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Three consecutive sounds fired; it came from the tranquilizer darts.

The beasts froze in mid-air for a moment and fell to the ground with a loud crash.

In an instant, the pressure of death disappeared from the top of his head!

He even saw it from the corner of his eye.

It was the cheetah that fell!

The position of the dart was very accurate, and it even avoided the head of the beast.

Su Feifei glanced at Bo Silin.

“Not bad!”

Bo Silin kept his gun and smiled.

“Youve taught me well.”

When she heard this, she recalled the time when she taught him hand in-hand when they were hunting rabbits, and her lips curved up.

[Holy f*ck!! The tension!!]

[D*mn it, that scared the sh*t out of me! Why did they have to get into this life-and-death situation!]

[Ill be honest with you.

Theyre so compatible in terms of danger levels.]

[Baby Bo shot into my heart with one dart!]

Qiao Hefeng broke down and said, “Lets go, lets go! I beg you, Ill say my thanks when we get out alive-!”

However, in the next second, the white horse suddenly neighed and stumbled forward!

Su Feifeis expression suddenly changed.

She rolled on the ground and picked up Qiao Hefeng, who had fallen!

He turned around and saw the cheetah on the ground biting the horses hoof!

Bo Silin immediately fired another shot!

Qiao Hefengs vision darkened and he almost fainted at the sight.

Without waiting for him to react, Su Feifei threw him out and nimbly climbed up the side of the pit.

Bo Silins reaction was quick, and the two of them quickly cooperated.

Behind him, the neighing of an unknown animal could be heard!

She took out a long hook and an arrow in her sleeve, and with a flip of her hand, she hooked onto the steel frame at the top of the building and climbed up with Qiao Hefeng!


In the entire arena, only Qiao Hefengs terrified screams and the hollow sound of gunfire could be heard.

Outside, Xiao He and the others looked at each other in horror and rushed to the screen in front of Qiu Ye.

When they reached it, they heaved a sigh of relief.

On the screen, Su Feifei was almost taken out by a black beast when Bo Silins tranquilizer gun was fired!

The herd fell to the ground one after another right after!

Su Feifei gritted her teeth and retracted her arm.

“Su Feifei, are you alright” Qiao Hefeng asked as he cried.

“Yes.” Su Feifei only replied with one word.

Her arm was numb from the shock.

However, with Bo Silins help, it was not a big problem.

“Ill get you out first.

Ill deal with the rest here.” Su Feifei said.

“No!” Qiao Hefeng immediately shook his head.

“No! I want to go with you!”

Su Yues eyebrows twitched.

Qiao Hefeng continued, “If I get out of here, Ill be beaten to death by Xiao He and the others! Its better to die in here!”

“Shut up.” Su Feifei said.

Qiu Yes voice came from outside, “I dont have many tranquilizers left! Use it sparingly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bo Silin pulled the trigger again.

Right then, a click sound was heard — an empty shot.

Bo Silin turned his head and looked at Qiu Ye.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

He really didnt know that he would encounter such a situation!

It was very difficult to get a tranquilizer gun, and he only had one!

“Argh! Su Feifei!” Xiao He suddenly stared at the screen and jumped up.

“On your right! The tiger is here! The tiger is here!”

Instantly, everyone present quivered! Everyone held their breaths and looked at the screen.

As expected, a huge creature had already climbed up the steel frame.

That said creature was slowly walking in Su Feifeis direction!

Su Feifei frowned.

“Hold on tight!” She said.

Qiao Hefeng immediately grabbed her tightly.

Qiu Ye was numb.

He stared at the screen and felt like he was in outer space.

He must have been crazy when he thought of this idea.

How did he come up with this arena idea

He almost played himself to death!

[F*ck! Is this show Man Vs Wild]

[Su Feifei, what are you going to do now!]

[Someone, help her!]

[Luo Feifa is so f*cking dangerous.

Shes outright killing people!!]

“Ill count to three and jump down!” Su Feifei said in a low voice.

“Down” Qiao Hefeng stared at the beast horde below, which was eyeing them covetously.

“J-jump into their mouths”

“On my body.”


“In that lion.”

Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

“I, I, I…”


“Ah Are you really going to jump”


“Mother! Mom, please dont!”

“Im not your mother, Hefeng!”


Su Feifei grabbed the rope with one hand and grabbed Qiao Hefeng with the other before jumping down.

At the same time, the tiger also moved.

It roared and pounced in their direction!

It missed and the tiger was instantly hung on the steel frame, making a loud noise!

Su Feifei had already mounted the lion.

The sound of the whip falling on the ground could be heard.

The lion roared wildly, but she grabbed its fur and jolted it, not letting go!

Then, she turned to Qiao Hefeng, but she found nothing.

Su Feifei was shocked.

Where was he

When she turned back, the figure in the night directly pulled her hand.

She was slightly stunned and her pupils shrank.

In front of the screen outside, Xiao He was the first to gasp.

“F*cking h*ll! Bo Silin Why did Bo Silin go in”

“No way, Bo Silin! Youre crazy!” Qiu Ye jumped on the spot, completely numb.

Su Feifei asked the same question as Xiao He.

“Are you crazy, Bo Silin!”

“Didnt I go crazy long ago” Bo Silin replied.

[This is it!!!]

[Stop showing off! Your life is more important!]

[Hurry up and save her!!]

[I cant watch it any longer.

Its too scary!]

Bo Silin picked her up, and on his other arm, he was holding Qiao Hefeng.

When he jumped up, Su Feifei saw that there were three steel wires hanging behind him.

It was the one that Qiao Hefeng had been carrying on his back.

“Qiu Ye!” Bo Silin shouted at the top.

Qiu Ye instantly came back to his senses and rushed to the control panel.

He immediately operated the machine and began to ascend.

However, the three of them were too heavy, and ascending took a long time.

The lion that had been riddled just now was obviously thinking of revenge.

It growled and crouched.

“You, you, you, dont mess around!” Qiao Hefeng roared at it.

The behemoth leaped into the air causing the people watching the video outside to scream.

Su Feifei immediately shrank further into Bo Silins body and pulled her legs tightly.

Bo Silin also retracted his leg.

The lions claws barely grazed Qiao Hefengs feet, but it missed.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The steel wire slowly rose again.

[Im pissing my pants.]

[Ill be honest with you.

The positions of these three are really funny.]

[Ive never seen Su Feifei shrink herself into such a ball.]

[Bo Silins posture is the same too.

Hes holding one of them in each hand and his legs are retracted.

Why does he look so much like…]

[Everyone focus! The lion is still there!]

However, Bo Silins predicament was completely different from the posture in the broadcast.

It was because Su Feifei was clinging to him like a koala bear.

Her legs were perfectly clamped… but unfortunately, it was clamped a very crucial part.

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