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Qiao Hefeng yawned and said, “Production team, why is it so chaotic over here Cant you let me sleep properly”

“Thats right.

It wasnt easy for me to have such a sweet dream today.


[No way, no way, hahaha!]

[Qiu Yes jaw is dislocated, hahaha!]

[Dont you guys have a moral bottom line!]

[Theyre all acting!]

Qiu Yes breathing was uneven.

“Now youre showing me that nothing happened, right! Resources! Resources! Resources! All of you were wearing cartoon costumes and were stealing the resources! Dont think I dont know its you guys!”

He turned and pointed at Qiao Hefeng, “Stop acting! Youre that Patrick Star!”

Qiao Hefengs eyes widened.

“Dont spout nonsense, director! Ive been sleeping in my own tent!”

“Thats right,” Shen Ruoqing continued, “I slept next to him.

What do you mean by Patrick Star Director Qiu, are you making a personal attack”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

[Hahahahaha, Im gone!! I cant laugh any more than this!!]

[Who taught you this Who taught you that trick!!]

[Did no one pay attention to Shen Ruoqings words Did sleeping with him mean nothing]

Everyone turned their heads and gave Bo Silin a reassuring look.

Qiu Ye was about to be put on life support.


He barely managed to support his body and was on the verge of collapsing by the deserted island breeze.

“Its all being broadcast live!” He roared, “Do you think Im an id*ot!”

“Yeah, its all being broadcast live.” Bo Silin leaned into Su Feifeis arms and said weakly, “Well know once we play the video.”

Five minutes later, everyone was gathered in the directors tent.

On the screen was a scene of a group of demons and ghosts snatching supplies.

Bo Silin sneered, “Qiu Ye, youre not going to say that were the weirdos, are you Who gave you the guts to do that”

Qiu Yes face darkened completely.

[I was wondering why they were dressed like this.

It turns out that he had this idea in mind.


[Thats ruthless.]

[This is amazing.

Qiu Yes face is full of vulgarities.]

[Save me, Qiu Yes face is so strong that he can send voice messages to my mind.

Its full of swearing!]

[Qiu Ye, just give up.

Bo Silin is way better than you.]

After Luo Feifa saw the video, she was so angry that her hair stood on end.

“This is daylight robbery! Director, are you not going to do anything about this rule-breaking”

Qiu Ye looked at her coldly.

This st*pid thing, couldnt she tell that he did care Yet, he couldnt do anything about it!

“Why dont you take care of it” Qiu Ye mocked.

“Su Feifei, youd better return the supplies immediately!” Luo Feifa gritted her teeth and turned to Su Feifei.

Before Su Feifei could speak, someone with blood on the corner of his lips opened his mouth first.

“Supplies” Bo Silin said slowly, “You must have evidence, Miss Luo.”

“You want evidence Yes! Ill give you evidence!” Luo Feifa was so angry that she had completely forgotten who she was talking to.

Su Ling couldnt stop her no matter what.

She only felt a chill down her spine.

“Lets go to their tents! Find the items!” Luo Feifa turned around and shouted like a crazy person, “Weve seen the footage.

Lets see if they still dare to bring up any evidence!”

The people she sent to check on the supplies returned very quickly.

“Su Feifei, theres nothing!”

“How is that possible” Luo Feifa left immediately and went over personally.

Qiu Ye looked at Luo Feifas back as if he was watching a joke.

That id*ot.

He didnt even need to check to know that there was no chance.

Once Bo Silin started planning something, he would come up with a series of plans, one after another.

Did she want to check his tent Wasnt this just looking for death

Sure enough, two minutes later, Luo Feifa returned in defeat.

She was even angrier.

“You, you… ” She trembled.

“Youre all hooligans! We have the most points! We are the ones who should be exchanging for supplies! Director team, I dont care, its your problem that the items are lost! It has nothing to do with us.

We still have to change what we should!”

“Theres a time limit for the exchange.

This is the rule.

I wont wait for you if youre late.” Qiu Ye said directly.

He couldnt do anything about it.

Su Feifei and Bo Silin had planned to snatch the supplies once.

Could it be that they wouldnt have a second time

Now, they were bringing in supplies to fill Su Feifeis reserve.

Luo Feifa was about to flare up when she heard Xiao He running over from a distance.

“Report!” He shouted, “Su Feifei, something is missing from our tent!”

“Whats missing” Su Feifei turned around.

“After Luo Feifa searched the tent, we lost more than ten boxes of instant noodles!” Xiao He said sternly.

Everyone was speechless.

“What the h*ll are you talking about I didnt take anything!” Luo Feifa exploded in anger.

Qiu Ye sighed, crossed his arms, and glanced at Luo Feifa with pity.

He did not dare to check the tent, but Luo Feifa did.

The only way to fight the fire was with a bigger fire.

“Its true!” Xiao He said, “Thats the only food weve been having for the past few days!”

Everyone was speechless.

“Luo Feifa, give me back the stuff.” Su Feifei said.

Luo Feifa was so angry that she started to roll her eyes and shake her head.

Her teammates immediately rushed forward to support her.

“B*tch! Im going to kill you!” Luo Feifa shouted and rushed directly at Su Feifei.

Bo Silin sat up in shock and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Luo Feifas face was covered in blood as she stood rooted to the ground.

“Oh…” Bo Silin fell down again.

Su Feifei caught Luo Feifa and lifted her up again.

Her cold eyes swept over Luo Feifas blood-stained face.

“Bring back all the things!” She said sternly.


The brawny men and the others stood at attention and rushed forward with Feng Xueges team.

Luo Feifa screamed and shouted, but she could not stop these people from rushing into her tent to grab the things.

“Stop him!!” Luo Feifa reached out to pull Feng Xueges pants.

Feng Xuege ran away with great strength.

Feng Xuege only stopped to catch her breath when she reached her tent.

“What were doing now… Doesnt seem very good.” She said in a low voice.

Qiao Hefeng patted her shoulder.

“Its fine.

Youll get used to it.

I felt a little guilty at first, but after doing it twice, I felt much better.”


[Oh my gosh, can someone seal Qiao Hefengs mouth with tape Ive been laughing for too long.]

[Youve only been here for three minutes Someone needs to seal Bo Silins mouth as well, these two people are really making me break down!!]

On the other side, Luo Feifa was so angry that she was being carried back to the camp.

Qiu Ye gritted his teeth as he waited for Bo Silin.

Bo Silin immediately started mumbling again.

Su Feifei picked her up and placed her on the chair.

“Ill get you something to nourish your body.”


Bo Silin grabbed her sleeve when he heard this.

“I suddenly feel much better.”

“Youre good at everything, you just dont want to be treated.” Su Feifei got up again.

She was still being pulled.

She turned around and saw that his long and narrow eyes were full of something shiny.

“Did you just say… Im good at everything” He repeated.

[Ill cheer for them! Wait for my glass!]

[I really want to be in love! Grant me a man! Please!]

[Well… as long as it isnt Bo Silin, Ill pray for you too girl!]

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