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[Attention! Attention! All departments, attention!]

[My favorite ship has made its appearance!]

[My baby Bo really pampers my queen Feifei so much!]

[Su Feifei wants to win.

Bo Silin is so lazy, but hes trying for her.]

The advantage of Bo Silins appearance was that his face alone attracted half of the ladies here.

The ladies eyes lit up as they stared at Bo Silin from head to toe.

They immediately started walking towards him.

Bo Silin reached out and patted one of the packages, opening it.

Those thin lips opened slightly, and alluring words flowed out.

“This bag contains wild fungi.”

The middle-aged womans expression darkened.

Wild fungi…

Isnt that quite common

Luo Feifa and Su Ling were relieved and looked at each other.

“But…” Bo Silin raised his head again.

“Its not an ordinary wild fungus.”

“Its a gift from the tropics, where high temperature and extreme cold intertwine.

It takes fifty years to form one.

It is rich in a variety of vitamins and proteins, which could prolong ones life and beautify ones face.

We spent an entire month and nearly thirty people to help fill this bag.”

[Stop f*cking spouting nonsense! Isnt this the one Su Feifei picked when she entered the Bat Cave]

[It clearly only took half an hour to get one sack!! Minus what youve eaten!!]

[Even though I know where they got it from, I still want it]

[Today, were learning how to scam women!]


The middle-aged womans expression brightened.

Su Feifei also turned around and stared at Bo Silin.

If she hadnt personally picked up the whole bag, she would have really believed it as well.

After that, Bo Silin patted the other bag.

“This is the islands unique summer-heat medicine.

“Its especially suitable for the elderly.

It could effectively enhance ones resistance and cure any disease.

It also has the effect of clearing the blocked blood vessels, and is known as a divine tool to conquer blood pressure!

“If you have symptoms of headache and fever, you can try long-term diet therapy.

After all, standard medicine is all thirty percent poisonous.

Only diet therapy is the eternal friend of the elderly.”

Qiu Ye stood in front of the display screen and was speechless.

Luo Feifa and Su Lings lips trembled.

“The most valuable thing is still its rarity.” Bo Silin said earnestly.

He looked around.

“This island has a very special geographical location.

Its located in the tropics and is also a volcanic crater.

I dont need to tell you about the minerals, right”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The middle-aged woman began to nod in agreement.

“Moreover, there are no humans living here all year round, so the ecological environment has been maintained very well.

There were even wolves appearing a while ago.

Did you all watch the live broadcast”

“Ive seen it! It scared me to death!”

“What does this mean”


“This means that this is pure and natural medicine!”

The moment they heard the words natural and pure, the elderlys hearts immediately moved!

The more they listened, the more they felt that it made sense!

“Then, then these…” the ladys eyes began to be filled with anticipation.

Bo Silin patted the bag and placed it on the ground.

At this time, this bag was no longer just a random bag!

It was a life-saving medicine!

It could be comparable to an immortal pill!

“Young man, be gentler! What if the things inside break!”

“Today, it doesnt cost a single cent, its all free!”

“Ah Free of charge” Qiao Hefeng stuck his head out.

“We dont even have enough for ourselves!”

“Hefeng, shut your trap!” Xiao He appeared.

“Everyone here is about the same age as our parents.

Their health is the most important issue we should be concerned about! We should offer these precious local specialties to them first!”


“No buts!” Tiantian retorted sternly, “How can you be so selfish! Were always away from home and cant be filial to our parents, but cant we be filial to the elderly here”

The elderly were in tears!

What a good child! They were all good children!

[Im broken.

Im completely broken.]

[Are there any normal people on this team Hey, I want to call the police!!!]


[Once, my grandfather went out for a walk and spent twenty-eight thousand dollars to bring back a bag of eggs for me.

At that time, I finally learned how scary the world could be.]

[I suggest you play this video repeatedly for your parents!]

[Bo Silin, youre really full of sh*t.]

Bo Silin sighed softly.

“However… There arent many of them.

Its impossible for us to take care of every family member here.”

He turned around and looked at the straw doll.

He stopped moving.

For some reason, this look instantly ignited the wisdom of all the elderly here.

“Alright! Ill go and cut down the scarecrow for you!”


The elderly ran forward in unison.

“Go away! I was the first to arrive! Dont try to cheat your way!”

“Look clearly, young man! I slashed it three times! Half of this was killed by me! I want that wild fungus!”

“Thats supposed to be mine!”

Another five seconds passed and the remains of the scarecrow was directly sent into the directors tent.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“I cant f*cking believe this…”

They were supposed to play the game for a whole day, but half an hour had passed since Su Feifeis team had interrupted them.

Very good.



It turned out that his professional career was coming to an end soon!

Su Feifeis eyes were bright as she stared at Bo Silin.

“There are six hundred island points.

Spend them.” Bo Silin said in a low voice.

Su Feifeis blood was boiling.

She felt that Bo Silin looked better than ever at this moment.

“Ill give you a reward!” Su Feifei immediately asked, “What do you want”

“I want to…”

He looked down and fixed his eyes on Su Feifeis lips as he whispered in her ear.

[F*ck!! Holy sh*t!! What kind of look is this!!]

[Stop looking at her like that! Its forbidden!]

[Are you two crazy for love]

[Theyre not crazy, but Im going crazy!]

[Its true, Im going insane!]

[No, its just a glance.

Why are you guys so excited]

“Come to my tent tonight.” He said in a low voice.

Su Feifei subconsciously avoided his gaze.

The numbing sensation from last night was directly triggered by this action.

She stretched out her hand and saw that her entire arm was covered in goosebumps.

[What did he say!]

[What did you just say about tonight]

[I didnt hear it clearly!! I beg you!! Speak louder!!]

“You can go now.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin raised an eyebrow.


He looked around and saw everyone cheering for the game.

Without any hesitation, he turned around and picked up his love cane and pulled Su Feifei with his other hand.

The two of them could be seen walking away by Qiu Ye.

He brazenly entered the tent.

“F*ck you!!”

Qiu Ye slammed the table and stood up!

“W-what are they doing Go and stop him! There are little kids here!”

However, just as they arrived outside the tent, Xiao He and the others were holding hands.

The last three Ultramen had been split up.

The current situation was half a brawny man and half an Ultraman.

The scene was very strange, and the three children were scared to tears.

They stretched out their hands and formed a natural barrier.

“No! Accurate! Enter!” Everyone said in unison.

They were the ones who protected this hard-won love!

Qiu Ye was speechless.

As soon as Su Feifei entered the tent, she was pulled over by a hand.

The next second, he leaned against the wall.

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