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“You want to marry me” Bo Silin immediately caught the main point.

In the next second, Tiantians watch vibrated like crazy.

She lowered her head and clicked on it.

With just one look, her face darkened.

“Something happened.” Su Feifei turned around and left.

Bo Silin did not let go and pulled her back.

“Lets finish first, theres no need to rush these few seconds.”

“Ill have a good chat with you after tonight.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin was speechless.

You shouldnt hold back now!!

However, Su Feifeis pace was very fast and she happened to meet Xiao He, who was rushing over.

“Su Feifei! Something isnt right!” Xiao He waved his hand and shouted, “Hefeng… Hes gone!”

Tiantian and the others also followed anxiously.

“Have you searched the places he often goes” Su Feifei asked.

“Ive checked them all! Theres no one in the tent.

Director Qiu has already called for the people from the Criminal Investigation Department!”

After the incident on the deserted island, Qiu Ye had taken over as the director and assigned all the crew members to specific roles.

Su Feifei nodded.

“Lets go to his tent and take a look.”

She lifted her legs and walked towards the tent.

[What do you mean by gone]

[Dont! Could he be missing]

[Dont worry, lets go look in the grass and see if anyone is burning underwear again.]

[I wonder what kind of fashion show it will be this time.

Im guessing it could be Buzz Lightyear]

[Ill bet 50 cents on Spongebob.

After all, that was Hefengs original intention.]

After entering the tent, Su Feifei stepped on something.

“To infinity and beyond!”

This thing could sing.

She looked down.

On the ground was a toy with an antenna, which was still glowing.

Su Feifei kicked him away.

Everyone was speechless.

After a moment of silence, they walked in.

Xiao He covered his mouth the moment he entered.

“What the f*ck…”

This, this, this…

Then, the drone came in.

[Where is this]

[Toy Story]

[We have the same childhood]

[I just want to know where these things came from!]

[Qiao Hefengs studio has sent over a really pampered son.]

The entire room was like a dream, filled with all kinds of plush toys of the same style as his childhood.

Su Feifei took two steps forward and blocked the person behind her.

“Dont come in.”

Then, she squatted down and observed the traces of soil on the ground.

She then turned to the edge of the cabinet.

After taking two steps, the door curtain was suddenly lifted.

“The expert is here!” Qiu Ye called out from outside the door.

Then, an old man with a white beard came in.

“F*ck! Its Qi Zhuliang!” Xiao He called out softly.

Shen Ruoqings eyes also lit up.

Su Feifei glanced at them.

Xiao He immediately explained, “Qi Zhuliang used to be an expert in the field of trace identification, and he even worked in the Criminal Investigation Department for many years! When I was filming with Bo Silin, many of the dramas invited Qi Zhuliang to assist in the filming of criminal investigation dramas.

Ive seen it a few times! Its just…” He lowered his voice and said, “Ahem, hes a little stubborn and hot-tempered.”

Su Feifei nodded and stepped aside.

Qi Zhuliang entered the room and scanned the crowd.

His hair and beard were all white, his body was thin, and his cheeks were sunken.

Only a pair of round and small eyes were embedded in his face, which made him look more energetic.

“Who let you in” Qi Zhuliang frowned.

“She destroyed the scene.

Doesnt she have any consciousness ”

“Im sorry!” Xiao He immediately said, “Qi Zhuliang, we didnt know that you would be coming, so we thought we would come and take a look first…”

“Preposterous! My rule is that you cant break it on the spot! Everything changed when you came in, how am I supposed to scan the crime now”

“Im really sorry! We really dont know…”

“If you have the time to curse, why dont you take a look at the scene first”

A cold voice interrupted.

Qi Zhuliang immediately turned his head to look at the source of the voice.

Su Feifeis eyes were slightly cold and her face was expressionless.

“We only lingered at the door just now and didnt go in.

We wont delay things.”

“Oh” Qi Zhuliang laughed coldly.

“So youre saying that its reasonable for you to barge in with your men”

Su Feifei frowned.

Xiao He immediately stopped her and smiled apologetically, “Qi Zhuliang, why dont you take a look first We wanted to go in just now, but Su Feifei stopped us.”

Qi Zhuliang squinted his eyes and scanned Su Feifei from head to toe.

“You are very famous.

But if you become too proud of your fame, youll fall miserably sooner or later!”

He threw down this sentence and went inside.

Everyone behind him broke out in cold sweats.

Xiao He whispered, “Su Feifei, this man is a little stubborn.

Hes never careless about professional things.

He hates it when people ruin the scene… I didnt know that Director Qiu would invite him.

If I had known…”

“What does it have to do with me It wasnt me!” Qiu Ye immediately shifted the blame.

“I only invited him for the shows gimmick!”

[Whats this old man doing Ridiculous.]

[Wait, youre even scolding experts Su Feifeis fans are too much.]

[So what if hes an expert Su Feifei stopped him immediately just now.

Besides, she didnt know that there were experts around to check it herself.

Is there a problem with that]

[Im not anyones fan.

In this situation, you should indeed find a professional first.

What are you going off about]

[Whats the matter Havent you heard of Qi Zhuliang He was a professional, and people called him the God of Identification! There must be some people in this world who abide by the rules.

Otherwise, how can you live a peaceful life]

The bullet comments were a mess.

Su Feifei, the person involved, was calm.

If she had known that there were professionals in the Festival Group, she would not have come in.

Although the old mans words were unpleasant to hear, they were reasonable.

Qi Zhuliang came out very quickly.

“He was dragged away from the tent.

It was a kidnapping.” Qi Zhuliang said directly.

Xiao He was shocked.

“A… A kidnapping!”

Instantly, everyone turned to Su Feifei.

Qi Zhuliang saw this scene and frowned.

Before he came, he had heard of Su Feifeis domineering reputation.

The moment he arrived, he saw Su Feifei leading a team to snatch supplies and openly breaking the program teams rules!

How arrogant must she be to make everyone so afraid of her at this time

Qi Zhuliang didnt care and said, “Call the police.

Pick a few more people and go out with me to find him!”

“Wait,” Su Feifei said.

Qi Zhuliang stopped in his tracks.

The displeasure on his face was about to overflow.

“Are you sure he was dragged away by someone” She asked.

Qi Zhuliangs expression changed immediately.

“Are you doubting me ”

“Yes,” Su Feifei nodded.

Everyone immediately held their breath and froze on the spot.

[Oh my… Why do I feel like theyre going to fight]

[Ive heard of Qi Zhuliangs temper before.

The main thing is… Our Su Feifeis temper is even worse.


[Su Feifei, why dont we make way for him this one time…]

[Im so scared.

I want to turn off the live stream first!]

Qi Zhuliangs face turned red, “Im telling you now young lady, he was dragged away! Are you the professional or am I the professional”

“He could have walked out by himself.” Su Feifeis expression was calm.

“What” Qi Zhuliang acted as if he had heard a joke.

He turned to look at Qiu Ye.

“Qiu Ye, what kind of guest did you invite ”

Qiu Ye pursed his lips.

Although he was unhappy, he did not argue with Qi Zhuliang.

“Su Feifei, do you have any evidence” Qiu Ye asked.

Xiao He also reminded her.

“Qi Zhuliangs words are usually not wrong.

Su Feifei, did you misunderstand something”

“What misunderstanding can there be Someone just wants to pick a fight again!”

Luo Feifas voice interrupted.

He turned around and saw Luo Feifas entire team standing outside, their faces full of mockery.

Su Feifeis cold eyes swept across her face and she didnt say anything.

Su Ling stood at the back of the line and closed her eyes.

She cursed in his heart,This id*ot.

Then, she realized that when Su Feifei looked at her like that in the past, it meant that her death was coming…

[Here comes the unlucky thing.]

[Baldie, move away.

The exposure is too strong and its blocking my vision.]

[Why is she everywhere!]

“The drag marks are a disguise,” Su Feifei said.

“Someone covered the footprints on the ground.

If you look closely, you can still find clues.”

Luo Feifas expression changed slightly, and she immediately said, “No way, Su Feifei, youre questioning Qi Zhuliangs professionalism Qi Zhuliang, shes disrespecting you!”

Qiu Ye turned his head.

“Su Feifei naturally has her reasons.

Why are you interrupting the conversation It has nothing to do with you.”

“Qiu Ye, you brainless fan!” Luo Feifa choked and scolded angrily.

“Qi Zhuliang, why dont you listen to Su Feifeis explanation” Qiu Ye said directly, ignoring her.

Qi Zhuliang was so angry that he laughed.

What a bunch of lunatics!

Was he used to being threatened, or had he been brainwashed

He remembered that Qiu Ye used to be quite smart, but how could he not see through this eye-catching method

“Sure, if you want to be famous, Ill let you be!” Qi Zhuliang turned around and said, “Tell me.

Ill see what you can come up with!”

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