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Out of everyone, Luo Feifa was the only one who was a step slower and stood outside the circle to pretend to look hesitant.

Even Huang Ling was dangling from it.

Luo Feifa stepped forward to reach for the net and tried to cut it with a knife, but she couldnt reach it no matter what.

It was as if Su Feifei had calculated it, it was just outside her limit.

Luo Feifa gritted her teeth and screamed in anger.

“What do we do now What do we do”

“Dont be in a hurry.”

Huang Ling carried a small knife with him, but the vine was thick and hard.

He didnt know how Su Feifei got it, but it bound him tightly, and the knife could only cut it little by little.

“This wont do.” Huang Ling made a prompt decision.

“By the time we cut it open, they would already reach the finish line.

Take the small bottle in my bag and shoot it at them! This is the sap of the anacardium tree, and it can cause an itch on the skin.

As long as we can hold them back, we still have hope!”

Luo Feifa immediately took action.

She ran forward from sunrise to noon and was getting closer and closer to the end of the third circle, but she still didnt see Su Feifeis team.

Luo Feifa was panting from exhaustion.

She was almost at her limit.

She was famished, her stomach was rumbling, and she was anxious and scared.

If Su Feifei won this time, Qiu Ye would definitely abuse his power to reward Su Feifei!

At that time, she would not be able to leave this place safely!

By the stream.

“Drink up, this is fresh water.”

After Su Feifei cleaned up the mud in the cracks, she turned around and called out to the others.

Xiao He and Tiantian immediately cheered and stepped forward.

Because the mineral water was too heavy, they had a lot of stock in their food tents.

However, Su Feifei said that she would find fresh water for them to drink if they carried the burden along the way.

At first, everyone was skeptical, but they didnt expect Su Feifei to really find it!

Shen Ruoqing finished drinking and passed the water to Qiao Hefeng.

Qiao Hefeng transferred it to Renbo.

“Im not drinking it.” Renbo immediately snorted, “Its dirty!”

Su Feifei looked over.

“This place is running water.

Its flowing, so its not dirty.”

“I dont want to drink.”

“Then die of thirst.”

the simple and brutal words made Renbo choke and speechless.

Bo Silin came up with his love-shaped walking stick, his cold eyes glistening across Renbos face.

Renbos body was covered in goosebumps.

“It doesnt matter if you die.” he said slowly, “Graves arent hard to dig up.”


Renbo was speechless.

[Renbo, why dont we just drink it]

[Bo Silins dissing after Su Feifei was very pretentious, but it was also tragic.]

Under Bo Silins gaze, Renbo could only take the water from Qiao Hefeng and drink it.

Qiao Hefeng reached out and pulled on Renbos sleeve.



“Take it from an experienced person.” Qiao Hefeng leaned over and said in a low voice, “Rather than being beaten up and becoming honest, its better to be honest from the beginning.

Im not lying to you.”

He left after he finished speaking.

[Hefeng! So that means he was completely beaten up, right]

[Renbo isnt that bad.

Although hes pretentious, hes just a coward.]

[As long as he doesnt act up, hell be the one who dies of anger in the end.]

Renbo pursed his lips and didnt speak.

Su Feifei looked at Bo Silin.

“Did you just say that Luo Feifa will be here soon”

Bo Silin pressed on Tiantians watch and looked at the time.

“They should be here soon.”

Su Feifei nodded.

The entire plan today was done by Bo Silin.

That included the leftover food, the height of the vines above the bamboo forest, where their team would rest, and how long it would take.

Bo Silin wrote everything down to a T, it was filled with numbers that she couldnt understand.

At that moment, Bo Silins body seemed to glow.

“Hey, theyre here!” Xiao He suddenly said.

Su Feifei turned around and saw a reflective object not far away.

[Is that Luo Feifas head]


[Help! Im dying of laughter! She cant even hide it in the middle of the night!]


In the next second, the bullet comments floated across the screen.

[Luo Feifas mother, can you see her head]

[Your daughter is shining!]

“Move out!”

Su Feifei immediately informed him.

Everyone instantly stood behind the wooden cart and formed a line.

It was not easy for Luo Feifa to see them.

As if she had been injected with adrenaline, her whole body was instantly filled with strength!

She clenched the bottle in her hand and immediately rushed forward!

She was going to squeeze this thing onto Su Feifei first!

The bottle cap was opened and a few clattering sounds could be heard.

The wooden carts immediately formed a line and spread out their shields!

The thing that Luo Feifa shot out from her hand directly hit the shield.

The sticky liquid dripped down, but no one was hurt.

Luo Feifa was stunned.

What was going on

[Did he really predict it]

[Im pretty sure he did.

I bet he even calculated the height of the rope that Luo Feifa cant cut.]

[I finally understand how the entertainment industry gave him the title now…]

[You fivehead man!]

However, at this moment, a certain man didnt care about his IQ.

He slowly leaned on his walking stick and stood next to his crush.

He opened his screen like crazy just to get Su Feifeis attention.

[Bo Silin, can you hold back a little!]

[Look at this worthless thing.]

Su Feifei didnt let him down and held on to him tighter.

“Got you.”

In an instant, Bo Silin felt comfortable all over! He had never felt so comfortable in his life.

He had never imagined that in his entire life, these two words could make his heart ripple in an instant.


[Su Feifei, Ive been a fan of baby Bo for so long, but this is the first time Ive seen him smile like this…]

[I think this gif can be made into an emoji package.

What do you all think]

[I wont allow you to do this!]

[Hurry, keep that smile away for your girl!]

“You…” Luo Feifa was shocked.

“How is this possible”

She gritted her teeth and quickly regained her senses.

Since she couldnt do it secretly, she would snatch this victory openly!

In any case, the condition for victory was for the entire team to reach the top and snatch the flag!

In other words, if she snatches the flag in advance, Su Feifei wouldnt be able to get it!

As Luo Feifa thought about it, she broke into a run!

“Director.” Su Feifeis cold voice suddenly sounded behind her.

Qiu Yes voice was heard from the walkie-talkie.

“Whats wrong”

“I want to exchange for the reward for the last kilometer.”

Luo Feifa suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Qiu Ye was stunned for a moment before he became excited.

The last kilometer

Wouldnt that be a direct win

Theres no need to compete anymore!

She didnt even need to take the flag.

She just needed the director team to help her carry it over!

Luo Feifa turned her head abruptly and gritted her teeth.

“This is not fair! She cant change at this time!”

“I declare the rules!” Qiu Ye didnt care about her.

His passionate voice rang out, “The competition in the third circle is over.

The winner has been decided!”

“Ahh!” Luo Feifa shouted and threw the bottle to the ground.

“This is not fair!” She was almost in tears.

“You f*cking bullies!”

However, her collapse didnt stop the other team members from cheering.

“Yay, yay, yay!”

Xiao He high-fived everyone one by one, and Qiao Hefeng took the grass skirt and started dancing.

He turned away from Luo Feifa and back again.

Xiao He was excited, “Did Su Feifei teach you that cheap dance”

He immediately put on his grass skirt and began to twist.

Then, Tiantian and Shen Ruoqing all joined in.


A green, twisting ocean wrapped around Luo Feifa.

“Were the winners!”

“This baldy is an id*ot!” Tiantian chimed in.

Shen Ruoqing and the rest all laughed.

Luo Feifa screamed while holding her head.

[No, is the total age of this group of people more than two digits]

[This is a battle between elementary school students!]

[Im going to die of laughter.]


[If you want Luo Feifa to die of embarrassment, you can just say it.]

Su Feifeis lips also curved into a smile.

She suddenly turned her head and smacked Bo Silins butt.

“Well done, theres a reward for tonight!”


With a loud slap, Bo Silins smile instantly froze.

What just happened…

The laughter of the audience slowly died down.

Everyones eyes moved to a certain perky object.

The next second, he gulped.

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