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The staff member quivered and shook his head frantically.

“No, I didnt …”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh.”

The man on the ground took another bite.

Su Feifeis expression changed.

She caught Bo Silin with one hand and swept her cold gaze across the staff.

The staff member immediately trembled.

“We really didnt! I really, really dont have any…”

“Feifei…” Bo Silins body trembled as he reached out to touch her face.

“If theres an afterlife… We…”

The staff members were speechless.

Su Feifei stood rooted to the ground.

Her expression froze for a moment before she looked up at everyone around her.

[No way Is he really spitting blood Is he really injured]

[Whats going on!]

[I dont think she even touched him just now…]

[But it doesnt look fake!]

[Dont! Dont! Dont scare me.]

The few Assistant Directors legs turned to jelly and they knelt on the ground.

“Su Feifei! We really didnt run into him! Thats right… the live broadcast! Theres a live broadcast replay!”

The Assistant Director shivered and immediately got someone to get the live video.

His face was pale.

Bo Silin coughed and pulled Su Feifeis gaze back.

She then lowered her head and looked at the person in her arms.

He looked pale and weak, there was no light in his eyes.

“If I leave, you…” Bo Silin panted slowly, his eyes filled with tears.

“Will you… Miss me”

“Dont talk nonsense!” Su Feifeis face turned cold.

His heart sank when she said that.

He had already reached the point of vomiting blood.

He was doomed… To be hopelessly in love.


“Then, then…” Bo Silin propped himself up with difficulty, “Will you be sad when Im gone, or will you be the same just as before”



“Dont talk, save your strength!”

“H-hey…” Bo Silin died with his eyes wide open.

He spat out another mouthful of blood and grabbed her sleeve tightly.


“Say it!” Su Feifei frowned.

In an instant, the bleeding stopped miraculously.

A medical miracle happened once again.

Bo Silins eyes lit up and he looked up, but he soon fell weakly into Su Feifeis arms.

“Ah, my chest hurts…” he said again, panting.

Su Feifei stood rooted to the ground and didnt dare to move him.

She felt that this person would break into pieces with a slight shake.


She couldnt tell what she was feeling.

The year Blackie died, she had felt the same way.

She turned around to call the doctor, but he stopped her again.

“Maybe… Ill feel better after some help” Bo Silin coughed.

Su Feifei immediately reached out to rub his sore spot.

“Get out of the way, Feifei.”

An icy cold voice suddenly appeared outside the crowd.

Everyone turned around.

Qiu Ye, with the doctor, stood outside the circle with a dark face and watched the man fall into Su Feifeis arms, moaning.

Qiu Ye was speechless.



Lin.” Qiu Ye slowly spat out three words.

“Stop pretending!”

In the next second, Bo Silin immediately rolled his eyes.

His entire body trembled and he spat out another mouthful of blood as he spoke.

Su Feifei and Qiu Ye were speechless.

“Qiu Ye!” Su Feifei turned around.

Qiu Ye trembled and said, “Its none of my business! Who would vomit blood like this If he vomited like this, he would have died long ago! Just look at his smug eyes! Dont be so obvious…”




A dart flew past Qiu Yes ear.

Su Feifei coldly retracted her hand.

Qiu Ye did not dare to speak.

His face was red and his body was trembling.

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Theyre all f*cking crazy!

Su Feifei hugged Bo Silin tightly and wiped away the blood.

“How are you” She asked in a low voice.

“Im fine…” Bo Silin held her hand tightly and rubbed it back and forth.

He did not forget to give Qiu Ye a look.

Qiu Ye trembled even more.

His chance was over.

All his assets had been taken away.

He couldnt even have peaceful sleep in the middle of the night and had to put up with Bo Silins act!

What sin had he committed to deserve such retribution


He reached out and pinched his philtrum with all his might before he recovered a little.

‘Fine, you want to pretend

“Ive brought a doctor.” Qiu Ye took a deep breath.

“Doctor, please take a good look at him.”

The doctor stepped forward.

Bo Silin snorted again and hid in Su Feifeis arms.


Qiu Ye gritted his teeth, “Didnt your chest hurt Doctor, please give him a good massage!”

The female doctors eyes lit up.

“Me Me”

“Yeah, wouldnt it be better if a professional came and did it” Qiu Ye sneered.

“Go ahead and help him.

Give him a full rub.”

Hed better be crushed to death!

Su Feifei stepped aside.

She also agreed that it would be best if a professional come.

The female doctor was so excited that her hands were shaking.

Her gaze fell on that exquisite side profile, and she even gulped.

“Then, then I…”

She reached out her hand.

Her fingertips came close to the man.

Su Feifei also looked over, her eyes no longer as calm as they usually were.

Qiu Yes face darkened.

He was waiting for this reckless dog to be punished.

However, the next second, the person lying on the ground suddenly opened his eyes.

“Magical hands that can bring back spring.

Its truly magical hands that can bring back spring.”

Bo Silin smiled and praised her.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sat up.

“I didnt expect your medical skills to be so good.”

Everyone was speechless.

Qiu Ye broke down, “Bo Silin!” You motherf*cker, I havent even seen her touch you! Whats with her amazing hand!”

“Ive heard of a treatment method called remote acupuncture.” Bo Silin turned to the doctor and said seriously, “Im sure you used this kind of treatment just now, right”

The doctor was speechless.

“Chinese medicine sure is broad and profound,” Bo Silin replied.

The doctor was speechless.

Qiu Ye trembled.

‘Hes so f*cking shameless!

Why did he take on this show in the first place! Why

[I was so scared that I peed my pants.

Now, Im laughing so hard that Im still peeing my pants.]

[Ive realized it now, family.

Ive completely realized it now.

You really cant get a wife if youre not shameless.]


[I actually thought that it was real.

The true clownery…]


Im very sorry that youll have to wear hearing aids for the rest of your lives.]

Su Feifei stepped forward to confirm.

“Are you really alright”

“My chest still hurts…” Bo Silin lowered his eyes and said as the female doctors eyes lit up again, “But I can bear with it.”

“Then Ill give you a massage later.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silins cheeks were red.


Qiu Ye was speechless.

‘Alright If I were to beg the heavens now, would it be of any use

Qiu Ye closed his eyes and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

“Shouldnt we talk about tonights incident”

Everyone in Luo Feifas tent came out and did not know what had happened.

“What are you guys doing” Luo Feifa asked.

Su Feifei had changed into normal clothes after entering the tent, so she didnt look any different at the moment.

After that, Qiu Ye witnessed this scene.

A few figures came out of the tent behind Su Feifei.

All of them were wearing pajamas, and they were acting drowsy.

“Whats wrong” Xiao He rubbed his eyes and asked, “Its so noisy.

Did something happen just now”

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