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[Im cackling!]

[What was that!]

[The f*ck!!]

[Was that an illusion]

[Su Feifei, arent you being too good at this whole thing now]

[Can this be broadcasted!]

Only Su Feifeis expression remained the same.

She even asked the crowd, “Whats wrong Why are you looking at me”

Xiao He thought to himself,What do you think, Su Feifei! You touched the butt of a pure big boy! However, Xiao Hes lips moved for a moment, but he did not dare to say it out loud.

After a while, he tried to smooth things over.

“Director… about that thing… if we get first place, wont we get any prizes”

On the other end, Qiu Ye gritted his teeth.

He still hadnt recovered from the slapping action just now.

He took a deep breath and said, “Yes, the first prize is a hair dryer.”

“Really” all the girls on the team were excited.

Most of Su Feifeis team were girls, so washing their hair on a deserted island was the most troublesome thing.

They had to wait for a long time for their hair to dry naturally.

Now that there was a hairdryer, of course, they would all cheer!

“Su Feifei! This is awesome! I havent felt the hot wind blow my hair for a long time!” Tiantian said.

“Its a pity that theres no electricity now.

We can only use it when we return to our base.” Shen Ruoqing felt sorry for everyone.

“Yeah, Im quite envious of baldy.

She wont need to dry her hair.” Xiao He nodded.


“On second thought,” Qiao Hefeng continued, “Luo Feifas team doesnt really need one.

Theyre either all men or bald.”


Their voices were very loud, especially Qiao Hefeng.

This sentence resonated with the crowd, and it just happened to reach Luo Feifas team.

The entire team was speechless.

[Look at her expression! Everyone look!]

[Qiao Hefeng is really killing!!]

“Quiet, quiet, listen to me!”

Qiu Yes voice was heard from the broadcast again.

The crowd immediately quieted down and waited.

“First of all, congratulations on successfully conquering the third circle of this deserted island! However, the test has only just begun!”

[What else is there More tigers]

[Please stop.

Im begging you.

Dont you want them to enjoy themselves, Qiu Ye]

[Id like to see what other tricks hes going to play next and eventually kill himself.]

“Next, we need to attack the second circle.

We are getting closer and closer to conquering this deserted island!

“There will be different tests in the second round.This time, it involves danger and survival!

“The production team has also thoughtfully prepared a few small activities for everyone.

The activities will last for a day.

“Within this one day, you can earn island points and exchange them for supplies.

To be fair, we cant use any of the previous island points.

This means that all the existing island points will be cleared!”


The biggest reaction was, of course, the members of Su Feifeis team.

They had the most island points left.

If they couldnt use them, they wouldnt be able to earn enough resources.

Everyone looked at each other.

Luo Feifas group, on the other hand, welcomed a party.

“Thats great!” Luo Feifa gritted her teeth and said, “If this is a fair competition and we dont look at the accumulated points, our group cant be worse than them!”

“Its hard to say… ” Su Ling said, “Dont underestimate the enemy.

Moreover, Qiu Yes games all have loopholes…”

[Hahaha theres another one whos been beaten into submission!]

[Youre the one that is f*cking abnormal!]

“Whats the reward for the winner of the next round” Huang Ling asked.

If they won the first round, they would only be rewarded with a hair dryer.

Who knew what type of strange gifts would be in the second round

He didnt need a hair dryer thats for sure.

“Something amazing.” Qiu Ye said, “The champion of the second round will receive a smart toilet!”

Everyone was speechless.

[A smart toilet Qiu Ye, youre crazy!]

[Are you asking a bunch of celebrities to snatch the toilet bowl]

[Im just saying.

Cant you consider the practicality of the other party before you supply the supplies]

[This is to help us survive on the deserted island in the future.

Although we dont need it now, its better to be prepared for a rainy day.

After all, its still up to whoever can survive on the deserted island and win hundreds of millions of resources and bonuses in the end!]

[But… celebrities cant just go around snatching toilets.]

However, as soon as Qiu Yes voice echoed, countless people screamed like crazy.

“I want this toilet! Captain!”

“Captain, if you need me to do anything in the game later, just tell me!”

“Captain, we have to work hard.

I dont need anything! I dont have to eat, but Im begging you, you have to win this toilet!”

In Su Feifeis team, a well-known internet celebrity drooled with desire.

“We must find a place to go to the toilet in the wilderness every day.

Its really tough! ”

A male star in Luo Feifas team also felt the same way.

“Yes, one night, my stomach wasnt feeling well, so I squatted in the grass for a long time, providing a dinner for tens of thousands of mosquitoes.”


“We must win!”

Everyone raised their hands and shouted like crazy.

In the director teams tent.

Qiu Yes lips curved into a smile, which carried a hint of evil charm.

“Heh, everything is under my control.”

[Are you crazy]

[I miscalculated.

I forgot that you were the best at manipulating people, Qiu Ye.]

[I think this is going to be fun.

Hahahahaha, Ive never seen such a high fighting spirit between celebrities before.]

“Calm down, were about to start the first group of games!” Qiu Ye said.

Everyone instantly quieted down and lined up in an orderly manner.

“The prize this time is not ordinary.” Qiu Ye said slowly as he got up in excitement.

“Not only will it heat up, but it will also warm your cold heart on the cold deserted island.

“It will also provide you with a comfortable massage on your back.

In other words, Su Feifei, you can release yourself while enjoying life!

“Of course, theres also an automatic cleaning service.

I guarantee youll be able to wash up as you come and go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the fighting spirit in everyones eyes burned brighter!

“Lets go!”

“We must fight for the smart toilet!”

Su Feifei wasnt too interested in this thing, but she didnt miss the light in Bo Silins eyes.

“Do you want it” she asked.

[Its here, its here.

Su Feifeis husband-doting segment is here even though its late!]

Bo Silin nodded.

A smart toilet wasnt a big deal, but if the words on a deserted island were added to the front, it would be a top-tier temptation!

“Alright!” Su Feifei slammed the table.

“Lets win this thing! ”

She had to win this toilet!


Not long after, the staff members arrived at the scene and cleared out an area to begin the segment.

“The first game is a guessing game! One person gestures and the other person guesses the words.

Within a limited time, the group that guessed the most words would win! The winner will receive a hundred island points! Group three, please send your people up! In this round of the game, the captain must fight!”

“Su Feifei, Xiao He knows how to play this game!” Tiantian immediately replied, “He played with us two days ago! You can bring Xiao He along!”

Su Feifei immediately called Xiao He and went on stage.

The two of them stood still.

Qiu Ye crossed his arms and leaned to the side with a smile.

The moment he saw this smile, Bo Silin knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

The staff brought the cards to the stage and showed them to Xiao He.

The words were… underwear…

The person gesturing was Xiao He, and the person guessing the word was Su Feifei.

[Im sorry… I think I know where this is going…]

[Qiu Ye, youre really wild.]

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