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The light from the phone screen illuminated Luo Feifas cold face.

Her eyes were like a venomous snake as she stared at Su Ling.

“Su Ling, this move of yours is pretty smart, huh” She slowly said, “You betrayed me”

Su Ling pursed her lips and her mind went blank.

Luo Feifa raised her hand and smashed the phone into pieces!

“I saw you talking to Su Feifei! But I didnt think you would be so st*pid as to be in the same boat as her.

It seems that I have overestimated you!” Luo Feifa pulled her in front of her.

“Ill remember this.

Ill settle this with you after tonight!”

Goosebumps appeared on Su Lings skin as she gritted her teeth and remained silent.

She watched Luo Feifas figure leave, and her heart sank.

Luo Feifa would never let her off easily!

From the moment they entered the island, even their last bit of affection was in danger and could collapse at any time.

Now, she only had one path to take!

Su Ling immediately got up and opened the tent.

However, a strong arm suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Su Ling, please go back.” Huang Lings face appeared.

“The captain asked me to look after you.”

Su Ling looked at him and said in a cold tone, “Huang Ling, if Su Feifeis team was safe and sound today, do you know what the consequences would be”

Huang Lings eyebrows twitched.

Of course, he knew.

Su Feifei alone was enough to make them suffer a fate worse than death on the deserted island!

Moreover, there was still Bo Silin on the team.

One would be stuffed to death, and the other would make them suffer.

“I know.

But I have no choice.” Huang Ling said, “You can go.”

Su Ling gritted her teeth and turned around, but then she suddenly turned back.

“Alright, its not like theyll survive anyway.” Su Ling shrugged her shoulders.

Huang Ling heaved a sigh of relief.

“But…:” she looked inside the tent.

“I dont dare to stay here alone.

Its too dark.

Give me the torch.”

Huang Ling frowned.

“Su Ling, dont play any tricks.”

“What trick” Su Ling immediately frowned, and her voice softened a lot, “Do you think I will burn the tent Alright, then you can give me the flashlight!”

Her sweet voice made Huang Lings heart skip a beat.

He was a little embarrassed for misunderstanding her, so he handed her a flashlight.

“Its too dark, youre just going to let me in like this”

Her almond-shaped eyes seemed to be glistening with tears.

At first glance, her eyes were indeed a little red.

“If all of you leave and I stay in this dark tent alone, whats the difference between looking at me from the outside and looking at me from the inside Youre just going to leave me here…”

Huang Lings heart softened.

“Sure, Ill stay with you for a while.”

He had just gotten up, but he was still dizzy from her soft voice.

The next second, he felt a sudden pain in the back of his neck!

Huang Lings vision turned black, and he fell to the ground!

Su Ling — who was behind him — took back her flashlight and pouted.

She had long gotten used to the way she dealt with men.

But she didnt expect that… One day, she would actually do it for Su Feifei!

This was ridiculous!

Su Ling didnt have time to think too much.

Since she had already reached this far, she could only brace herself and run forward.

Just as she was about to reach the forest trap, she saw Su Feifei cut the last vine with a pair of pliers!

“Wait! Dont come down! Theres a trap!”

Su Ling shouted.

The vine broke and a huge net spread out in an instant.

All of them fell and rolled on the ground.

It was over!

She was still a step too late!

Su Lings heart beat rapidly.

Her whole body was stiff, and her pupils expanded a bit.

She didnt dare to go over and just stared in that direction.


One second…

Two seconds…

A full ten seconds.

Nothing happened.

Su Feifei pulled the people around her up and walked towards Bo Silin.

“Well done.” She smiled.

“Just following orders, I dare not disobey.” Bo Silin raised his eyebrows slightly.

Su Feifei was stunned.

[What the f*ck What did I just hear]

[Im numb!!]

[This is a live broadcast! Behave yourself!]]

[Is this something I can tune in to Am I worthy of listening]

[Why dont we just change to another channel]

[The nextvariety show scheduled: Lets Get Married.]

Su Ling stepped forward.

“You guys…” She looked around carefully.

“Are you guys okay”

“Su Feifei already knew that there were traps around here.” Xiao He said smugly, “Thats why she let Bo Silin stay at the end.”

Su Ling then looked in the direction Xiao He was pointing in.

He saw that the positions of the mechanisms left on the tree had all been destroyed, and not a single one was left out.

Su Ling let out a sigh of relief, but she was immediately shocked again.

“No, I have to find Luo Feifa immediately!” She said, “Qiao Hefeng is in her hands.

Shell know very soon that the trap didnt succeed.

I think theyll use the second plan.

Qiao Hefeng…”

She glanced at Su Feifei.

“Wheres Qiao Hefeng” Su Feifei asked.

“I dont know,” Su Ling replied, “Luo Feifa has been on guard against me for a long time and didnt tell me everything.”

Su Feifei thought for a moment and waved.

The crowd immediately surrounded her.

“Time is of the essence.

Ill go back and get the equipment.

You guys go first and stop Luo Feifa.” Su Feifei handed the rope on the ground to Xiao He.

“You havent forgotten what you did when you surrounded the wild beasts a while ago, have you”

“No, I didnt!” Xiao He immediately nodded solemnly.

Su Feifei took out her wooden sword and threw it at Shen Ruoqing.

“You should protect your own man.” She said.

Shen Ruoqings expression immediately became serious.

[Queen behavior!]

[Su Feifei is amazing! Even Shen Ruoqing listens to her!]

[Its mainly because of these two.

One is a crybaby and the other is a little princess.

They really need protection.

Im dying of laughter.]

[But why are they talking about the second plan What else does Luo Feifa want]

[Have you forgotten about the wolf in sheeps clothing Without the camera, what would she not dare to do]

Su Feifei turned to Bo Silin.

“Wait for me at the arena.

That place is the most dangerous place on the entire island right now.

After Luo Feifa gets ambushed, she might move her men to the arena to threaten us.

We have to find a way to stop her.”

“Alright,” he said.

Bo Silin said.

“Su Feifei, this is the first time youve handed us such an important mission!” Xiao He suddenly said.

“Well definitely see through it!”

Su Feifei turned around and saw that everyone was looking at her with starry eyes.

She suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“Go, time is of the essence.” She waved her hand.

Everyone turned around and left.

Su Feifei stared at the crowd and her tense body relaxed a little.

After Bo Silin talked to her tonight, she suddenly realized something.

Bo Silin was right.

There were some things that she didnt have to shoulder alone — the person she wanted to protect wanted her as well.

Wei Ling had once said that even comrades on the battlefield could backstab you at any time, so dont trust anyone.

In her previous life, she had many disputes with Wei Ling because of these ideas.

Because she had always believed that one should not doubt the person who could be trusted.

In the end, Wei Ling used that arrow to teach her a solid lesson.

Therefore, after coming here, she keeps a heavy height in her heart…

Was the trust and love that she had held easily broken just like that If not, then who was wrong

Today, she finally understood the deeper meaning behind it all.

Bo Silin had said that the person she wanted to protect was also her.

That night, under the moonlight, those figures that rushed at her were still lingering in her mind.

If there was someone in this world who dared to risk his life for her, what was there to be afraid of

In front of her, a figure suddenly left the group, took a few steps back, and walked in her direction.

Su Feifei looked up.

Immediately, she looked into a pair of amber eyes.

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