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The camera immediately zoomed in on the scar.

Not only was it bleeding, but it was also swollen.

Upon closer inspection, there was even a bite mark.

[What the f*ck]


[Su Feifei! F*ck you!]

[Baby Bo is no longer pure!]

“I was hit by a rock.” Bo Silin said in all seriousness.

Xiao He heaved a sigh of relief.

So its just a stone… He had thought that…

[Rock Where did the stone come from]


[Its good that Su Feifei didnt do it.

I can rest assured!]

[Seriously, its making my heart go up and down.]

However, Su Feifei immediately frowned and glanced at him.

“Bo Silin, did you just call me a rock”


The audience was speechless.

The director was so excited that he couldnt speak.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Cut to Su Feifeis face!”

Bo Silins movements also froze.

He was avoiding the camera, but he didnt expect Su Feifei to be so brave.

“That, that…” Xiao He pinched his philtrum and used his willpower to cover it up for the last time.

“Bo, you have a lot of seaweed on you.

Ill take you to change into a new set of clothes! Lets go and change!”

[Oh heavens! What the h*ll did they do underwater! What did she do]

[Why are you leaving! Where are you going]

[Stop and explain!]

[What did she mean Its not what I think it is, right]

Xiao He took two steps and saw that Su Feifei didnt follow him.

Instead, she turned and walked in the opposite direction.

He couldnt help but call out.

“Feifei, where are you going”

“Im going to kill them and settle the score.” Su Feifei casually threw these words at him and walked forward.

Her expression was no longer as calm as usual, it could be said to be as cold as ice.

At this moment, Su Feifei gave Xiao He the feeling that she was like a decisive Emperor in ancient times.


Previously, he was worried that he and Bo Silin would be a burden.

Now that they had met up again, she wanted to kill their way back for them.

Xiao He shut his mouth and used his professional instinct to tell him that it was better not to speak at this time.

Bo was more important to him right now.

“Then, lets…” Xiao He was about to speak when he saw Bo Silin sitting down.

“Im tired,” He said.

Xiao He was speechless.

“Alright, then.”

He was like a dog on the side of the road that had suddenly been kicked.

On the other side, the werewolves had already gathered warily.

The confident figure walked forward, and with every step she took, the werewolves took a step back.

Had this little woman really eliminated two of them in a row

When they first arrived, everyone really didnt believe it.

However, now, looking at Su Feifeis eyes, they couldnt help but feel a little scared.

Werewolf number eight saw that everyone was already retreating before the battle even started.

He became anxious and pretended to be weak.

“Everyone, run! Dont sacrifice yourself for me!”

“Run” Su Feifei gave a rare sinister smile.

“You can try.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she moved.

She was extremely fast, and she moved like a ghost.

Werewolf number eight immediately got up and ran to the rest point.

The leader of the werewolves took the lead in retreating, and Su Feifei pursued him first.

The branch in her hand seemed to have turned into a sharp sword, and every time she hit the werewolves, it would cause them pain.

“D*mn! My legs!”

“My hand!”

“My head! Su Feifei!”

The werewolf fell to the ground where Su Fei landed.

This scene was no different from harvesting wheat.


When the remaining werewolves saw their comrade in front of them fall down, their eyes were filled with fear and they ran back.

In front of the surveillance camera, the director put his hands on the table and saw the werewolves running away in front of the monitor.

He grabbed the Assistant Directors walkie-talkie in anger and said, “Are you guys crazy Are you all afraid of a little girl!”

Director Lius angry roar came from the walkie-talkie in front of the werewolves chests, and almost everyone responded, “If you can beat her be my guest!”

[Hahahahahaha everyone is running!]

[Are these people acting]

[How could a 1.85-meter tall man be so easily taken down by a little tiny woman]

[It doesnt look like it.]

[Who the f*ck is the werewolf!]

“If you dont fight back, Ill deduct your wages.

Youll all stay behind and be my coolies!”

Director Liu was also going all out.

He didnt care about the live broadcast.

He just wanted to dampen Su Feifeis spirit.

The werewolves heard this and stopped to turn around.

Su Feifei suddenly stopped while still some distance from the werewolves.

Her face remained calm as she said, “I want to talk to the director.”

A few of them looked at each other.

“I know you can hear me,” Su Feifei turned her head and looked straight at the camera.

“The rules of this game are a mess.

The werewolfs overwhelming advantage isnt the most fatal part of the game.

Whats more outrageous is that it allows alliances.

“There is no limit to the alliance.

What if the player and the werewolf form an alliance Then this game can be completely overturned.”

Director Liu stopped.

The guests thought that it was a tacit agreement to not form an alliance with the werewolves, so they never thought of this possibility.

“At the same time, the rules didnt forbid us from attacking werewolves.

This rule was decided by the production team.”

Director Lius face was a little red.

He couldnt escape the situation after being exposed in public like this.

“So, you should perfect this rule.”

A smile flashed across Su Feifeis lips.

“First of all, werewolves and guests can not form an alliance.

Secondly, there should be rewards for killing werewolves.

Otherwise, whats the point of the werewolfs one-sided slaughter”

Director Liu was in the control room pacing.

He calmed down and said into the walkie-talkie, “One of you, give her the walkie-talkie.”

The werewolf timidly handed the walkie-talkie in front of his chest to Su Feifei.

Su Feifei took it, and Director Lius voice came from the other side of the walkie-talkie.

“What do you want”

“Its simple.

Kill a werewolf and you can get deserter points.”

The comments were boiling.

[Shes the only one who killed the werewolf so far.

Shes asking for too much!]

[I think its pretty good.

If the werewolves killed the islanders, they could drive the islanders out.

Why cant the islanders get a reward for killing the werewolves]

[I think that she should be rewarded for her efforts.]

[Its too much to go directly gain deserter points! Doesnt that mean shell get rich and buy whatever she wants]

Director Lius face also darkened.

“We cant do that.”

Once this was opened, the gap between the rich and the poor would immediately appear on the island.

By then, Su Feifei would be able to live a noble life by killing the werewolf tonight.

How could that be

“I havent finished.” Su Feifei raised her chin.

“A werewolf is considered a deserter.

Who knows what I can ask them to do.”

Director Liu instantly raised his eyebrows.

One werewolf killed could be considered a deserter.

If he added these new rules to gain points.

Then she had only killed a dozen of them at most so it wont really matter.

This was a good deal!

Just as director Liu was hesitating, Su Feifei said, “This is not a suggestion, this is a threat.

If you dont listen to me, then the broken ribs of the werewolf in front of you will probably only be considered a work injury.”

[Yes queen slay!]


[This isnt a suggestion.

This is a threat Mommy!!]


[Hahahahahahaha they better run for their life!!!]


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