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[Which variety show would have a guest show his underwear in order to win a smart toilet]

[Sorry, Ill laugh first.

Dont hold back guys.]

As expected, the moment Xiao He saw the word, his expression changed and he coughed lightly.

Yu Huang and the others supported each other as they walked towards Sheng Xiao.

They stared at the abnormally huge Monster Core in Sheng Xiaos hand with reverent gazes.

Seeing that Yu Huangs eyes were reflecting light, Sheng Xiao asked in amusement, “Do you want to touch it”

Yu Huang immediately stretched out her hands.

Sheng Xiao really handed the Monster Core to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang held the bloody Monster Core and sighed.

“Its so heavy and the energy inside is so strong.

At last, were also people who have touched the Monster Core of a super demon beast.”

With that, Yu Huang handed the Monster Core to Donor and the others.

“Everyone, touch it.”

Everyone gathered around and touched the Monster Core.

After going around in circles, the Monster Core finally returned to Sheng Xiaos hand.

Sheng Xiao put away the Monster Core and said, “Lets divide the spoils before we leave.”


At this moment, Kunlun pointed at the Nine-tailed Snake Demons abnormally thick stomach and said, “Its stomach is moving.”

Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and stared at the overly thick stomach on the ground.

Sure enough, they realized that the Nine-tailed Snake Demons stomach was bulging.

Yu Huang frowned and said, “Could it be pregnant”

Snakes were born from eggs, so the snake in front of them might be an egg-born snake.

When Yu Huang thought about how there might be a baby in the snakes stomach, her expression instantly became sympathetic.

“If its a small snake, let it live.” Although Yu Huang liked to eat snakes, she couldnt bear to eat a small snake that had just been born.

Sheng Xiao said, “Let me see.”

Sheng Xiao gently cut the Nine-tailed Snake Demons abdomen with the tip of his sword.

Without the obstruction of its skin, the thing in its stomach immediately slipped to the ground.

However, to everyones surprise, there was no baby snake in the Nine-tailed Snake Demons stomach.

Instead, there were three to four human beast tamers who had yet to be completely digested and a pile of completely digested bones!

From the shape of the bones, it wasnt difficult to tell that they were all humans!

The four human beast tamers who had yet to be completely digested were almost all dead.

Only one womans legs were still subconsciously trembling as she put up her last struggle against the Nine-tailed Snake Demon.

In the Bo family, after watching the live broadcast, both Grandpa Bo and Bo Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Good, good, the result was pretty good!” Grandpa Bo sighed.

“Its just that their progress is too slow.

When will I be able to hold a great-grandchild”

Bo Xis phone suddenly rang.

She took a look and smiled.

“Dont worry, youll have a grandson soon!”

After she finished speaking, she picked up her phone and walked out.

“Hello, Su Feifei, whats wrong”

On the other end of the line, Su Feifei squatted on the ground and put the watch to her ear.

“Did you watch the live broadcast” she asked.

“Ive seen it.”

Not only did she see it, but she was also very excited about each part.

Last nights live broadcast had crossed the bottom line of the audit.

Since she, Bo Xi, had applied for it, she would have to follow this standard in the future!

[Su Feifei and Bo Xi are on the phone]

[Is this real]

“I dont think the method youre giving me is very good.” Su Feifei thought for a moment.

“I dont see any changes in him.”

“Dont be in such a hurry.” Bo Xi smiled.

“Bo Silin is actually quite shy.”

[Bo Silin Shy]

[Bo Xi, are you serious]

“Yes.” Su Feifei said, “I can tell.”

Bo Xi held back her laughter.

“Thats why you have to be more proactive.”

“I wasnt proactive enough yesterday Ive already injured him.”

[The f*ck Where did you hurt him]

[Speak clearly!!]

[Was it when you two were in the tent How did he get hurt I want to hear it too!]

“He… Hes injured”

“Yes, he didnt let me apply medicine.

Maybe its broken.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Xi was speechless.

[Is that true!!]

“This, this… ” Bo Xi was shocked.

“Are you sure”

“Im not sure.

He didnt let me check.”

“Then you should check it tonight.” Bo Xi said.

“He didnt let me, and he even cried.”

Bo Xi was speechless.

[Im numb…]

[What did I just hear!!]

[Who is crying What When]

[It might not have been broadcast last night, right]

[I think that Su Feifei is so drunk that theres a high probability that she cant remember anything.]

[Tonight thought… its hard to say.]

Bo Xis face darkened.

She slapped herself for that second of worry.

Did he really cry He was definitely acting as if nothing happened though.

“If he doesnt allow you to touch him, you can force him to do a check himself!” Bo Xi said immediately.

“Force him”

“Just tie him up! Or check him when he isnt paying attention.

Its best if you can grasp everything! What if theres a wound that you cant see, right For the sake of his health, we cant mess around with this kind of thing!”

It made sense.

Su Feifei nodded.

“What happens after the examination”

“After that … ” Bo Xi touched her chin.

At this point, Bo Silin should have some reaction, right Did he still need her to take the initiative after that

However, no one knew what would happen between the two of them.

She still needed to add more fuel to the fire.

“After that, strip him of his clothes and press on top of him, then… ” Bo Xi thought for a while.

she didnt have any experience in this.


“Then, you can do the rest yourself!”

Su Feifei pursed her lips and nodded.

“Alright, I got it.”

She muttered these words to herself and turned around to return to the camp.

In the camp.

Everyone in Su Feifeis team had already been trained to be independent.

When she returned, the tents were in full bloom and neatly arranged.

“Su Feifei, lets have seafood noodles for dinner!” Xiao He rushed forward.

Su Feifei responded casually, but her mind was filled with what had just happened.

“Thats strange …”

Xiao He looked at Su Feifeis back and muttered, “Why arent you all interested in the seafood noodles Su Feifei doesnt want to eat it, nor does Bo Silin…”

[Xiao He, grow up.]

[Wheres the person who wanted to make Xiao He rich last time Look at him! All he can think about is food!]

[Wasnt this brought out by Su Feifei]

After Su Feifei left Xiao He, she went straight to Bo Silin.

Bo Silin was done boiling the water.

When he looked up at Su Feifei, his eyes immediately lit up.

“Whats wrong”

“Come with me.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin picked up his walking stick and followed Su Feifei into the tent.

[Good heavens, dont tell me youre going to force him to strip!]

[Drone, go in!!]

[This is a tent for food! Theres no reason not to go in!]

The director team.

“Quickly, go in!” Qiu Ye stared at the screen curiously.

Drones were not allowed in the sleeping tent to give the guests privacy.

However, they were allowed to enter the tent where the food was kept.

He wanted to see what the two of them were up to!

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