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Bo Silin was silent in the dark night.


A few seconds later, he heard Qiao Hefeng say dejectedly, “I cant find it! Its too dark here!”

“Be patient!” Shen Ruoqings voice was also a little louder.

[Help! I cant breathe!]

[What cant you find What is it]

[What are you guys doing Its not what Im thinking, right]

[My scalp is really going numb.

I dont know if I should continue to watch it.]

[Turn it off! Right now!]

[You guys need to take it easy! Be careful, this room might really be banned!]


Bo Silins thin lips parted slightly, and all the blood in his body rushed in one place.

The simplest look could ignite the most vigorous flame in his eyes.

He found that he would always yield to Su Feifeis straightforwardness and enthusiasm.

She didnt like to beat around the bush, and she also didnt like to test the waters.

She asked whatever she wanted and gave whatever she wanted.

This feeling instantly struck the deepest part of his heart.

What he wanted the most was possession.

Su Feifei was the only thing running through his veins.

He was in full bloom, a form that only he could see.

His slender fingers pinched her wrist and tightened.

“Are you sure” His voice was extremely hoarse.

Su Feifei nodded.

“Im sure.”

To make him happy!

Attack the Bo family!

She wanted to take his entire family for herself!


What was wrong with her

Shes too good!

“What do I have to do” Su Feifei was excited.

“What can I do to make you happy ”

She leaned forward and mimicked Qiao Hefengs actions, once again pressing Bo Silin against the pile of dried grass.


Su Feifei recalled the scene just now.

Then, she lowered her head and gave Bo Silin a peck on the lips.

Although she did not have much memory left of last night, she still remembered that Bo Silin was trembling when she hugged him and kissed him.

He was so happy that he was trembling.

He definitely liked it.

As expected, Bo Silins body froze again and his pupils shrank.

Su Feifei said again, “But Ill say this first.

Dont cry this time.

I dont like men crying.”

Bo Silin was speechless.

“Bo Silin, are you happy” She asked.

“Im happy.”


Good job.

A few more times.

Su Feifei immediately pecked him on the lips three more times like a chick pecking at rice.

“Three times as happy”

Bo Silins gaze had already started to change, his deep eyes like a deep pool.

“Yes… More than that.”

More than that

There was a stacking effect

It was okay.

Su Feifei rolled up her sleeves and glared at Bo Silins lips, ready to go all out.

Tonight, she was going to send Bo Silin directly to paradise!

On the other end, Qiao Hefengs voice became more and more anxious.

“Why dont you turn on a flashlight I-I have no experience!”


“Its okay.

Everyone is eating noodles outside.

Who would care about us”

[Turn it on!]

[Quick, let me see what Su Feifei and Bo Silin are doing!]


[Hefeng, you have no experience Are you still a…]

[True, elementary school children would not know…]

On the other side.

“But Su Feifei…”

Bo Silin tucked her stray hair behind her ear.

Su Feifeis attention was pulled back to him and she saw him half-leaning on the pile of dried grass in an exceptionally lazy and seductive posture.


“Kissing isnt supposed to be like this.”

The next second, he pulled her hand lightly and she pounced on him.

Their soft lips instantly touched.

Su Feifei immediately recalled the feeling of transferring air in the water that night.

It was soft, fragrant… And numbing.

He grabbed her waist, turned over, and pressed her down on the haystack.

Bo Silin held her up with his arms and placed the dry grass behind her head as a cushion.

She was a little confused.

When she closed her eyes, they were filled with mist, and she could see the bottom of the lake.

She pressed her fingers against his firm chest, and the heat continued to pass over.

Tears instantly appeared in her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the overwhelming desire in his eyes, which he did not hide at all.

However, she didnt quite understand what that look meant.

He suddenly separated, the tips of their noses touching, and their dense breaths began to intertwine.

“Do you understand the difference” Bo Silin asked.

Su Feifei pursed her lips and didnt answer.

There seemed to be… A slight difference.

“Do you”

He curled his lips and looked down at her full lips.

He lowered his body again.

This time, his movements were much slower.

The second time, he kissed the corner of her lips.

His slender fingers began to climb up her arm until their fingers slowly intertwined, and he pulled her to the wall.

A lingering breath started from the corner of her lips, and the light kiss continued forward.

Finally, it reached the side of her ears and neck.

She was trembling.

Bo Silins breathing also became chaotic.

“What about now, Su Feifei”

In the dark, Su Feifeis eyes were dazed and her body was weak.

She couldnt explain it herself, but it was indeed different.

As for what was different and how… She could not understand.

It was as if her heart had been suddenly torn open by someone, and his breath invaded her domineeringly, not giving her any time to react.

This was an experience she had never experienced before.

She had never been tainted by a persons scent in her life.

From his nose to every pore on his body.

He had only touched her lips, but why did it feel like he wanted to melt her into his bones

“Its different, right” He coaxed.

This time, there was a long silence in the darkness.


She replied softly.

Bo Silins smile spread across his lips.

He picked her up again.

This time, the kiss was no longer gentle.

The moment she was pushed against the wall, Su Feifei subconsciously raised her hand to resist!

However, Bo Silin already knew what she was going to do in advance and immediately suppressed her movements.

He stroked her long hair with his other hand and stroked it gently.

After comforting her, she became soft again.

The feeling of invasion was even more obvious this time.

He was attacking.

It was as if he was carrying a large flag to attack a city.

Horses neighed and screeched, the wind blew the autumn grass, and the flames of war soared…

In the end, she could only hear the sound of the city in her heart collapsing one by one.

She began to tremble at the unknown, feeling as if she had reached some kind of territory.

It was a territory that did not belong to her at all.

She had never even touched it before.

“Bo Silin…”

“Relax, I dont bite.”

He gently caressed her lips, and Su Feifeis biting action loosened.

Bo Silin covered her again.

The temperature rose.

It was a lively bonfire party outside.

Fire, laughter, and hard liquor.

It was extremely charming and their breaths lingered.

Suppression, exploration, and desire.

“Breathe, Feifei.”

His voice rang out again as he slowly led her forward.

Her long hair was already scattered on her side, and her arms wrapped around the two of them, slender and dense.

The air was sucked dry, but her heart was filled.

His comforting words rang in her ears.

In her line of sight were his abyss-like pupils and the same oppressive aura.

Su Feifei didnt know how much time had passed before this deadly entanglement finally ended.

Bo Silin put his arm up to put some distance between them and lowered his head to look at her.

Their eyes met.

The spring water in his black eyes had melted into a different scenery, no longer cold.

He smiled and whispered in her ear, “This is a real kiss, Su Feifei.” He reached out and touched the tip of her nose.

“You can only do it with me in the future.”

He didnt forget to fill in the gaps.

Su Feifei leaned against the wall and panted lightly, her mind still in a mess.

But very quickly, Qiao Hefengs cry rang out.


Su Feifei immediately came back to her senses and looked up.

She saw a figure frantically putting on his pants and running out of the door.

The remaining three people were at a loss.

[Whats going on]

[Hefeng, what are you doing]

[Shen Ruoqing, you hit him]

[Theres light! ] Quickly look inside! Hurry up!]

[Hollllyyy f*ckkk!!!]

[Su Feifei! Bo Silin! What are you guys doing!]

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