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“How does it feel up there, Su Feifei” Luo Feifa sneered.


[Holy f*ck!!!!]

[Put my Su Feifei down!]

[Luo Feifa, youre good.

But youll be dead meat soon.]

[My blood pressure is rising, friends.

If I dont f*ck her up today, when will she ever learn]

[This net is the trap that Su Feifei set up before! When did that baldie learn how to do it Shes so shameless!]

“Arent you surprised” Luo Feifa moved closer with a torch.

Tiantian, who was beside her, screamed in a low voice.

She was dazzled by the light of the fire and was afraid that Luo Feifa would use it to burn them.

However, as soon as she dodged, Luo Feifa became even more arrogant and laughed out loud.

“It seems that your courage hasnt grown.

I thought that by following Su Feifei, you would become stronger in everything! Werent you happy when you dissed me What, youre not going to continue”

“If you want to hear it, of course, I can continue!” Tiantian gritted her teeth.

Su Feifei was right beside her.

What did she have to be afraid of

“You only know how to copy Su Feifeis traps! No wonder you lost!” Xiao He also added, “Why dont I call you leftover vegetables from now on You seem to like eating leftovers and have to take a bite of everything.

Previously, it was a barbecue, and now its a trap.

Su Feifei can just leave you some trash and itll be enough for you to eat for a long time!”

Luo Feifa was instantly furious.

“Captain!” Huang Ling frowned and pulled her back.

Luo Feifa pushed him away and was about to stab Tiantian with the torch!

However, before the torch could reach her a cold light flashed across Luo Feifas face!

She was shocked and took a few steps back.

Blood appeared on her face!

“Captain!” Huang Ling jumped in shock and immediately went to take a look.

Luo Feifa reached out and touched her face.

When her fingers came down again, her heart trembled violently!

Was that really blood

If she hadnt dodged it, the arrow would have been in her right eye!

“Su Feifei!” Luo Feifa shouted, “Are you f*cking crazy!”

Su Feifei didnt answer.

Her dark eyes were cold as she stared at her face.

Luo Feifas lips quivered.

She looked at Tiantian, who was glaring at her, and Xiao He, who was gritting his teeth.

This group of people seemed ready to rush over and tear her apart at any time.

She smiled again.

“Dont think youre the only one who knows how to make this net! We also have people who are good at survival in our team! Whats so difficult about making a net Isnt that right, Huang Ling”

Su Feifeis gaze slowly shifted to Huang Ling.

Huang Ling was speechless.

He simply wanted to sew Luo Feifas mouth up! Was this woman crazy He didnt want to be hunted down by Su Feifei and Bo Silin!

[You got some really bad luck Huang Ling.]

[Its obvious that the Luo family paid for Huang Ling to work for her.

Who wouldnt say no to money To be honest, Luo Feifa is a crazy woman.]

[Even though its hard to earn money, its even harder to eat sh*t.

Huang Ling, you should be punished.]

Luo Feifa retracted her gaze and continued, “You guys are looking for Qiao Hefeng, right”

She smiled.

“Then well wait right here.

When you find him, he might be a corpse! What a pity.

Who knows what will happen to that poor little thing in this barren mountain with wild beasts and poisonous insects…”

A cold light flashed in Su Feifeis sleeve.

Luo Feifa immediately shut up.

“Get lost or die, choose one.” Su Feifei asked.

Two seconds later, Luo Feifa gritted her teeth and retreated to a safe distance with Huang Ling.

Only then did she dare to curse.

“I dont have time to chat with you! Im going to your camp to restock supplies.

Youll have to spit out everything youve stolen from me today!”

Her voice faded away, and Su Feifei ignored her.

She lowered her head and tidied her sleeve arrows.

Beside him, Shen Ruoqing suddenly sobbed.

Su Feifei paused and turned around.

“Su Feifei…” Shen Ruoqing sobbed for a moment.

She was a little scared and immediately said, “Im sorry.

I didnt do it on purpose.

I was just too worried…”

The next second, a hand appeared on her head and rubbed it.

“Hes fine for now.”

Hearing this, Shen Ruoqing looked up in confusion.

[I want Su Feifei to pat my head like that too!!]

[Wheres Bo SilinDid Bo Silin go to find a knife]

[Shh, Bo Silin is taking notes.

We should be able to see him tear up very soon.]


“Its true.”

Shen Ruoqing immediately held back her tears.

If Su Feifei said it was fine, it was fine.

“What should we do now” Shen Ruoqing sniffled and asked.

Su Feifei looked around and called out, “Bo Silin.”

“Youve finally remembered me,” From the side, a faint voice with a tinge of sourness could be heard.

Shen Ruoqing was shocked.

He immediately distanced himself from Su Feifei in the net.

Everyone looked down in surprise.

“Bo Silin, why are you down there!”

After Xiao He finished his sentence, he covered his mouth again, his eyes darting around.

[Xiao He, if you dont cover your mouth, youd all get found out!]

[Bo Silin is back in action yet again!]

[Im dying of laughter.

So Su Feifei had Bo Silin walk to the back earlier because she had expected this]

[Then, why did Su Feifei still come in if she knew that there was a trap]

Bo Silin walked forward.

“Do me a favor and give me the thing.”

Su Feifei didnt notice his sour eyes at all.

However, Shen Ruoqing noticed it and tried her best to hide behind Tiantian.

If she had known that Bo Silin was watching the whole time, she would not have dared to let Su Feifei touch her head.

But… Who would ever refuse Su Feifeis head pats

Bo Silins face was full of resentment as he handed over the pliers.

Su Feifei reached out to take it up, but it didnt move.

She lowered her head and met his eyes again.

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows.

“Im just as sad about Qiao Hefengs disappearance.” He said, word for word.

Shen Ruoqing and Xiao He was speechless.

“Thats why we have to save him as soon as possible,” Su Feifei said.

She gently patted his hand.

Bo Silin did not let go.

“I know, but I still feel like crying when I think about it.”

Shen Ruoqing was speechless.

[Whats the meaning behind this]

[I cant watch any longer.]

Su Feifei glanced at him.

“Then you can go to the side and cry.”

Bo Silin was speechless.

He let go of the pliers in an instant.

[Justice may be absent, but Su Feifeis mouth will never be hindered!]

On the other side, Luo Feifa took out all the carts from Su Feifeis camp.

“Why dont you put the cart back…” Su Ling said.

“What kind of joke are you playing with me” Luo Feifa rebuked angrily, “Its not easy to come here.

Of course, Ill take whatever I have! Su Ling, why are you being such a wuss”

Su Ling followed behind her, speechless.

She could only watch as she piled up the piles of things and carried them back to her camp.

“Its useless to transport the things back, right” Su Ling said, “Once Su Feifei comes back, wont you have to hand it over ”

“Hand it over Heh, thats only if she can come back!” Luo Feifa sneered.

Su Ling frowned.

Luo Feifa glanced at her and avoided the camera.

“I will win.”

“Im telling you, that net is just a smokescreen.

To think that Tiantian treated it as a simple trap! What a loser! Huang Lings trap is a chain of traps.

“As long as the net is cut open, another mechanism will be activated, and they will die without a doubt!”

Su Ling was shocked, “Then… What about Qiao Hefeng”

“That fool” Luo Feifa said indifferently, “Hes just bait and is useless.

If Su Feifei didnt step into that trap, Ill use plan B and really throw him into the arena.

I believe that Su Feifei, who values her teammates lives as much as her own, would go in to save them.”

Luo Feifa sneered and put the things away.

“Alright, lets go.

Dont hold back and take whatever you can!”

After that, Luo Feifa took the lead and walked out of the tent.

Su Ling took a look outside and immediately took out her phone.

Her fingers were trembling as she sent a message to Su Feifei.

[Dont cut the Rope! It will trigger a mechanism thing!]

The next second, the phone was suddenly snatched away!

Su Lings body trembled as she raised her head.

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