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Bo Silin found a tree to lean against.

“I have a few questions to ask the Empress.” He opened his mouth, his voice carrying a natural laziness.

Su Feifei looked at him from more than ten meters away.

The night was like his coat, almost blending him into the dark.

Even if it was just a casual action of leaning against the wall, with a love-shaped walking stick next to him, wearing the most ordinary desert island team uniform, it was still too eye-catching.

At this moment, the zipper of the team uniform was pulled to the top.

It revealed a section of its neck, and when his adams apple moved up and down, it made people unable to take their eyes off it.

“Yes, speak.” Su Feifei said casually.

“What would happen if you looked back when you went into battle”

“You will die.”

“Yes, we will die.” Bo Silins fingertips wrapped around a leaf.

“Being alive is also a fight.

So, dont look back.”

Su Feifei was slightly shocked.

In an instant, something in her eyes changed.

He actually knew what she was thinking…

From the moment she returned to this Island, she seemed to be playing around, but in reality, she was scheming.

She had forced Luo Feifa to the brink of collapse step by step.

She was just short of finishing her off at the last moment.

Including Su Lings manipulation.

From the Su family, she had the idea of killing the chicken to warn the monkeys.

What she killed was the chicken, what she wanted was the monkey.

She wanted Su Ling to be afraid, shocked, and not dare to have any thoughts of going against her.

Thus, at the critical moment, Su Ling was the most useful weapon in her hand.

It wasnt as if she had never used such a scheme before.

However, what she didnt expect was that even in this new place, she still had to take each step carefully.

She realized how boring it was to live the same pattern every day.

In the past, she would climb the city wall alone, look into the distance, or drink by herself.

She would have digested the disgusting feelings after two or three days.

This was the only time that someone had been able to sense her emotions.

Did she not hide it well enough this time

Wei Ling said that the first thing about the Emperors power was to not show any emotions.

Could it be that after changing her identity, she had forgotten all the things she had been trained to do Or was Bo Silin too smart

Su Feifei was inclined to the second option.

It could be seen from the previous game segment that Bo Silin was really smart.

This cleverness was probably exchanged for that weak chicken body.


Su Feifei lowered her head.

“But what if I dont look back What if I cant solve the problem”

“There arent that many problems to solve.” The voice on Tiantians watch was very clear.

“There are.” She said, “As long as I have someone I want to protect, the problem will always exist.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her.

When she raised her head again, she saw Bo Silins figure slowly pressing down on her.

He bent down and looked into her eyes.

“Who do you want to protect”

Su Feifei slowly reached out her hand under his gaze.

“There are so many.” She started counting.

“You, Xiao He, Tiantian…”

His slender fingers suddenly reached over and held her fingers.

She raised her head.

Bo Silin was smiling.

“Youre finally in the first place.

At least you have a conscience.”

Su Feifei frowned.

“The person you want to protect will also want to protect you,” he continued before she could even speak.

“In this world, youre just an ordinary person.

You dont need to carry so many things.”


He reached out and pulled her into his arms, his fingers gently rubbing the top of her head.

“If you really cant do it, you can leave it to me.”

[Ill be damned!]

[Whats going on! Dont go too far drone!]

[What are they saying!!! Is this the beginning of the discussion Youre starting to talk smack again, arent you!!]

[According to my past experience, lets not get too excited folks.

Things might not be what we think.]

[Maybe Bo Silin is trying to pick lice out of Su Feifeis hair or something.

Be more alert, be more alert!]

[I think hes just hugging her! No matter how you look at it, theyre juts hugging!!]

At this moment, on the production team.

Qiu Ye was hanging on a chair in the tent, watching the scene with a toothpick in his mouth.

“Director Qiu, the audience is asking for more, should we go a little closer” the Assistant Director asked.

Qiu Ye glanced at it, his face expressionless.

“Theres no need.”


The Assistant Director didnt understand.

Werent you clamoring to hear the secret Why didnt he follow up after the two of them hugged each other

“Alright, alright, go do your own things!” Qiu Ye rolled his eyes.

“You just wanted to gossip every day!”

The Assistant Director was speechless.

We didnt seem to be the ones who were gossiping the most just now, right

“Leave it to you”

Su Feifeis voice was a little muffled.

She thought, with such thin arms and legs, if she really handed the matter to him, wouldnt he break down

However, when she thought about Bo Silins performance over the past few days, Su Feifei felt that his brain was still working well.

He might really be better at arranging troops and formations.

“But someone said that I can only bear it myself.” She said.

“Who said so Wei Ling” Bo Silin immediately found the main point.

The person in his arms suddenly froze.

“Got you.” A cold smile emerged from the corners of the mans lips.

Su Feifei was like a wooden doll.

She didnt say anything, didnt listen, and didnt look.

She just pretended to be dead.

Bo Silin gritted his teeth, but he could not do anything to her.

“Do you believe him or me” Bo Silin asked.

“I believe you.” This time, Su Feifei didnt hesitate and could speak again.

“Then Ill tell you, his words are all bullsh*t.” Bo Silin said.

The person in his arms was silent for a long time.

“A little.” Su Feifei insisted, “Bo Silin, Im not a fool.

I have my own judgment.”

Bo Silins hand that was touching her started to tremble.


It was good.

She was starting to speak up!

This Wei Ling was obviously up to something!

Bo Silin released her and their eyes met again.

Su Feifeis gaze slid across his eyes, then to his nose, and then to his mouth.

Every line seemed to be perfect and really beautiful.

“Do you know what it means to like someone, Feifei” He did not let go and was still holding her hand.

“I know.”

This time, Bo Silin was not surprised at all.

It was exactly the same as the last time.

It was probably similar to the feeling of good emotions, which was an answer that he had blindly understood.

“Then tell me, who do you like”


Bo Silins heart skipped a beat.

“Xiao He.”

As expected.

“Tiantian… My three burly men…”

“Is liking me the same as liking Xiao He” Bo Silin cut her off.

Su Feifei suddenly stopped.

She looked at him and pondered.

“Do I mean the same to you as Xiao He” Bo Silin attacked again.

He held Su Feifeis hand and his fingertips gently rubbed her knuckles.

“Its different.” Su Feifei finally answered.

“Whats different” He asked again.

Under the moonlight, Su Feifeis eyes were bright and firm.

“I dont want to marry him.”

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