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He handed the list over.

Everyone looked around and did not understand.

“Qiu Ye, that pervert, hes always using different ways to mess with us.” Luo Feifa sneered.

“Youll know tomorrow.

“We must win this time! Did you all hear that”

She was full of morale.

However, there were only a few people around that reacted well.

Some people agreed, but most of them were still complaining.

“The opponent is Su Feifei.

How can we win”

“Thats right… if you can win, then go…”

“We havent won even once.”

[Hahahaha, if I didnt see that bald person, I would have thought that these people were Su Feifeis fans…]

[Su Feifei, the only woman that Ill never be able to surpass in my life.]

[Ever since she got caught, Su Feifeis name has become the inner demon of this team.]

[If you were starved the whole day and hung on the barbeque rack for two hours, youll also have inner demons.]

Luo Feifa clenched her fingers, gritted her teeth, and cursed, “D*mn it! How did Su Feifei train her team to be so obedient”

Why did the same trick not work on her

Su Ling glanced at her and didnt want to say anything.

She just wanted to go home as soon as possible.

She was tired and afraid.

The next morning, Qiu Yes broadcast sounded on time.

The three teams gathered.

Except for Su Feifeis team, the other two teams were drowsy.

The herb-picking team had already set off.

Renbo thought about his role as he walked, he just needed to brush it off and do some missions.

He couldnt sleep last night.

No matter how he thought about it, he definitely couldnt let that woman do whatever she wanted!


If he was so obedient and did whatever she asked him to do, how terrible would that be

So this time, he had to be perfunctory! He wanted Su Feifei to see his attitude!

However, just as he set off, he met Luo Feifas team on the way.

“Your team actually sent you out instead of Su Feifei herself” When the two teams met, someone clamored.

“This is so funny! You can still pick herbs without Su Feifei”

The people behind Renbo exploded.

Tiantian immediately stepped forward and cursed, “Havent you heard of his family Theyre a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners! Renbo has seen more herbs than you have eaten rice! Do I need to say more”

He reached out and tugged at Tiantian.

“Not that much…”

Tiantian glared at him and whispered, “Where is your imposing manner Your sparkling aura Su Feifei said that if you lose, youll get shamed!”

Renbo was speechless.

‘This is a f*cking cult.

Tiantian turned around and stared at the men opposite her with her hands on her hips.

After being yelled at and seeing Tiantians fierce expression, the men suddenly thought of the wolves that Tiantian had stabbed to death.

Hence, they didnt say anything and left silently.


[This isnt called survival in the wilderness.

This is called The Legend of Feifei whereby Feifei brings out the true colors of her people.]

[The gods are still f*cking around, arent they]

[Im putting money into this show, it must go on!]

[Shes no longer the Tiantian of the past.

Shes now the new and improved Tiantian 2.0!]

“Lets go, well continue picking the herbs.” Tiantian said, “If we cant beat them, theyll look down on us! Ive already spread the word.”

“Thats impossible!” Renbo immediately said, “You want to win against me with just these few people Ive already seen all the herbs on this island!”

In order to win against Su Feifei in picking herbs, he had put in a lot of effort!

These people still wanted to mock him for his efforts

[Renbo, let me remind you when you came out just now, you seemed unwilling]

[Its fine.

In Su Feifeis team, hell have to work for Su Feifei sooner or later, hahaha.

He just needs to accept that.]


On the other side, Qiu Ye began to announce the rules of the first round.

“The first game is a test of tacit understanding!”

“Each team will send out two candidates.

One of them will first write down the answer to my question on these white papers.

After that, the same question will be given to your partner and you will have to answer it in front of the camera.

“Its worth mentioning that we will be using the nomination system this time! In other words, the shows director will decide who will play the game!”

“Isnt that you!” Someone shouted from below.

Qiu Ye turned around, holding a rose in his mouth.

“Yes, its me.”

Everyone was speechless.

[I was wondering why my screen suddenly oozed oil]

[Qiu Goudans grandson, please move aside.

Youre blocking me from looking at Su Feifei.]


Qiu Ye casually pointed, “Team Su Feifeis fighters will be Su Feifei and Bo Silin!”

As he spoke, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Bo Silin.

There were faint electrical sparks in the air.

Next was Luo Feifa and Su Ling, and Feng Xuege also went on stage with a partner.


After writing the question, Qiu Ye chuckled.

Qiu Ye had never lost when it came to digging up interesting points of others!

After Su Feifei finished writing, she left the stage.

Bo Silin was left on the stage to answer.

“Please listen to the question!” Qiu Ye looked at the paper and said loudly, “Question one when was the last time the other party kissed”


Isnt that too much for the first round]

[Im shocked.

Im really shocked.]

[So youre saying that you want Bo Silin to tell you when was the last time Su Feifei kissed]

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