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[If Im not mistaken, this person who claims to be Patrick Star… Should be…]

[Qiao Hefeng, is that you]

[Youre completely free now, arent you]

[I wont allow you to do this!]

[What kind of st*pid name are you giving yourself!!]

[Who is the Empress]

On the other side, another head popped up from the grass.

“The Empress has received this.


The moment the cold voice sounded, the bullet screen exploded again!

[F*ck!!! Its Su Feifei!]

[What are you guys doing!!!!!! ]

[If I may, perhaps cosplay]

[Thats too presumptuous.]

“The Empress is calling the Financial Giant.

Please answer if you can hear me.

Over.” Su Feifei spoke into the walkie-talkie.

“The Financial Giant can hear you.

Calling for the Empress.

Please answer if you can hear me.

Over.” Bo Silins voice rang out.

He was the only one in the team who wasnt wearing a bikini.

He was sitting alone on the bench, acting as a lookout for the operation.

“You shouldnt call me,” Su Feifei reminded him with a frown.

“You should be calling Hello Kitty.”

“But I only wanted to call you,” Bo Silin said.

[Youre the smoothest, I admit defeat.]

[F*cking h*ll, I cant believe Im grinning from ear to ear when Im watching a bunch of elementary school noobs playing games]

[Who else is there!!]

[What are they trying to do]

[Yeah, its the middle of the night.

What the h*ll are you doing ]

“Hello Kitty is here!” Shen Ruoqing also opened her mouth.

“Empress, Empress, will we be found out tomorrow”

“We wont,” Su Feifei said, “Our disguise is thorough.

Thank you, Patrick Star, for providing us with the clothes.”

“Its nothing… “Qiao Hefeng smiled shyly.

“Everything is for the team!”

After everyone called out, Su Feifeis voice rang out again.

“Are you ready”

“Alright, Im done!”

“Alright, lets go!”

In an instant, dozens of black shadows seemed to leave afterimages in the night sky as they directly rushed towards the directors tent!

The moment they stood up, the bullet screen exploded again.

Because the first one to run out was the extended version of the Doraemon.

Following closely behind him was the fat middle-aged SpongeBob SquarePants.

Then, there was the thin version of Tigger, the deformed Black Cat Detective, and the four master and disciple who went to heaven to collect scriptures.

There were many cosplayers.

[What the f*ck]

[What are you guys doing!! What is going on]

[Im cracking up! This isnt an illusion, right Hurry up and go to Weibo to get people!]

[Dont go to sleep! Get up and search them up right now!]

The first thing that everyone ran to was the supply tent!

The staff member was taking a nap.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the lock had been broken.

Flames filled the sky!

For a moment, he thought he was dreaming.

Very quickly, his body began to tremble.

[What… What are these things!]

What was that Wasnt that the symbol of Su Feifeis team

“F*ck!” The staff member was quick-witted and stood up abruptly.

“What are you guys doing!”

Tigger rushed to the front and came out with a box of instant noodles and Black Cat Detective followed closely behind.

Patrick Star was pulling a cart full of ice cream!

Not to be outdone, Monk Sha bought all the seasonings!

Then, there was pork, mutton, beef, potato chips, cola, and lollipops… There were even a few tents that were stolen!

“Hurry up! And the seafood area!” Sun Wukong shouted, “Dont let a single one go!”

[Holy f*cking sh*t balls!!!!!]

[F*cking h*ll, Im laughing so hard Im going to piss my pants!!]

[This, this, this… Are they just snatching everything]

[Arent these the supplies that will be exchanged for tomorrow]

[Hahahahaha, no way!! If they snatch it away, what are they going to exchange for tomorrow]

[Im dying of laughter.

Luo Feifas team has been planning what supplies to take all night, and Im just watching these supplies get stolen!!]

[Director team, wake up.

Our home is gone…]

[Qiu Ye, wake up.

The show cant go on anymore.]

[Luo Feifa, wake up.

You might be the ones who wont be able to eat minced meat tomorrow.]

The staff member finally reacted to the disarray.

“Thieves!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Wake up!!! “Theres a robber in Su Feifeis team!”

The production team reacted quickly.

Immediately, police teams rushed over from all directions.

However, as they watched one inhuman thing after another fly past in front of them, their legs went soft, and they all thought that they were in a dream.

The staff guarding the warehouse shouted, “Its not a dream! Its Su Feifeis team!”

“What” Everyone was shocked.

Qiu Ye also ran out of the tent in his slippers.

When he saw the runners, he shouted anxiously, “Arrest them! We cant lose anything!”

“Hurry up! Hurry up and bring them back! Get the things back!”

At this moment, in the Bo familys house.

“Who is it!” Grandpa Bo woke up with a start and cursed angrily.

“You scared me to death! Do you still want me to celebrate my eightieth birthday I was almost sent away by you…”

“Quickly watch the live broadcast! Hurry up! Your granddaughter-in-law is causing trouble!”

Bo Xis voice sounded.

Grandpa Bo sat up immediately.

Half a minute later, the both of them sat in front of the phone screen.

“Charge! Charge! Run!” Grandpa Bo said, “Look at how hungry they are.

Theyre even snatching the lollipops!”


On the deserted island, Qiu Ye even lost one of his shoes.


Just as they were about to catch Patrick Star, someone behind them suddenly shouted.


“What are you doing!” Qiu Ye was shocked.

“T-the tents! Our tents!”

The staff member trembled as he pointed to a tent.

“F*ck! Thats the equipment tent! Hurry up and put out the fire!”

Qiu Ye couldnt care less.

He turned around and ran to the equipment tent, saying, “Go and catch Bo Silin!”

[what a ruthless move!]

[Qiu Ye sure is smart.

Is he trying to exchange Bo Silin for the supplies]

[Then Su Feifei will definitely change her mind!]

[Qiu Ye, thats not how you use your brain.]

[Then wouldnt Su Feifei be snatching these things for nothing]

There were a lot of comments on the screen, and everyone was very nervous.

When the staff member heard the order, he immediately turned around and ran towards Bo Silin.

Bo Silin sat on the chair, unmoving like a mountain.

As soon as the staff member approached, he gritted his teeth and was about to take a rope and run.

“Ah!” Someone cried out, “Bo Silin is vomiting blood!!”

“What” The Assistant Director was shocked and ran over.

“Who asked you to arrest him I didnt ask you to hit anyone!”

“We didnt touch him!”

“Whats the situation!”

“What do we do now Hes fainting, Im fainting, holy sh*t! He spat again!”

Grandpa Bo, who was in front of the screen, turned pale with fright and stood up immediately.

Then, he was pulled down by a hand that slowly reached out from the side.

“Dont worry, hes just pretending.” Bo Xis face darkened.

‘One move, two uses.

Youre really good.

Bo Xi, who had been tricked by this trick before, really wanted to vomit blood at this moment.

She even felt a little sorry for the staff.

Just as all the staff members were at a loss… A cold voice came from behind them.

“You guys hit him”

The crowd turned around and saw Su Feifeis cold face.

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