His long and narrow eyes glowed with a knife-like light, and his lips curled up slightly.

“What is it”

“Well be there soon to see.”

Qiu Ye pointed to the other side of the camp.

The helicopter was already in position.

They needed to pass through the third layer to reach their encampment.

It was estimated that there was still an hour.

“Your gift will be here soon.” Qiu Ye chuckled.

“Do you want to make a guess”

“Alright.” Bo Silin smiled.

“A wedding ring How did you know I wanted to propose to Su Feifei on the island”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

[Im f*cking bursting into laughter, hahahaha!]

[Welcome to Qiu Yes self-humiliating channel!]

[Thats Bo Silins last moments of carefreeness for you.]

[Su Feifei is still 20 meters away.

Alert! Warning! Make him stop talking!]

[Please note that this is not a drill! This is not a drill!]

[I just came from Su Feifeis live broadcast room.

Oh my, she, she, she…]

[Amazing! Amazing! Mad respect to you!]

Qiu Ye cursed and then stood up.

“Hmph, youll be punished soon! Just you wait!”

However, as soon as he turned around, he suddenly saw a figure slowly walking toward them not far away.

His body suddenly stiffened.

“Bo Silin, I…” He swallowed his saliva.

“Im… Not… Seeing things, am I”

“Whats the fuss about” Bo Silin also took a look.

In an instant, his blood froze, and the world spun.

“You can also see it too… right” Qiu Ye confirmed.

“The person walking over cant be…”

Bo Silin did not answer, but stared ahead.

There was no light in the surroundings.

Only the fire in front of him was still burning.

Su Feifei walked out from the dark and was exposed to the light.

“Oh my… Holy…”

Qiu Yes legs gave way, and he fell to the ground.

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