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Bo Silin curled his lips and spat out the two words in a lazy voice.


In an instant, everyones breathing stopped.

It was not that he had not thought of this answer.

However, when he really heard it, it was still… Too! Extreme! To! Hear!



[Really Was it really yesterday]

[It cant be nonsense, right!!

[Lets see Su Feifeis answer! Hurry up and look at Su Feifeis answer! I beg you!]

[Dont force me to kneel and beg.

Qiu Ye, hurry up!]

[Why cant the live stream be sped up to twice the normal speed]

Qiu Ye waited for Bo Silin and reached out to flip through Su Feifeis answer.

This guy really fantasized about it!

Lets see how Su Feifeis answer will slap him in the face!

He gritted his teeth and flipped the paper.

In an instant, his entire body froze on the spot.

When Bo Silin saw his reaction, he raised an eyebrow and suddenly narrowed his eyes.

When the staff member next to him saw this, he immediately took over the task of reporting the answers, but his voice was trembling.

“The… The answer is correct!”

Everyone was speechless.

Feng Xuege was the first to let out a small scream.


Following that, a few girls in her team also blushed and screamed.

Not to mention, everyone on Su Feifeis team was also boiling with excitement.

[F*cking h*ll!!]

[Im exploding, my cheekbones are rising to the sky!!!]

[I dont know how to talk anymore.

Can someone just send me a synopsis I cant keep watching this Im about to faint!]

[Bed! Send the bed over to them! Hurry up!]

[Didnt anyone notice that the people in Feng Xueges team are all fighting for love lines hahaha!]

Bo Silin was also slightly stunned.

Then, he looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei also stared at him with a serious face.

“You didnt change your answer” He couldnt suppress the corner of his mouth.

“I thought you would change.” Su Feifei replied.

[Holy f*cking sh*t balls!!!]

[Dont, dont be like this.

My blood pressure is really rising!]

[Im having diabetes at such a young age!!]

“Switch, switch!” Qiu Ye couldnt stand it anymore and shouted, “Switch! Feifei, come up and Bo Silin, get down!”

Bo Silins icy gaze swept across his face.

Qiu Ye was forced to shut up again and did not dare to say anything more.

The three teams began to switch positions.

This time, it was Su Feifei who sat on the stage.

Bo Silin wrote the answer and handed it to the director.

Qiu Ye had learned his lesson and did not ask any questions this time.

Instead, he changed his direction.

He said loudly to Luo Feifas group, “What skincare products does the other party like to use”


[Does Luo Feifa even need it]

[Qiu Yes revenge live broadcast.

Its not without reason that you can be brothers with Bo Silin.]

When Luo Feifa was writing down the answer, she was so angry that she almost blew her top.

Fortunately, Su Ling did know this question.

Although it was humiliating, at least they wouldnt lose any points.

Su Ling coughed and said the name of a skincare product.

“Correct, pass!”

Qiu Ye snorted coldly and turned around.

It was Su Feifeis turn.

Su Feifei thought for a moment.

The skincare products that Bo Silin liked

Werent they the ones that she had exchanged in the camp

“Lavender-scented shower gel,” she casually said.

Anyway, she wanted to lose, it was fine as long as the answer did not match.

Qiu Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Su Feifei didnt know.

If she even knew about skincare products, she would definitely be on the hot search today.

However, the moment he opened the paper, his eyes immediately shot out laser beams, as if he wanted to shoot Bo Silin to death.

“Director, everyones time is precious.” Bo Silin leaned back in his chair.

“I hope you wont stammer and drag things out.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

He stared at him for a full three to four seconds before he read the words on the paper.

“I like all the skincare products that Feifei gives me.”


Everyone was speechless.

So full of cringe.

Was this the feeling of overeating

[If Bo Silin loses this game, he still won in the end.]


[Baby Bo, the number one womanizer.]

[Give up, Qiu Ye, you really cant beat him.]

Su Feifeis lips curled up.

Not bad.

She didnt exchange so much shower gel for him for nothing.

Qiu Ye was about to start pinching his philtrum.

He used all his strength to ask the last question.

“Mocing on, when was the last time the other party was moved”

When the question came out, everyone started to whisper.

“You were moved last time!”

“Its so abstract, How do I answer it!”

“Thats right, isnt this made to make everyone lose!”

“Feng Xueges team still has zero points, while Su Feifei and Luo Feifa each have one point.

They should be the ones fighting, right”

[Ill help Su Feifei answer! Yesterday!]

Suddenly, the screen was filled with the word yesterday.

“Begin answering!” Qiu Ye said.

On Luo Feifas side, her eyes met with Su Lings and she suddenly made a gesture to her.

[What the f*ck! Thats cheating! Theyre cheating!]

[Its so obvious, yet you dont care!]

[This hand gesture isnt very subtle, but its still okay.]

“Ive never been tempted,” Su Ling immediately replied.



[Boo thats lame.]

The people below instantly pouted, looking unconvinced.

Only Luo Feifas team was full of joy!

This is good!

As long as Su Feifei got one more question wrong, their team would win!

On the other side, Su Feifei glanced at it and said, “I dont know,”


This was equivalent to giving up.

Qiu Ye couldnt help but blink.

“Su Feifei, why dont you try it Hes so flirtatious, its easy to guess.”

[Qiu Ye, youre the director.

Can you temporarily forget the identity of being a fan]

[Maybe hope is subjective guys…]

“Qiu Ye!” Luo Feifa immediately expressed her dissatisfaction.

“Dont be so brazen! Hurry up and read the answers!”

Qiu Ye glanced at her and was still waiting for Su Feifeis answer.

“No, I really dont know.” Su Feifei said.

What kind of st*pid question was this

It was indeed difficult to win.

It was a good thing she didnt want to.

Qiu Ye could only sigh.

He picked up the answer and took a look.

Even though he was mentally prepared, he still almost slipped off his chair.

The next second, Qiu Ye was furious and threw the answer at Bo Silin.

“Youre f*cking disgusting! I cant read it, you can read it yourself!”


[No, if he says that, Im going to get excited.]

[Read it quickly!!]

[Yet again, another confession of love.]

[Looking at the reaction, it really was yesterday, right!!]

Bo Silin reached out and caught the piece of paper.

Was it difficult to read

He got up, not forgetting to bring his love walking stick.

He took a few steps forward and stood in front of Su Feifei.

Then, he reached out and gently pulled her sleeve.

The distance between them got closer.

“Now.” His words were clear.

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