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Su Feifei frowned.

“Doctors are more professional.”

Bo Silin frowned.

“But shes rough.

Shes going to hurt me.”

Everyone was speechless.


Speak with your conscience, Bo Silin!

The doctor was rough, but Su Feifei wasnt.

As if.

[This female doctor has already failed twice in trying to get close to our Baby Bo.]

[Ill let you do anything you want, Bo Silin.]

[Hes really putting an end to all contact with the opposite sex.

What a lad.]

The female doctors face was pale.

Su Feifei glanced at Bo Silin, took the iodine, and lifted his hand.

Bo Silin took the opportunity to hold her hands.

Xiao He wanted to break down and smash his head onto a wall again.

Feng Xuege and the others stood not far away, gritting their teeth in excitement.

The few of them looked at each other and said the word Subo Pot ship very excitedly.

“Excuse me!” Qiu Ye coughed and walked forward.

Everyone turned around.

Only Su Feifei lowered her head to deal with the wound while Bo Silin stared at her.

The two of them had no reaction to Qiu Yes appearance.

Qiu Ye said, “Everyone is injured.

This time, its my fault.

So, the jungle exploration will be postponed for the time being.

Ill give everyone a good rest and arrange some relaxing activities in the meantime.”

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes and looked at him.

“Itll be really easy!” Qiu Ye immediately raised his hand.

“I definitely wont cause trouble next time! I swear!”

What a joke, someone almost died today, would he still dare to do it

No one expected Luo Feifa to be crazy enough to think of such a thing! The Luo family was probably in an uproar now, and who knew how much trouble they would get into with the Bo family in the future

Just thinking about it gave Qiu Ye a headache.

At this moment, in the Bo familys house.

Grandpa Bo was very excited.

Not only did he not find it troublesome, but he was also proud of this outcome.

“My dear granddaughter-in-law! Youre awesome!” Grandpa Bo kept nodding.

“Luo Feifa is seriously injured and will have to undergo psychological treatment after leaving the island.

I dont think the Luo family will let this go…” The butler said.

“They should be thinking about whether our family will let this go!” Grandpa Bo snorted.

“Dont worry.

Bo Xi can handle it.

Its a little difficult to touch the Luo family, but its not impossible.”

The butler immediately felt relieved.

The phone suddenly rang.

“Qiu Goudan You again!” Grandpa Bo cursed and turned on the speaker.

“What are you doing” Grandpa Qius voice was filled with guilt.

“Im looking at what your grandson has done!”

Grandpa Qiu coughed madly.

“Hes responsible for this.”


Did the sun rise from the West today

Qiu Goudan admitted defeat so quickly today

“As for the Luo family, if you need my help, just tell me.

The Qiu family doesnt have much power, but we can still help you set people up.”

Grandpa Bo raised his eyebrows.

“Are you sure you wont go back on your word”

“Of course, I wont! Im investing in my future granddaughter-in-law.

Whats there to regret”

Grandpa Qius face darkened when he heard the tone on the other end of the phone.

“What kind of relaxing activities can you arrange” Su Feifei asked.

Qiu Yes mouth twitched.

Even by just listening to this his face was filled with disdain!

“I promise itll be easy! Theres a newcomer coming in, Ill let you guys have a seven-day tour!” Qiu Ye smiled and pointed to the sky not far away.

As expected, the sound of the helicopter was heard again.

Another person

“Who is it, Director Qiu” Xiao He asked.

They didnt have any expectations for the activity that Qiu Ye could think of, and their voices were resentful.

“Well be welcoming… A mysterious film crew!” Qiu Ye said.


“The production team contacted me a long time ago, but I never agreed to it.” Qiu Ye smiled and said, “This time, the planned events will change.

I agreed to let them shoot here for a week.

If were lucky, we might even get one or two cameo characters.”


Everyones eyes lit up, they looked very interested in this activity.

[This is interesting.

I want to see what happens!]

[What kind of crew would actually come to shoot during a live broadcast This is amazing.]

[But to be honest, this place is really beautiful.

Maybe theyre shooting for a historical film]

[It looks like it.

Otherwise, it could be an action film]

[I really hope Su Feifei can get one or two roles to play!]

[Su Feifei acting as the Empress when she was drunk last time was not bad.

She acted like it was real.]

Qiu Ye continued, “Tonight, the first batch of staff will be coming in to set up the scene.

You will see them in a while.

When the time comes, well also work with the crew and organize some activities to win ingredients for everyone.

Lets party to a week of entertainment!”

Everyone was in high spirits and cheered.

“Su Feifei.” Xiao He suddenly thought of something and started complaining.

“Our carts and food have all been robbed.

Should we go and get them back ”

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

Then, they heard a rumbling sound coming from the camp.

Huang Ling was leading a group of people that were pushing a few carts with great difficulty.

The cart was full of stolen food.

When they arrived at Su Feifeis camp, Huang Ling immediately walked out and bowed deeply.

“Su Feifei! Im really sorry, but Ill return it to you! We wont dare to do it again! Please let us go!”

[Very good, they know their place now.]

[Theyre so cowardly, Im too embarrassed to scold them.]

[Dont forget how they helped the evildoer just now!]

[Is Huang Ling really in the right mind though He probably took the Luo familys money and didnt dare to disobey them.]

Su Feifei shot them a glance.

Huang Ling broke out in a cold sweat.

Even Su Lings body shrank as she walked into the shadows.

“Xiao He, take it.”


Xiao He immediately kept the items and gallantly walked past them.

He even glared at Huang Ling when he walked past them.

Huang Ling did not dare to speak.

“Su Feifei, if you have any punishment, you can tell me! We can all accept it!” Huang Ling said.

A wise man submits to dire circumstances.

At this point, if he didnt quickly admit his mistake, would he just be waiting for death

They were not as st*pid as Luo Feifa!

“He can stay.” Su Feifei pointed at a random person.

Everyone instantly turned to look.

It was Lu Jin, who had a wound on his face.

Lu Jin was stunned, and his thin body swayed.

He couldnt believe it.

“M-me” He pointed at himself.

“Yes, you!” Xiao He nodded and pulled him into the team.

He patted his shoulder and said, “Were on the same side from now on.

Welcome to the team!”

Huang Lings heart skipped a beat, and a cold sweat began to pour down his back.

“Then, then we…”

“Lets go,” Su Feifei said.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and ran!

Su Feifei lowered her head again and finished bandaging Bo Silins wound.

She was about to withdraw her hand when Bo Silin pulled her back.

“Ill help you bandage it.” Bo Silin said.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“Bo Silin! Are you done I have something to tell you!”

“Just wait.”

These two words almost sent Qiu Ye away on the spot.

[He really does like to take his time huh]

[The sour smell of love.


[I love to watch love! More!]

[My hand hurts too.

Su Feifei, can you help me bandage it]

When Bo Silin touched the cotton swab in Su Feifeis hand, she didnt react at all.

“If it hurts, tell me.” He said gently.

Su Feifei squinted at him.

“I dont get hurt as easily as you do.”

Xiao He and the others behind him quickly covered their mouths and started laughing.

Bo Silin smiled.

“Then, should we…” He paused in his actions.

“Should we talk about the topic that we didnt finish earlier”

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