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[Why are there wrinkles on Bo Siins face]

[Say it baby Bo! You know you want to!]

[Say those three words!]

Su Feifei pushed his hand away.

“Ill go find the doctor.”


A low cry came from behind him.

Su Feifei turned around and saw the person on the chair swaying and about to fall.

She immediately reached out and pulled her into her arms.

Bo Silin immediately lay down and sighed as he sniffed the soft and fragrant scent.

“Ive read my fortune before.” He said weakly.

Su Feifei was silent for a moment.

Bo Silin snuggled into Su Feifeis arms.

“You said that my aura wasnt good and that I need someone with strong energy to help me suppress the bad people.

I was thinking… your aura should be the strongest type, right”


Speaking of fortune-telling, Su Feifei thought of the astronomer.

She nodded seriously.

There was such a saying.

“Ill accompany you.

I have a strong aura.” Su Feifei said.

[Im numb, Im numb, Im numb.]

[Strong aura!! Bo Silin, youre really shameless! ]

[Su Feifei is full of energy, Bo Silin is a delicate flower!]

[Im sorry, Bo Silin.

I shouldnt have said that you cant do it.]

[Thats what I thought too.

Isnt he overdoing it]

[Are you holding Su Feifeis heart in your hand Why is she so dense]

“Xiao He, go and cook some beef soup.” Su Feifei ordered.

Xiao He was resting his chin on his hand at the side.

He was smiling.

Upon hearing the order, he immediately took action and quickly brought over a bowl of hot beef soup.

Su Feifei took the bowl and was about to pour it down Bo Silins throat.

“You need to blow on it, its hot.” Bo Silin said softly.

She frowned.

“Youre troublesome.”

However, her hands didnt stop.

She still blew on it before feeding it to him.


[I want Su Feifei to feed me too!]

[Su Feifei, Im hungry.

Over here!]

Xiao He covered his mouth and laughed as he reported his findings to her.

“Su Feifei, weve obtained a lot of supplies from this robbery… Oh… operation.

There are all kinds of food, enough for us to last a month! Theres still a stretcher, Bo Silin can use it! We even snatched a bathtub! I heard that…”

“That was originally reserved for director Qiu,” he said in a low voice.

Su Feifeis fingers paused.

“Just in time.

Ill give Bo Silin a medicinal bath.”

She glanced at Bo Silin and he immediately put on a look that screamed satisfied.

“Is there a stretcher” Bo Silin stretched out his hand weakly.


Bo Silin nodded and looked at Su Feifei.

“Feifei, I dont want to eat here.

The wind is too strong.

I want to eat somewhere else.”

Su Feifei nodded.

Bo Silin sat on a stretcher and was carried to the entrance of Qiu Yes tent.


[Im f*ckign deceased!]

[I want to eat somewhere else he says… Hahaha!]

[Maybe the energy there is stronger or something.]

After that, the two of them sat outside Qiu Yes tent.

Su Feifei fed him a mouthful and Bo Silin took every bite.

From time to time, he would let out a sigh of satisfaction.

A gentle breeze brushed past their faces, and the scene was as beautiful as a movie scene.

If it werent for the roars coming from inside, only could be easily entranced.

“What the f*ck Get out! Go away!”

[After watching the live strem, Im sure no one would ever go after Su Feifei ever again.]

[At this point Qiu Ye should just admit defeat.]

[There is no hope…]

After Su Feifei finished feeding him a bowl, she suddenly took out a notebook and placed it in front of Bo Silin.

“Take a break for now.

Dont do any physical work in the future.” She said, “Take this.”

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows and took his notebook.

There were huge Chinese characters written on it.

The account books.

The moment he opened it, it was all records of their teams use of deserted islands.

“What is this”

“The teams control of the deserted island.”

“That means…”

Bo Silin paused, a smile appearing in his eyes.

“Ill be your butler in the future”

[What Are You Saying Bo Silin]

[Youre afraid well take her away or something]

[Is this reasonable Should we allow this

[Get you a man that would be in charge of your future spending am I right Hahaha…]

[Subo Pot love forever!]

Su Feifei glanced at him.

A butler… That was not wrong.

“Yes.” She said.

In an instant, the bullet screen exploded again.

The Bo family.

Grandpa Bo took a sip of water.

He suppressed the suspicious blush on his face and coughed lightly.

‘Being in love is so good… I was the same back then…

“What are you blushing for, old man” Bo Xi glared.


“What are you looking at” Grandpa Bo heaved a long sigh.

“Even the elderly have human rights.

They can also fall in love during their twilight years.

Maybe I could too…”


Bo Xi was speechless.

“Grandma, did you see that” She looked up at the sky and said, “You paid the wrong amount.

This is the man you wanted.”

Grandpa Bo swooped down and covered her mouth.

“I was just joking! Dont try to sow discord!” Grandpa Bo said, “Cuihua, dont listen to her.

You will always be the only one in my heart!”

Bo Xi fell to the ground.


On the island.

Luo Feifa woke up after feeling dizzy for a while.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Su Ling sitting beside her.

“Where are the things Did you get the things back” Luo Feifa immediately stood up.

Su Lings face was a bit ugly.

Luo Feifa finally saw the environment in the tent.

The only pile of food in the tent had already been moved away!

She was instantly fuming with anger!

“Su Feifei!” Luo Feifa roared.

Outside the tent, the birds flew into the sky.

After calming down, Luo Feifa said, “No… Su Feifei is obviously taking revenge on me! If we let them continue like this, we will be finished sooner or later! Look at how much weve suffered since the declaration of war!

“Not to mention that they still have so many resources in their hands! We have no chance of winning!”

Su Ling frowned and looked at her, “Then what can I do Were in a disadvantageous position right now, and theres nothing we can do.”

In the past, she could still count on the Luo family to control Su Feifei.

But now… Forget it.

Once the Bo family made a move, the Luo family wouldnt even be able to occupy half of the capital.

“Im going to burn my boats! The last gamble Ill take!” Luo Feifa gritted her teeth.

“No matter what, I cant let that woman climb all over me!”

Su Ling was speechless.

She couldnt persuade her, so she just gave up.

Whatever, could the result be any worse than now

However, when she left the tent, her phone lit up.

After she opened it, it showed that the message came from a deserted island phone and only had a few words — come to the camp and lets have a chat.

The number ended with 99…

It was Su Feifeis serial number!

Su Lings body trembled as she frowned.

Why was Su Feifei looking for her

After hesitating for a moment, Su Ling still took a step forward.

After arriving at the place Su Feifei pointed out, Su Ling was very vigilant.

Looking at the darkening sky, she raised her head and realized that the person standing in the forest wasnt Su Feifei.

Instead, it was Bo Silin.

Su Lings heart skipped a beat as she stared at that tall figure.

Her heart immediately started beating.

Could it be… The person who was looking for her was Bo Silin.

She immediately stepped forward.

The next second, she saw Su Feifei walking out from behind the tree with a stool in her hand.

She put down the stool and sat down with Bo Silin in her arms.


“Is this comfortable” Su Feifei asked.

Bo Silin shook his head.

“Still not enough Its not soft enough” Su Feifei frowned.

It was really troublesome to take care of such a person!

Under the setting sun, the mans amber eyes looked at her faintly, as if he was complaining and sighing, and his eyes seemed to be stuck on her.

“Not as soft as your embrace.”

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