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What was he talking about

Su Feifei suddenly recalled something.

She looked around.


“Yes, now.”

Bo Silin was very certain.

Of course, they had to talk about it now!

Otherwise, when will he ever get the chance to

[Ill start! She wants to marry you!]

[She likes your Grandpa, parents, and your sister!]

[Su Feifei doesnt want to just marry you.

She wants to marry into your big family.]

[I think that perhaps, maybe, the one whos trying to fit in is Bo Silin himself.]

[What do you mean by blending in Pay attention to your image.

There are still minors here!]

Su Feifei hesitated for a moment and looked around.

“You guys should leave.”

“Us” Xiao He was shocked.


They had almost lost their lives here.

There was nothing they could not hear!

Other people paid for VIP, but they paid for a lifetime subscription to listen to this!

However, Xiao He did not dare to say this out loud.

Seeing that Su Feifei had already narrowed her eyes, they could only quickly retreat and spread out.

Su Feifei glanced at Qiu Ye again.

Qiu Ye immediately raised his hand.

“I understand.

I understand.

I understand.”

He disappeared immediately, leaving behind a sentence, “Bo Silin, Ill come and find you later! Theres really something I need to tell you!”

Everyone quickly left.

[Su Feifei actually forgot about the recording or something]

[In her opinion, we might not be human.]

[Its fine if she doesnt.

As long as I can listen in, does it matter what species I am

Su Feifei retracted her hand and looked at Bo Silin.

Bo Silin waited for a long time but did not hear her words.

“You said you dont want to marry Xiao He.

Does that mean you want to marry me” he asked.

[Holy f*ck! Was this the straight ball I wanted to see the most!]

[Im getting goosebumps!]

[To be honest, these two are indeed straight ball representatives.]

[Ive been chasing after celebrities in the entertainment industry for so many years, but Ive never seen anyone who can get to the point the quickest faster than these two!]

Su Feifei suddenly reached out and felt his pulse.

Everything was normal.


He should be able to withstand it.

Bo Silin was speechless.

She retracted her hand and said, “Yes, I just want to marry you.”

Bo Silins pupils shrank and he looked up.

What did she just say

Su Feifei got up and patted his shoulder.

“Dont worry,” She said, “You will have what others have.

I can work hard for what others dont have.

I wont mistreat you.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Her words were still ringing in his ears when she had already disappeared from sight.

[What just happened.]

[What just happened indeed…]

[Did she just say that out loud]

[Im beating the bed with all my might because I cant scream right now!!]

[Su Feifei, dont go!! Dont you want to hear what he says]

After that, Su Feifei quickly entered the tent.

Then, she leaned forward and squinted his eyes to look out through the gap in the tent, staring at Bo Silins seat.

She reached out to pick up the telescope in the tent and observed Bo Silins expression.

He wouldnt vomit blood, right

With such a delicate body, he should at least faint after hearing such terrible news

She decided to go all out.

In any case, if he vomited blood, he would be treated.

If he fainted, he would be pinched awake.

Things had already developed to this stage, she had to marry him.

However, from the perspective of the telescope.

Not only did Bo Silin not faint, but he also sat in the same place for a long time without moving.

Did she scare him silly

Was the impact that strong

After a long time, Bo Silin suddenly could not hold back his lips and let out a low laugh.

Su Feifei frowned.

He was really st*pid.

She only said one sentence, and it actually made him dumbfounded…

Su Feifei furrowed her brows in deep thought.

‘It doesnt matter.

It doesnt matter if he is st*pid.

His family was still fine.

She would be responsible for him for the rest of her life.

[What is Su Feifei doing]

[Is she peeking at Bo Silin Hahaha!]

[So you were just pretending to be cool just now]

[I dont care if she was.

Su Feifei is the cutest!]

Su Feifei put away her binoculars and suddenly heard a faint sound behind her.

Qiao Hefeng was changing his pants.

“No wonder you didnt let the camera look at you just now.

Its because…” Shen Ruoqing said shyly, “Why didnt you tell me earlier that you bought a couple model”

“I just… Wanted to give you a surprise.” Qiao Hefengs face was also red.

Shen Ruoqing laughed.

Qiao Hefeng put on his pants and suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Ruoqing, I didnt do it right the last time.

Please give me another chance…”

Shen Ruoqing covered his mouth.

“Stop talking!” She said, “Ive said it before.

This is normal.

Didnt you check it on the internet after that You even asked others for advice.

Cant you believe me”

“Ill only know after I try, right” Qiao Hefeng said, “What if Im really… Why dont we try it now”

The two of them looked at each other, and flames ignited their passion for each other.

Qiao Hefeng immediately became restless.

He slowly approached, getting closer and closer…

“What are you doing”

Su Feifeis voice suddenly appeared.

Qiao Hefeng and Shen Ruoqing were speechless.

“When did you come in” Qiao Hefeng shouted.

[Honestly, Heeng, dont you check if theres anyone else in the tent every time]

[Not only did Su Feifei come in, but the drone has also been in there for so long.]

[I guess love really is blind.]

Su Feifeis eyes darted between the two of them.

After a moment, she beckoned with his finger.

“Qiao Hefeng, come here.

I have a question for you.”

Qiao Hefeng was shocked.

Shen Ruoqing immediately patted his back.

“Dont be afraid.”

Only then did Qiao Hefeng move over.

“Whats wrong, Su Feifei”

Countless thoughts appeared in his mind.

Could it be that… Have their old feelings been rekindled Was she jealous because she saw him with Ruoqing

He was really in a difficult position.

This was considered workplace harassment if she pursued him!

“Qiao Hefeng, stop overthinking.

Dont let your imagination run wild,” Shen Ruoqing said.

Qiao Hefeng sucked in a breath of cold air.

“How did you know what I was thinking!”

[Its written all over your face dude.]

[I bet he thinks that Su Feifei is head over heels for him or something.]


Lets go with that thought.]

“You guys go ahead, Im going out for a walk,” Shen Ruoqing said.

She took the lead and walked out.

Qiao Hefeng and Su Feifei were the only ones left.

When Ruoqing left, only then did Qiao Hefeng look at Su Feifei warily.

He had already made up his mind.

In this life, his body and heart would be Ruoqings.

No one else could take it away! Even if Su Feifei threatened and bribed him, it would not work!

“You talk first.” Qiao Hefeng said.


Su Feifei nodded.

The next second, she looked up and asked her question expressionlessly.

“You two… How do you date”


Qiao Hefeng almost choked on his own saliva.

“Y-y-you…” He raised his eyes in shock.

“Do we have to date before we get married How long do I have to wait” Su Feifei continued, “Two months Three months Or can we directly get our marriage certificate Do I need to register the marriage in person”

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