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Su Feifeis hand was still around his neck.

In the dark, the heat from his skin was warm.

She moved and felt that everything she touched was hot.

After that, she felt her hand being held by him, and they were brought to his neck.

Su Feifeis ears twitched and she retracted her hand.

She didnt know why, but she suddenly felt awkward.

“Dont be afraid.”

As soon as she heard this, Su Feifei felt provoked.


“Afraid of what”

She would let him do whatever he wanted with her.

Bo Silin chuckled.

On the other side, the noisy confession continued.

“Y-y-you… Are you crazy” This was the first sentence Qiao Hefeng said.


[Everyone, please be patient.

She likes to use honorifics when shes scared.]

[Im dying of laughter, hahaha! Hefeng wake up!]

[Where should I pay to watch]

[Im a VIP! Festival Group! Where are my benefits]

[You, why dont you just lie between the two Im worried about your mental health.]

“Im not crazy.

Ive been paying attention to you since the day you returned to the team!” Shen Ruoqing mustered up her courage and said, “That day was also the day I joined the team.

I felt that you were in the same boat as me, so… I dont know what happened, but I just thought that you were quite cute!”

Qiao Hefeng started to tremble.

Two lines of conversation suddenly flashed through his mind.

It was the words Bo Silin had said when he attacked him in the helicopter that day.

“I know its been hard for her to let go after all these years, but I didnt expect it to be that hard!”

“Is that so”

Qiao Hefeng suddenly raised his head.

“What are you doing” Shen Ruoqing was shocked.

“I…” he looked around to make sure that there was no one around and no camera.

Then, he took a step forward and got closer to Shen Ruoqing.

Shen Ruoqings face turned red and she was a little nervous.

“You… You didnt mind me doing that”

Shen Ruoqing paused in her actions.

“Doing what”

“T-that!” Qiao Hefeng was anxious.

[Which one Dont tell me…]

[The Spongebob pants man!!!]

[Hefeng miscalculated.

I bet he never thought that there would be a camera here.]

[Im laughing my head off.

Mans wilding!]

[Hefeng, can you be more careful when you check If he finds out that this live broadcast was out, I think he would really go to and see a therapist.]

“Oh, that… “Shen Ruoqing blushed and glanced at his pants.

“Whats there to mind Cant people have their own little hobbies And… And mine is also… Hello Kitty…”


Qiao Hefeng was shocked!


She was also one

Before this, he had no feelings for Shen Ruoqing at all.

However, the magnetic field between people was just so mysterious! He suddenly felt that at this moment, the love that came from all directions was about to drown him!

Was this… The feeling of love

Qiao Hefengs entire body floated up as if he had been instantly wrapped up in a pink bubble, healing him.

The image of Hello Kitty flashed across his mind.

The background music that only belonged to him resounded in his ears.

Only you…

He let out a cry from the depths of his soul!

In life, it was important to have a confidant!

[Im f * cking dead hahaha!!]

[These two people are locked down and loaded! Tie em up!]

[Im laughing my head off.

Hurry up and end the comedy! I want to watch the other side!]

[I really dont recommend watching this live stream with family…]

[I want to know when the two of them will be able to see this video.]

[The production team… Im begging you… please tell them whats happening on the live broadcast.]

“Then, then we could… “Qiao Hefengs voice also tightened.

Shen Ruoqing blushed.


“We could…”

He was getting more and more nervous.

He did not know where to start.

His mind was blank.

Driven by the flirtatious night, he slowly approached Shen Ruoqing.

Shen Ruoqing stopped breathing and closed her eyes nervously.

She could hear her heart beating.

He was moved, he was in love!


Qiao Hefeng suddenly quivered again!

“Whats wrong” Shen Ruoqing was also shocked.

[Are you going to kiss him or not Hurry up! I still want to watch the next one!]

[I hereby announce that the two of you are now married and can leave.

The exit is over there.]

[Hurry up!]

“I… I still have one more thing to do…”

Qiao Hefeng seemed to have made up his mind.

“If… If you still like me after seeing this…”


He reached out and began to untie his pants.

Shen Ruoqing was speechless.

[What the f*ck Arent they moving too fast]

[W-What are you looking at Hefeng! Youre an idol!!]


I can show the two elementary school kids the adult version of life.]

[Hefeng, I cant watch anymore.

When will they know that this is a live broadcast]

[This, this, this… Its a good thing the lighting is dark, otherwise, Ill get blinded!]

[Arent you afraid that after he takes it off, a huge Spongebob will appear in front of you]

[Come on, I can think of that big guy who will come back… right]

[Can the drone check up on the other couple]

“Im…” Shen Ruoqing said softly, “Im not ready yet… And I dont have to look… Could it be that theres something special about you”

Qiao Hefengs expression froze, and a defeated expression quickly appeared on his face.

Not prepared… So, the tolerance she showed just now was just to coax him

Shen Ruoqing immediately felt the change in his mood and reached out to pull him back.

“Actually… Actually, theres no problem… ” Shen Ruoqing gritted her teeth.

“Its just that… There are many people here.”

She glanced outside, afraid of disturbing others.

[Wow the only couple that cares about the viewers!]

[Ive taken a look at the number of viewers.

Its probably around 320 million.

No problem, well close our eyes for a while.]


[Its just a small scene.

What havent we all experienced Come, please start your performance! ]

Qiao Hefengs eyes lit up and he immediately nodded solemnly.


He pulled up his pants.

He steeled his heart and quickly pulled his pants down and covered them again.

“Did you see that”

Shen Ruoqing was speechless.

Qiao Hefeng frowned.

“Too fast.

Didnt you see”

“Alright, then you have to look carefully this time,” he said seriously as he got closer.

Shen Ruoqing did not react.


The next second, Qiao Hefeng quickly pulled his pants down again! They pulled it back up!

“Did you see that” He lowered his voice, as if he was passing on a signal from an underground party, and then repeated his actions.

“Did you see that!”

Shen Ruoqing was speechless.

She saw it.



It was like a ray of light in the dark.

It was dazzling, prominent, and outrageous.

Shen Ruoqing gritted her teeth.

“Y-youre only showing me this”

“Actually, I have a collection… ” Qiao Hefeng said with a red face, “If I dont wear it, I wont be able to sleep…”

He coughed lightly.

“Ive thought about it before, would my future partner care about this Ah… Who knew that the audience would them before my partner”

“But luckily, they only saw one thing.

The public relations team said that it could be considered an accident.

They were planning to say that I was filming here and didnt have any underwear to wear, so I borrowed the directors teams underwear.

They wanted to throw the blame on Qiu Ye first.

Anyway, this is Qiu Yes style of doing things, so everyone was okay with it.”

Qiu Ye, who was in front of the screen, was speechless.

Su Feifei and Bo Silin were speechless.

Those who had ears all fell silent.

Those with mouths could not speak.

[Its a beautiful wish, but it wont be fulfilled.]

[Hefengs public relations team is destined to have insomnia tonight.]

[Did it make it to the hot searches Can anyone check]

[Hefengs birthday is coming soon.

Lets give him an unforgettable birthday gift.]

[Can it be more unforgettable than Bo Silins birthday present]

“Alright, I can accept that,” Shen Ruoqing said.

She then pushed him away.

“If you dont plan on doing anything else, lets go.”

As she spoke, Shen Ruoqing took a step forward.

“Who says I wasnt going to”

Qiao Hefeng pulled her back, pressed her against the wall, and kissed her.

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