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Qiu Ye, “Oh my god…”

“Someone, get him out… Im going to puke…”

Oh my God! Hurry up and send someone to punish Bo Silin!

[God, these two faces are going to kill me!]

[At this moment, I cant say anything other than holy f*ck!]

In front of the screen, Bo Xi and Qiu Ye had the same reaction.

“Im going to throw up…” Bo Xi broke down.

“What did I do wrong to see that!”

Grandpa Bo chuckled.

“Thats my grandson, well done! Very good! You cant get a wife if youre not shameless! Back then, your grandma relied on my shamelessness to get what she wanted!”

Bo Xi turned and stared at Grandpa Bo.

“Then he is indeed your grandson.”

These words were said exactly the same.

It was hard for people not to believe in genes.

On the island during the games intermission, a figure wearing a bikini was sneakily squatting on the phone under a tree.


“I really want to go back!” Qiao Hefeng cried and said, “Quickly think of a way to let me go back! If I stay here for a few more days, Ill get depressed!”

“No,” the team replied coldly.

“Its very popular now.

After being on the hot search yesterday, the netizens were all saying that youre cute.

Your underwear was sold out overnight, and were considering accepting an underwear endorsement for you.

Hefeng, just bear with it a little longer, its the time when your career is at its peak!”


“I dont want it, I dont want it! I dont want to be famous like this!”

“It goes up from here!” The managers voice was stern.

“Dont cry! Youve been suffering on the island with Su Feifei, but she treated you like that in return.

Thats why its so ridiculously comedic! Be good, Ive already asked someone to send you your favorite things.”


The crying stopped abruptly.


“Its true.”

Qiao Hefeng pursed his lips, then said, “Then … Alright.”

After the call ended, he finally regained some of his energy.

On the other side, Qiu Ye had finally adjusted himself and stood weakly on the stage.

“In the next game, we will be inviting outside assistance!” He stretched out his hand and pointed at the sky.

The Festival Groups helicopters slowly arrived.

There were more than a dozen of them in a straight line!

The level of luxury was almost on par with the time when Bo Silin put up Qiu Yes female outfit photo.

Everyones eyes followed the plane, their faces full of doubt.

And outside assistance

“Who is it”

“Are they celebrities Or a vegetarian”

“Didnt I hear a while ago that they were going to invite a big shot to help Dont tell me…”

Everyone was whispering and boiling with excitement.

Previously, the most popular one on the deserted island was Su Ling.

She was considered a fresh flower, but she wasnt even a first-tier star.

“You can all look forward to it.” Qiu Yes smile was unfathomable.

This made everyone even more curious.

[Dont tell me that there really is a big shot coming]

[I want to know who it is!]

[Look at how poor Qiu Ye is.

Can he even afford to hire the best actress]

[Didnt the movie king have a movie queen If she really comes… hahaha we shall see…]

The helicopter landed and the cabin door opened.

“Next, lets use our most enthusiastic applause to invite our external assistance!” Qiu Ye said loudly.

Applause suddenly rang out in the air.

Everyone lined up and looked over.

Then, the slapping sounds stopped abruptly.


“Are you… Teasing us”

In front of the luxurious and handsome helicopter, a group of silver-haired elderly people was standing in an orderly formation.

There were 50 people.

The group of primary school students wearing straw hats followed closely behind.

The number of people was also 50.

They were full of hope and smiles.

They had brought their own backpack, and they looked even more heroic than the young people who had been struggling to survive for more than a month.

“Director, weve arrived!” The leader of the group, a middle-aged woman, took the lead and shouted.

“Good, good, very good,” Qiu Ye replied.

Everyone was speechless.

“Director, what are you trying to do”

“Cant you tell” Qiu Ye turned around and smiled so brightly that his eyes were practically overflowing with joy.

“These will be the key characters in our next game!

“First of all, there are fifty elites from various industries standing here! Some of them were mathematicians, some of them were writers, and some of them were pilots when they were young!

“This row of children over here is the future hope of our country!

“The reason why we invited them today is so that the shows concept can be further sublimated!”

[Can you really say that]

[That is to say, isnt it others who evaluate ideas]

[I was touched for a moment just now.

Qiu Ye, can you shut up]

[The Festival Group is amazing.

They still know how to invite these people over!]

[I feel like my level and style to show preferences have instantly changed!]

[Thats right, thats right.

Looking at the island now, its shining!]

“What does that have to do with our game”

Qiu Ye made a shush gesture and touched his long wavy hair.

“Of course, I do have a plan.” He said mysteriously, “Once upon a time, they may have been the best in their respective industries, but today, they are not! They are your good friends!

“Staff, bring the props!”

All the announcements on the deserted island instantly sounded with a clear rhythm.

It immediately stirred up everyones emotions!

Everyone turned to look at the crowd.

Apparently, they were all commoners.

“Theres a total of a hundred people here,” Qiu Ye said, “Every group can invite people over.

The more people you invite, the more blades you will get.

Once the scarecrow man falls, you will receive the island points!”

The entire place was dead silent.

After hearing the rules of the game, everyone stared at Qiu Ye in disbelief.

[So … He invited a bunch of scientists, mathematicians, writers…]

[Hes not here to sublimate the theme…]

[Its not like Im here to set a higher goal…]

[Is he here to f*cking help someone with a knife]

[Are you crazy!!]

[Qiu Ye, you mad man!]

“Let the games begin! You can only use your actions to convince these hundred people! No cheating! You cant threaten me either!”

Qiu Ye deliberately glanced at Su Feifei when he mentioned the word threatened.

Su Feifei stood still and frowned.

This gaudy competition system really made her want to change the director.

“Lets start!”

The whistle sounded.

The people in Luo Feifas team immediately rushed to the 50 children.

“I have candy here! As long as you guys help me cut down that insignificant person, I will give each of you a candy!”

“Despicable!” Tiantian chimed in, “Theyll definitely have a lot of children to help them! What should we do”

“I have an idea!”

Qiao Hefeng came out wearing a bikini, his fingers clenched into fists, and he looked a little shy.

“You” Tiantian glanced at him.

Qiao Hefeng nodded, then called over a staff member and asked a few questions.

Luo Feifa and the others quickly recruited more than a dozen children and were very proud.

“Its a good thing we have a lot of candy!” Luo Feifa raised her eyebrows and said.

Because they often didnt eat, they exchanged some desert island points for candy to replenish their energy.

It came in handy this time!

There was no one in Su Feifeis team who could please a child!

Thinking of this, Luo Feifa was so proud that her eyebrows were about to shoot up to the sky.

However, the next second, one of the children suddenly turned around.


A childish voice sounded, and her little finger pointed in the direction of Su Feifeis team.

Luo Feifa also turned to look.

She almost swallowed her own tongue when she saw it.

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