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Su Feifei turned around and walked toward the door.

“He followed this path, and in the end…” She raised her eyes and looked into the forest.

“He went Northwest.”

As her cold voice echoed, a long silence ensued.

Qi Zhuliangs lips quivered as he thought of a way to refute her points.

However, he realized that there was not a single point that he could refute!

Although the situation she described was outrageous, judging from the traces at the scene, it was indeed very likely he went Northwest!

Where did this little monster come from

Qi Zhuliang was shocked, and he could not control his emotion at all!

Luo Feifa, who was standing at the end of the line, was also about to faint.

She was the only one here who knew that the truth was exactly as Su Feifei had said!

However, how could this b*tch deduce the situation with just a simple observation

She was getting goosebumps.

If she didnt know about the scene, she would have thought that Su Feifei had installed a surveillance camera in this tent!

[Su Feifei is awesome!!]

[So like… Which toy was it that made Hefeng give up Buzz Lightyear]

[Didnt she say it just now It was yellow and square, hahahahaha!]

[But doesnt that mean someone was luring Qiao Hefeng into the depths of the forest for something]

[Oh yeah, f*ck! I got distracted by the toys.]

“Go and find it.” Su Feifei gave Qiu Ye a look, and he immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and pointed out the direction to the person they were looking for in the jungle.

After putting down the walkie-talkie, Qiu Ye said sincerely, “Su Feifei, youre awesome!”

Everyone also turned to look at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei only glanced at Qi Zhuliang.

The crowd followed her line of sight and looked at Qi Zhuliang as well.

Their gazes met.

Qi Zhuliang suddenly took a deep breath.

“About just now…” He took a step forward.

“I said some inappropriate statements.

The future generation is terrifying.

Youre good.”

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

She did not expect Qi Zhuliang to admit his mistake that quickly.

“I see.” Su Feifei responded indifferently.

“A mistake is a mistake,” Qi Zhuliang explained, “Ive been working on set for the past few years and Ive seen many people who get carried away just because theyve become a little famous.

Besides, Xiao He was right.

I adhere to many rules and Im also stubborn.

Thats why I was so emotional just now.”

Xiao He was speechless.

Qi Zhuliang had actually heard what they had just said.

“Its not your fault,” Bo Silins voice interjected, “Someone was trying to lure you into a trap.

Its inevitable that someone will take advantage of such a situation.”

Take advantage

Qi Zhuliang tilted his head and frowned.

The next second, his eyes squinted as he looked directly at Luo Feifa.

Luo Feifa had just finished sending a text message and was shocked by his gaze.

“What did I do” She glared at him.

“What does this have to do with me!”

“Why the sudden shock” Bo Silin smirked.

“No one said it has anything to do with you.”

Luo Feifa was speechless.

Bo Silins cheap mouth!

[Su Feifei and Bo Silin really complement each other well!]

[Su Feifei wasnt bothered to say it but Bo Silin has said it all.]

“I found him! Director Qiu!” There was a sudden exclamation from the walkie-talkie.

Qiu Ye immediately perked up and said, “Bring that brat back! D*mn it, everyone here was looking for him, but hes in the jungle picking u toys”

“No, we didnt find him…” The other party said anxiously.

“We found a Spongebob toy that was left outside the arena!”


Qiu Ye was shocked.

“Arena” Su Feifei frowned.

Qiu Yes face turned pale.

[What An arena]

[Didnt you guys watch the directors special Qiu Ye has been secretly building a large venue these two days, but its still hidden.

Its built in the second circle.

Hes probably planning to host a game there.]

[Qiu Ye really has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

He even made an arena]

[Did he get the inspiration from playing as a tiger last time Dont tell me a real tiger is here…]

“Its a venue I built recently…” Qiu Ye looked at Su Feifei helplessly.

“I prepared it for the next round.

Its actually full of…”

His voice became softer and softer.

“Lions… Tigers… Wait… Some small animals.”


[Is that reasonable, Qiu Ye Wild animals]

Su Feifeis eyes turned cold.

Xiao He and the rest covered their mouths and looked at each other in fear.

“Wait… but why were Qiao Hefengs things left outside the arena Could it be that someone had entered beforehand”

Su Feifei and Xiao He shivered.

“Assemble the troops!” Su Feifei immediately ordered.

“Yes, captain!”

Qi Zhuliangs thin body trembled in fear.

A whole team of people ran over from all directions of the campsite.

In less than five seconds, they had lined up and stood in front of her!

“Oh my God…” Qi Zhuliang glanced at Qiu Ye.

“Are you all celebrities or soldiers”

Qiu Ye, “Oh no, Im not in the mood for this.”

His face was ashen, and he was ready to wait for Su Feifeis judgment.

Qiao Hefeng was a member of Su Feifeis team.

If something were to happen, he wouldnt be able to account for their loss!

He suddenly thought of something and stepped forward.

“Su Feifei, the arena is located in the inner layer of the second circle.

The door is locked and the key is with me, so theres a high chance that there wont be a problem!”

Qiu Ye reached for the key in surprise.

He was stunned when he touched it.

“W-wheres my key!”

[Were finished.

Its over.]

[Friends, do you smell a conspiracy boiling]

[Isnt that coincidental Just saying.]

[Wasnt Qiao Hefeng attracted by someone just now It doesnt seem like Shen Ruoqing or anyone else wanted to surprise him.

Something mustve happened.]

[Oh my God! Stop with this rollercoaster show!!]

“Lets go!” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes and turned around.

“Roll out!”

She took the lead and Bo Silin immediately followed suit.

The entire team went into the forest.

Before she left, Su Feifei said, “Qiu Ye, go and prepare the anesthetic needles and all the equipment that is needed just in case.

Bring them to the arena when youre done!”

“Yes, captain!” Qiu Ye subconsciously stood at attention.

The main force immediately advanced in the direction of the arena.

Luo Feifa was at the back, her steps slow.

The phone lit up.

She glanced at it, smiled, and typed quietly.

“If they attack, get ready to fight back.”

Tonight, she was going to give it her all! Su Feifei walked into the middle of the forest wearily.

“Pay attention to your surroundings!” She said, “Bo Silin, youll be at the last line!”

“Alright,” he said.

Bo Silin didnt ask why and turned to the end of the line.

Su Feifei walked to the middle and stopped.

“Whats wrong, Su Feifei” Xiao He asked.

“Its fine.”

She gave an answer and then lifted her leg again.

In the next second, screams broke through the air!


A huge net instantly bound everyone and hung them in the air!

Upon closer inspection, it was the same net they had used to capture Luo Feifas team!

Su Feifei lowered her head and saw the fire below…

Huang Ling and the others were holding torches.

Luo Feifas mocking face appeared in his line of sight.

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