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“Su Feifei…” Bo Silins lips were dry.

“Let go a little.”

Su Feifei, who was in his arms, raised her head and looked at him in confusion.


Qiao Hefeng curiously stuck his head in.

He was shocked and let out a small sound before immediately shutting his mouth.

“Bo Silin, I didnt get it.”

Su Feifei tried to move her legs, but she couldnt move any further.

Instead, this action made Bo Silins face darken.

“My… Leg…”


“Leg press…”


Su Feifei frowned.

He wasnt afraid when he jumped down, but now hes stuttering

Qiao Hefeng couldnt take it anymore.

He reached out and gently poked Su Feifeis knee.

Su Feifei immediately moved away.

Qiao Hefeng closed his eyes again.

His face was red, and he did a good deed without leaving a name.

At this moment, the three of them were like the national flag rising during a national anthem.

They were hung in the most conspicuous position and slowly rose up.

It was slow and shaking.

The next second, the lions roar sounded again without warning!

This time, the lion exerted all its strength.

She didnt know how it managed to do it, but it actually knew how to step on the railing first and then use the momentum to pounce in their direction.

Although the lion had been shot by a tranquilizer gun and was swaying, it was still very strong.

“Ah!” another long scream came from outside.

Inside, Su Feifei and Bo Silin quickly raised their legs simultaneously.

They had already been conditioned.

Like an emotionless machine, they shrank back again.

Qiao Hefeng was half a beat slower, he felt his pants loosen, and he lowered his head in distress.


[Hefeng, look out!!]

[Its biting Qiao Hefeng! ]

[What the heck! Wasnt it just injected with anesthesia How can it move this much]

[Dont tell me Qiao Hefeng is about to lose a leg because of this]

“Let go! Please, let go!”

Qiao Hefeng shouted as he kicked.

As he kicked, the edge of his pants began to pull down again.

He was shocked!

The lion bit the bottom of his pants and pulled them down.

The steel wire pulled them upward while the lion dragged them down.

In the end, something did let go — his pants.

It managed to slip through his waist.

Fortunately, the light was dim, and although the drone was circling, it only managed to capture a faint image.

[Qiu Ye, this is your only chance to atone for your sins.

Please shine some light.]

[Im already having a mental breakdown just listening to his voice, hahahahaha!]

[Will Qiao Hefeng ever escape the fate of having his pants taken off unwillingly]

[What kind of cartoon will he have today]

His pants were already half-pulled down.

Qiao Hefeng broke down and reached out to pull them back up with his extra hand.

This caused the pants to be hung halfway.

He and the lion stared at each other.

The lion insisted on taking off his pants, and he would rather die than comply.

“Bo Silin!” Qiao Hefeng roared, “Throw me down! Throw it down! Just let me die down there! I dont want to go up!”

Bo Silin loosened his grip when he heard this.

“Ahh! Im just joking, Im just joking! How can you take it so seriously I want to go up! I want to go up!”

[Im cracking up! Hahaha!]

[Baby Bo, why did you really let go Hahaha!]

[Dont play with me like this…]

[What did he do I cant see!]

“Your pants or your life, choose one.” Bo Silins cold voice sounded.

In the night, Qiao Hefengs sobbing voice came out, but he could still persevere.

“I… I choose fate!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he let go of his hand in despair.

The last trace of dignity slowly fell with the piece of cloth that the lion had taken away… That night, he lost the love of his life.

In the air, two bare legs swung silently in the air.

No one knew that Qiao Hefeng was the only one breaking down, and time passed by slowly.

Su Feifei was close and could see it clearly.

However, she closed her eyes, feeling that her eyeballs had been insulted.

“Ruoqing! Please save me!” Qiao Hefeng shouted.


Just as Su Feifei and the others were about to ascend, Shen Ruoqing sneaked behind Qiu Ye and directly cut off the screen.

The screen turned black, and the comments disappeared.

The hot search exploded.

“D*mn, I cant afford to pay the penalty fee! Why did you guys turn off the equipment

“I wanted to see Hefengs underwear today!

“You cut it off at such a critical time Why

In the court, Shen Ruoqing smiled at the confused Qiu Ye.

“Su Feifei said that I should protect my own man.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“Alright, huddle up.”

The three of them finally reached the edge of the top of the arena.

Bo Silins fingers had just touched the flat surface of the top and moved up first.

When he turned around to look at Su Feifei, he suddenly frowned, sensing danger.

Su Feifei also looked up at the same time.

A baldie had gotten to the top of the machine that held the steel wire.

She was holding sharp pliers in her hand, and her eyes were full of madness!

It was Luo Feifa!

At this moment, she knew that the live broadcast had just turned off.

Luo Feifa was smug, and resentment was about to overflow from her eyes.

She had never suffered such a huge loss in her life!

Not to mention that she had suffered losses countless times after she met Su Feifei.

How could she endure this unjust treatment

If she didnt take revenge today, her last name wouldnt be Luo for anything!

“Go to h*ll!”

Luo Feifa clenched the pliers hard!

The moment the steel wire was twisted, a rope with a hook was suddenly thrown up from below.

She was stunned and was instantly pulled down by the hook!

What was going on

Luo Feifa lost her balance and fell down.

When she saw the rope in Su Feifeis hand, she screamed!


Su Feifei first brought Qiao Hefeng up.

Then, she used the strength of the rope to hook Luo Feifa and jumped up.

Luo Feifa passed by her as she fell.

She stepped on it again and used force to get up.

“Su Feifei!”

Luo Feifa cursed in fear.

However, it was too late.

Su Feifei didnt even look at her and went up to pat her clothes.

A banging sound was heard from below.

Someone landed.

In the next second, a crazy shriek exploded in the arena.

“Argh! Come and save me! Go away! Go away!”

Su Feifeis cold eyes swept over the pit.

Luo Feifas teammates were shocked.

They wanted to use the machine to lift her up again, but the steel wire had been cut by Luo Feifa herself.

“Get the rope!”

Huang Ling shouted as he arrived late a second too late.

He glanced at Su Feifei, and his lips turned pale.

He immediately rushed to the top of the arena.

Shen Ruoqing immediately took a piece of cloth and helped Qiao Hefeng to cover his lower body.

The live broadcast resumed.

[Whats going on Su Feifei got out]

[If shes out… whos that in there screaming then]

[Why did you suddenly cut off the live broadcast just now Are we not worthy of looking at Hefengs pants]

[Su Feifei I love you!]

[Theyre all out, but who is screaming]

Huang Ling and the others were lying on edge of the arena and using ropes to tie themselves up.

The few of them worked together to pull the rope and let Huang Ling down to save the others.

Su Feifei was expressionless.

As if she could not hear the commotion, she lowered her head and tugged at Bo Silins sleeve.

“Your hand, let me see.” She said.

Bo Silin immediately raised his hand.

Su Feifei took a look and saw that his entire palm was covered in blood.

She frowned.

“Lets go back to the camp.

Ill bandage your wound,” She said to Qiu Ye, “Please ask the doctor to come over.”

Qiu Ye quivered at her polite words.

“Yes, captain!” He stood up straight and trembled when he looked at Su Feifei.

Oh my!

He didnt want to mess with Su Feifei in this life!

The one who trembled the most was still Su Ling.

When Su Feifei walked past her, she was so scared that she shrank back timidly.

“Also, send my horse back to the station.”

“Yes, captain!” Qiu Ye nodded frantically.

For the last time, Su Feifei looked at Su Ling.


Follow me.”

With that said, she pulled Bo Silin and left.

Su Lings eyes immediately widened.

Her too

Was she going to settle the score

Su Lings face was pale as she looked up at the arena.

Huang Ling had already got Luo Feifa out safely.

There were not many wounds on Luo Feifas body, but her expression had already shattered.

Most of the beasts inside had been shot by tranquilizer guns before, so they werent very aggressive.

However, being suddenly thrown in, even if she didnt die, she was so shocked and almost lost her mind!

Su Ling trembled even more at the thought of Su Feifei settling the score now.

His face was ashen, but she had no choice but to turn around and follow.

[F*ck, whats going on with Luo Feifa]

[Its her own fault.

Did she accidentally fall in or something]

[Lets consider it retribution.]

[This sister is also amazing.

She really likes to play tricks and forcibly court her own death.]

[Even if shes a God in the Luo family, Su Feifei can break her heavens!]

“Send her away.”

Qiu Ye looked at Luo Feifa in disdain and waved his hand.

Back at the base.

The crowd lined up in a row, all of them covered in dirt and gunk, but their faces were full of excitement.

The female doctor came over with an emergency first aid kit in her hand.

Just as she was about to step forward, Bo Silin changed his position.

“Su Feifei, help me apply it.” He said.

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