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Su Feifei stared at him for two seconds.

Bo Silin raised his head and met her eyes.

For a moment, neither of them spoke.

The ambiguous atmosphere immediately turned around.

The next second, Su Feifei opened her mouth.

“Bo Silin.”

“What” His voice was hoarse.

“What are you doing, you dont know how to behave.”

Bo Silin was speechless.

In the air, silence began to spread.

Su Ling turned around and wanted to leave.

[Su Feifei!!! Where did you learn these words!]

[Who led Su Feifei astray Who]

[If Im not wrong, the person who led Su Feifei astray seems to be standing right in front of her…]

[When Bo Silin rejected the other women on the island, didnt he come up with all sorts of excuses Who knows what he said Su Feifei mustve taken notes.]

Just as Su Ling was about to leave, she was stopped by Su Feifei.

“Come here, I have something to tell you.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin was still trying to soothe the trauma that had just formed in his heart.

“Whats the matter” Su Ling narrowed her eyes and stared at her, “If theres anything, you can say it directly here.”

“I will, but will you listen” Su Feifei raised her head slightly.

After saying that, she glanced at the camera.

Su Ling immediately frowned.

[What do you mean You wont let us hear it or something]

[I want to hear it, I want to hear it all!!]

[Su Feifei… please, dont encrypt the chat!]

After thinking about it, again and again, Su Ling still walked over and stopped three meters away from Su Feifei.

Su Feifei immediately stepped forward and pulled her over.

Su Ling quivered.

“You… Tell me about Luo Feifas plan.” Su Feifei said.

Su Ling was stunned for a moment and suddenly raised her head.

After a long time, her face stiffened, “W-what plan…”

Su Feifei shot her a glance.

His black eyes seemed to have directly broken through the layer of disguise on her body.

They were clear and sharp, like scalpels, and they still hurt when they cut her body.

Su Ling subconsciously trembled.

“I thought you were smart enough to cut the crap.” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

“I dont have the time to put on an act with you.

Its up to you to tell me or not.”

Su Ling gritted her teeth.

She quickly analyzed the situation in her heart.

It seemed that Su Feifei was determined to go against Luo Feifa, and she had a good chance of winning.

If she had always been on Luo Feifas side…

“If I tell you, what benefits will you give me” Su Ling asked.

“There are no benefits.”

Su Ling was speechless.

Then whats there to say

“Lets put it this way, Su Ling.” Su Feifei took another step closer.

[Quickly fly a little closer drone! I want to hear everything!]

[Let me listen to everything, please!]

In the directors tent, Qiu Ye also stared at the screen and said, “Fly over from the side! Conceal yourself!”

The drone immediately circled in the air and tried to fly toward Su Feifei from the right.

Then, there was a breaking sound.

Bo Silin retracted the slingshot in his hand and stared at the drone that had landed with a smile.

“Ah, I missed.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

This show cant be filmed anymore! He wanted to quit! Withdraw from this world and never to be seen again!


[Bo Silin!!! ] Were on your side! How can you be so unkind!!]

[Bo Silin, just let us have a look!]

[Oh my god, oh my god, I want to listen too even if well get punished!]

“Luo Feifas ending wont be good.

“If you want to follow her team and do evil, itll all depend on your fate whether you can leave the island in one piece.

“To put it simply, there are no benefits for you to agree to me, but there are many disadvantages to not agreeing to me.”

Su Feifeis voice was very cold as she enunciated each word clearly.

Su Ling was silent for a long time.

It had been a long time since she had been threatened this intensely.

Su Feifei took a step back and crossed her arms, waiting for her answer.

After a long time, Su Ling pondered and said, “If I tell you her plan, can everything that happened between us be written off”

“I cant,” Su Feifei didnt hesitate.

Su Ling was so angry that her nostrils expanded!

You cant do whatever you want!

So she was just called over to be threatened and forced to become a spy

However, that pair of black eyes were right in front of her, and they were completely cold.

She didnt dare to refuse.

“Su Feifei, I dont want to fight with you anymore.” Su Lings tone finally softened, “I entered the island this time because I was forced to.

I didnt want to go against you.

If I help you this time, then well go our separate ways.

You dont have to take revenge on me, and I wont go against you, okay”

Su Feifei chuckled.

“Su Ling, youre admitting defeat now not because youve realized it, but because you really cant win.

There are some things that have been done that can never be offset by me.

“Moreover, you have no right to negotiate with me.

This is my offer to you.

Youre not helping me, Im giving you a chance to protect yourself.

“Even if you dont want to grasp this opportunity, many others will.”

Su Feifei said this and turned to leave.

“Wait! “Su Ling immediately panicked, “Wait!”

She stopped in her tracks but did not turn around.

The rustling sound of the leaves behind her brushed past her ears.

Su Ling took two steps and stopped.

She gritted her teeth and finally spoke.

“I promise you!”

Su Feifei wasnt surprised at all, and her lips curled up in a mocking smile.

“Luo Feifa has been forced into a corner.

She will probably act tonight.

If theres any sign of trouble, contact me with your phone.”

Su Lings pupils shrank.

It wasnt until Su Feifei helped Bo Silin up and left that she realized that she had a chill on her back.

She chewed on the words she had just said for a moment, and the more she thought about it, the more frightened she became.

From the time the tent was set on fire to the time when the letter of challenge was issued, to the day when all the supplies were stolen, and to force Luo Feifa to hand over the last bit of food, Luo Feifas last chance of winning the battle had been destroyed.

Luo Feifa must have been pushed to her limit.

So… Su Feifei knew all these Did she do it on purpose

The more Su Ling thought about it, the more numb her scalp felt.

Then, she thought about how Su Feifei had never targeted her during this period of time and even deliberately let her go when she was at the Su family, but in the end, she pulled her back to the deserted island…

Could she also be part of Su Feifeis plan

Was she a pawn in this chess game

An enemy planted by Luo Feifas side, but also a person who could be used at any time

A gentle breeze blew past, and the sweat stuck to her body, making her shiver in fear.

On this side, Su Feifei kept walking in the forest.

The moonlight shone on the traces she left behind and scattered them little by little.

She was silent and looked down.

Her shadow was all alone, and only the sound of her feet crunching on the leaves could be heard.

Tiantians watch suddenly lit up.

She lowered her head and saw Bo Silins number on it.

Su Feifei turned around and saw Bo Silin standing not far behind her.

She raised her eyebrows.


He reached out and tapped on his watch, signaling for Su Feifei to answer the phone.

Su Feifei picked it up and placed it by her ear.

The drone followed them at a distance.

The light that passed through the forest separated the two of them, and the scene was as beautiful as a dream.

“The Financial Giant is calling the Empress.” Bo Silin said.

“Were so close to each other.

Whats going on”

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