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[Oh my!]

[Hes grown up, hes really grown up!]

[Bo Silin! You better watch how he did that! Did you see that Have you learned it Do as he did!]

[Su Feifei, we dont expect you to learn.

Just dont move.


[Su Feifei, if you can, dont speak.]

[Kiss her.

Just do something.

Please! I beg you!]

The tent quickly quieted down.

Su Feifei came back to her senses and saw that the shelf was shaking.

“Youre so sweet.” Qiao Hefeng asked, “What did you eat just now Honey roasted chicken Did you leave any for me”

“Qiao Hefeng! Cant you put more effort into it!”


[What did I do wrong Why do I have to listen to this]

[God… If youre listening…]

[Ill be honest with you.

The quality of this microphone is really good.

I can hear everything clearly.]

[Qiao Hefeng, watch your image.

Youre kissing, not flirting with a fan.]

Then, the last sentence began to float across the entire bullet screen.

At this moment, at Bo Silins studio.

“Help me!”

A man wearing a cap suddenly ran in.

Li turned his head, a little surprised.

Lis original name was Li Da.

The person who ran in was called Li Er.

It was his younger brother and Qiao Hefengs manager.

Although the two of them were from the same industry, they usually worked in different places and would not meet for no reason.

What was going on today

“Did something happen”

The dark circles under Li Das eyes hadnt disappeared yet.

He had two eye bags and looked slightly tired.

As he spoke, his eyes were still on the screen, monitoring Bo Silin at all times.

He was afraid that he would create another hot search for the team.

“Didnt you see the hot search!” Li Er shouted.

Li Da then took a look.

After reading it, he immediately froze.

Good fellow.

[Qiao Hefeng Series Underwear, Same Model.

On Sale.]

[Qiao Hefeng, Watch the Livestream.]

[Qiao Hefeng, this is a kiss, not a fan.]

Li Da was speechless.

“W-what should we do” Li Er was about to cry.

“I just think that you guys are more experienced in dealing with these things.

After all, didnt the hot search appear one after another a while ago Is there any way to withdraw it This trending topic is rising too quickly!”

Li Da was speechless.

“Say something!”

“Do I look like someone who has a way out” Li Da asked.

If he had a way, why would he let Bo Silin hang on the hot search every day

The two of them looked at each other.

Li Er trembled.

“Dont tell me… Dont tell me that we can only…”

“The netizens are crazy.

Besides, this Qiao Hefeng of yours has a problem with his brain.

How could he not know that hes being recorded”

“Thats still better than yours, right Should I say that Bo Silin seems to be doing most of the trending searches on purpose”

It was a simple game of chess.

It triggered two rounds of sadness.

The two lips quivered.

After a long while, Li Da went first, “Forget it.

Were brothers.

Lets not hurt each other.

From my experience, I advise you to accept reality.

No matter how much money you spend, itll be all for naught.”

He pointed at the screen and continued, “If these two can make it to one hot search, then they can make it to ten.

Itll make you go bankrupt.”

Li ers eyes lost all hope and light.

In the tent, a newly-formed couple was overly intimate.

The atmosphere on the pile of dried grass gradually became heated.

[What are Bo Silin and Su Feifei doing This noise is breaking the rules!]

[They havent been moving for so long.

Could it be that theyve fallen asleep]

[God f*cking couples! Theyre composing a poem, okay]

[I want to see it!!]

Su Feifei finally frowned when she heard the sound of Shen Ruoqings clothes being torn.

It was so strange.

Bo Silin held her hand and rubbed it gently for a moment.

Then, he led her to his face slowly.

The moment she touched it, her fingertips froze, but she didnt take it back.

He pinched her index finger down again, to his neck, and placed it on his protruding adams apple.

Bo Silin moved closer and closed his long legs, imprisoning her in his body, his breath reaching her ear.

“Su Feifei, do you know what this is” He asked.

On the other side, the two of them were already panting.

Bo Silin was very satisfied.

Very good, it was a perfect atmosphere.

“This is the difference between men and women.” He said in a hoarse voice, “Touch it.”

This sound was similar to the one in the cave…

No, it was even more tempting and magical than that time.

She was in the dark and could vaguely see Bo Silins gaze on her.

So she reached out and touched it.

For the next second, his adams apple moved up and down.

“Can you feel it” he asked in an even lower voice.


“Is it different”

Su Feifei touched her own.


Further down.

Her fingers touched his chest.

It slipped and stuck to his abdominal muscles.

He took her hand and reached the finish line.

She had clearly touched him just now, but the situation was inexplicably different.

She actually… Felt her cheeks heat up.

Across the shelf, the sound from the other end became more and more intense.

“I broke it! I still have to go out later…” Shen Ruoqing whispered.

“Who cares!”

[You two]

[Are you really coming]

“Does you know what youre doing” Bo Silins voice continued.

“I know.”

Bo Silin was stunned.

She does

How did she know that

“Then tell me, how do you feel”

“Im feeling good.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin was speechless.

What was she doing

He was stunned for a long time and did not come back to his senses.

“What” Su Feifei noticed his stiffness and frowned.

Didnt those men say that they were going to have some fun when they dragged the military prostitutes into their tents


Didnt the people here say that

However, her memory of this part was a little blurry and she couldnt match it to what they say nowadays.

Bo Silin finally recovered from his shock.

“It… ” he was defeated.

“It counts.”

Su Feifei was relieved.

It seemed that she had hidden it well and there was no problem.

“They sound very happy outside, dont they” Su Feifei suddenly had an idea and asked.

Qiao Hefeng was especially happy.

Bo Xi had said that she was free to do as she pleased.

She had already pressed it down and checked it.

There were no major problems.

Then, it was naturally time for her to freely express herself.

Su Feifeis eyes immediately locked onto Bo Silin.

Her eyes first swept past his long and narrow ones, then his smooth skin, and his delicate facial features.

Finally, her gaze slid down and swept up and down.

Bo Silin paused for a moment.

“Well… Ill be very happy too if I was doing it with a person I like.”

“Do you like me” She asked.

In an instant, the pause button was pressed on Bo Silins entire body again.

Did Shen Ruoqing and Qiao Hefengs hands-on teaching finally work

Did this directly open up a big aperture

“Why do you ask”

Bo Silin looked at the clarity in her eyes and almost lost himself in her.

However, there was still the last trace of vigilance in her dizzy mind.

“Its nothing.” Su Feifei answered.

“I just want you to be happy too.”

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