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Grandpa Qius face darkened, and he gritted his teeth and said, “I remember saying, dont, call me, by, my, nickname!”

“Goudan, you cant be like this.” Grandpa Bo raised his head.

“Even if youre rich now, you cant forget the days when you dug out bird nests in the village.

Only by facing the past can one step into the future.”

Grandpa Qiu was speechless.

[Im sorry, can I laugh]

[Whats with the atmosphere of this business meeting]

He took a deep breath and raised the flag.

Today, he was here to clear his grandsons name!

“I dont want to waste my breath on you.” Grandpa Qiu said, “Ive also decided that Su Feifei will be my daughter-in-law! Due to the current situation, I propose a fair competition!”

“Fair competition”

Grandpa Bo pointed at the live broadcast on the big screen.

It was Su Feifei carrying Bo Silin out.

“Do you think theres still a need to compete”

“Lets all calm down first.” Bo Xi stood by the table and waved his hand.

“You can talk about your advantages first.

Ill be the judge.”

“Advantage” Grandpa Bo laughed.

“I dont have any advantages.”

As he spoke, he unbuttoned his suit and swung it out.

More than 20 property ownership certificates were inserted in the inner lining of his clothes.

“Its just a small production.”

Grandpa Qiu sneered and put down his walking stick.

“You old fart, you want to compete with me in terms of assets”

He raised his head coldly as he spoke, revealing a light blue necklace on his neck.

This necklace was the Qiu familys heirloom.

It was called the lovers heart and was sold for more than 500 million dollars.

“Houses, theres nothing new about them.”

The last sentence directly pierced Grandpa Bos heart.

Grandpa Bo laughed out loud.

“Yes, youre right.

Theres nothing new.

Whats a house to us Su Feifei is happy with what she has.”

He stood up and stretched.

“Actually, todays competition is quite dull.

I dont even want to participate.

Im bored.

Dont we still have to let Su Feifei choose in the end Xuanji, help me back to my room to rest.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around inadvertently.

The air immediately rang with the clanking of metal.

Grandpa Qiu took a closer look.

He saw a row of gemstone necklaces hanging on Grandpa Bos back!

The cost of making this was very high and priceless!

Grandpa Qiu and Bo Xi were speechless.

[Im really numb.]

[I dont know if I should laugh.

It seems funny, but it also doesnt seem worthy of laughing.]

Grandpa Qiu gritted his teeth.

It was all his fault for miscalculating the game!

He didnt expect Bo Tieniu to be so attentive.

On the other hand, he wasnt fully prepared when he left either! Grandpa Bo stopped in his tracks and hissed.

“Whats wrong” the butler asked.

“My head hurts,” Grandpa Bo said.

“Yeah, its the hat that youve been wearing for too long!”

The butler understood and reached out to help Grandpa Bo take off his hat.

When the hat came off, instantly, things were scattered all over the ground.

Grandpa Qiu focused his eyes.

They were car keys for the major luxury car brands!

“Why are you acting so rashly!” Grandpa Bo shouted, “Pick it up quickly.

Dont dirty the gift for Feifei! ”

Grandpa Qiu was speechless.

In the end, he still lost this round.

Bo Xi was just the same.

He even had a f*cking backup idea and rehearsed in advance with the butler.

[Im sorry, Im getting numb from laughing.

Ill make a move first.]

[The two elderly people here have to take full responsibility for my death from laughter.]


[My cheeks are already aching honey, its bad for my skin!]

[I wonder how Su Feifei will react when she sees this video]

[Im not surprised how Bo Silin acts now that Ive his grandpa.]


On a deserted island.

Qiu Ye, who was still unaware of his grandfathers crushing defeat, was holding a loudspeaker and announcing the rules.

“The teams will set off today! As you are the most popular person in the live stream room, you have received the reward of bringing your team forward by one kilometer! The festival Group will send you to-”

“I wont be using the reward for the time being.” Su Feifei came over with a walking stick and then handed the walking stick to Bo Silin.

Bo Silin received it and was stunned.

The handle of this walking stick… was actually… a heart

[Su Feifei, you ]

[Is this the power of a woman]

[No way Was it a coincidence Why did she suddenly make a heart]

[Can I start preparing to scream again!]

“Do you like it” Su Feifei asked.

This was also mentioned in the book.

She had to express her love to the boy at all times.

There was nothing Su Feifei didnt know now.

The only thing she knew how to do was to seize the opportunity.

In the past, when she was starving in the wild, she could wait outside the rabbit hole for a few hours without moving just to catch her target.

Bo Silin was now an equally important target to her.

Towards a target, one must be patient, wholehearted, and loving.

“I like it very much,” Bo Silin replied.

However… he didnt really understand.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

These two people were treating him like he didnt exist, right

“Excuse me!!” he coughed violently.

Only then did Su Feifei look at him.

The stars in her eyes disappeared in an instant, and she returned to her cold and indifferent state.

“The rules didnt say when Ill use this reward.

Ill use it when I see fit.”

Qiu Ye was puzzled.

If she didnt use it now, when will she

“Su Feifei, Luo Feifas team has a lot more masters that survived in the wild…”

“I know, I can win.” Su Feifei said.

Alright, if she said she could win, they could only believe her.

Compared to Qiu Ye, Xiao He and the rest were full of confidence.

Su Feifei had never disappointed them.

The news quickly reached Luo Feifas camp.

Luo Feifa, who hadnt slept well all night, was bald and more irritable as she sat on the hammock.

“Youre saying that their team wont be using their special privileges They want to use it in the second round”

She laughed out loud,Su Feifei, why are you so crazy Do you think you can reach the same place as us without using this thing

A smile appeared on Huang Lings face.

“This will be easy.

No one is better at surviving in the wild than me.

Its a good thing that theyve underestimated the enemy.”

[To be honest, Huang Ling has been a veteran player in the wilderness for five or six years.

He just happened to go to a deserted island to survive a while ago.]

[Yeah, Ive seen his reels too.

Theyre really good.]

[Su Feifei is going to be at a disadvantage against such a professional.]

[Su Feifei should really be more vigilant this time!]

[Dont worry, I believe in her!]

On Su Feifeis side, the team had been organized and she called everyone over.

“Do you all understand the mission this time” she asked.


“At all costs, destroy Luo Feifas team!”

[Isnt it supposed to be winning the competition]

[Su Feifei is about to start! The game is finally starting!]

[Sure enough, once the war is declared, its true that they wont rest until one of them is dead.]

They were then sent by the director team to the place where they had set up camp.

The three teams collided, and the smell of gunpowder in the scene became thick again.

This time, Su Feifeis team was still pushing small carts.

However, when the other two teams saw the small cars, their eyes were filled with envy and admiration.

[This scene is really funny.]

[I suggest that you photoshop the picture and make it into an emoji pack.

There would be so many.]

[I remember someone scolding Su Feifei for enslaving her own team members… Come out so we could have a short chat…]

It was evening, and they all took a break.

Luo Feifas team relied on Huang Ling to successfully hunt for food, and they even had coconut water to go with it.

Su Feifeis team quickly ate a sandwich and went to bed.

Everyones faces were filled with question marks.

Su Ling pulled Luo Feifas sleeve, “They went to be so early today.

Something must have happened.”

“What can happen Theyve been pushing such a heavy cart.

Im sure thats why they went to bed.”

Su Ling could only shut her mouth.

“Originally, they mastered the skills of surviving in the wild, so we couldnt walk fast on an empty stomach.

However, the situation is different now.

Huang Ling is indeed capable.

He managed to earn us a tent so quickly.

“Id like to see how shes going to win against me this time!”

Luo Feifa snorted coldly and continued to joke around with her team members by the bonfire.

She only went to sleep in the tent way past midnight.

Around four in the morning, a loud shout suddenly exploded in the air.

“Everyone, gather!!”

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