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Su Feifei moved her lips and looked at Bo Silins clothes — which had obviously been torn —then at his posture.

“Whats wrong” he asked.

Bo Silins eyes were filled with resentment as he reached out to touch the corner of his mouth.

Only then did Su Feifei notice that there was blood on the corner of his mouth.

Her face darkened.

“Who did this to you”

Bo Silin stared at her for two seconds and the corners of his eyes suddenly turned red.

He glanced at Su Feifeis hand, then at his collar.

He pulled the blanket over himself and lay down.

“What are you doing!” Su Feifei sat up straight and reached out to touch him.

“Bo Silin”

He was crying What did that look mean

Could it be,..


Some scenes suddenly flashed through Su Feifeis mind.

At times, it was the scene of her pulling Bo Silins waist into her arms, and at other times, pulling Bo Silin to bury his head in her chest…

She stood rooted to the ground, frowning.

Her mind was a mess.

She had never done such a thing before, and she had drunk alcohol last night.

Who knew that this body could not drink at all


She actually got drunk in one gulp and didnt even manage to complete her main task.

“Dont cry.

What did I do to you last night” Su Feifei pushed him.

“You go first.”

Bo Silin still kept his head down and did not speak.

Su Feifei gritted her teeth and softened her tone.

“Dont cry, Bo Silin.”

Bo Silin still did not move.

Su Feifei got up and saw a lump on the bed.

She felt a little guilty.

Could it be that she had gone too far

She didnt hurt him, right

Sometimes, when the military prostitutes in the military camp served too many people at once, they needed to get medicine.

Su Feifei started to think.

“Can I see” she asked.


The person under the blanket paused.

What did she want to see

Su Feifei stepped forward and was about to lift the blanket when she paused and sat down beside him.

“Bo Silin, its my fault.”

She lowered her voice and said, “Come out first and talk to me.”

“Its already happened.

Crying wont solve anything.

Dont worry.

No matter what happens, Ill take full responsibility.”


The person on the bed immediately jumped up when he heard the last sentence.

Their eyes met, and the tear stains on his face were still there.

That was called pitiful.

“Really” Bo Silin asked in a trembling voice.

Su Feifei was speechless.

She felt at a loss.

Was he really crying

Was she that impetuous last night

thats right, it was her first time doing such a thing and she didnt know what to do.

In a moment of desperation, she must have been ruthless and didnt know the severity of her work.

No matter how delicate Bo Silin was, she had never seen him cry because of work.

He didnt even cry when he was working, so why would he cry now

She must have done something extremely ruthless.

She pursed her lips and finally made up her mind.

“Ill take a look for you.”

As she spoke, she got up and went to pull Bo Silins pants.

Bo Silin immediately retreated and held her hand.

What was going on Did he overdo it

“Dont move, let me see.” She said, “If youre injured, Ill apply medicine for you later.”

Applying for medicine

Bo Silin glanced at her hand and then at his crotch.

“No… theres no need.” his throat tightened.

Even though there was a second when he wavered.

He was Bo Silin, a man with a bottom line.

“You have to use medicine when youre injured.” Su Feifeis face darkened.

“Dont be afraid of embarrassing yourself.

If you dont seek medical treatment, itll affect your whole life.”

Bo Silin was speechless.

Su Feifei suddenly frowned when she saw his frozen expression.

A white light flashed in his mind, and in the next second, his lips trembled.

“Bo Silin…”

“What” he subconsciously responded.

Su Feifeis brows were furrowed, and her eyes were very complicated.

There was 40% guilt, 30% fear, 20% doubt, and 10% helplessness.

“You… youre not broken, are you”

There was a long silence in the air.

The next second, Su Feifei stood up immediately.

“Ill go find the doctor!”

“No, Im not! No! Wait!”

Bo Silin pulled her back.

If she were to find a doctor, he would be on the trending searches forever.

He would rather be dead than ruin his reputation like that.

Bo Silin was very clear about this.

“Im very complete.” He solemnly promised, “Nothing is missing anywhere.”

Su Feifei glanced at him suspiciously.


“Its true.” he nodded firmly.

“Then what did I do last night” she asked.

hearing this, Bo Silins shoulders drooped again.

Two seconds later, Su Feifei heard his answer.

“What I did that”

Su Feifei was silent for a moment.

As expected.

However, if she were to propose now, wouldnt it be too abrupt

If she told him about this kind of thing rashly, he would definitely be frightened.

Moreover, they had just experienced such a violent storm.

If she said it now, he might just faint.

She would do everything according to the book first, then Bo Silin would understand her hint.

She would just tell him directly when the time was right.

“Come together, everyone!”

Qiu Yes dragged-out voice suddenly sounded on the radio.

Today was the day of the teams departure, so they had to delay their conversation.

“Lets go out first.” Su Feifei glanced at it and suddenly asked, “Wheres your walking stick”

“You broke it.”

Bo Silin pointed to a pile of broken pieces in the corner with his chin.

Su Feifei fell silent again.

That intense The wood part could still be explained, but the metal part was broken as well.

“Ill help you.” she lowered her body and pushed the thought away.

She used her uninjured hand to pick Bo Silin up.

Bo Silin leaned towards the person happily; his face was all smiles.

Light returned to his eyes.

Qiu Ye was holding a loudspeaker when he saw this scene and became speechless.

[What the f*ck!!]

[Theyre out! Ive been waiting all night for this!]

[Help! Did the two of them really sleep in the same tent last night]

[Were live streaming right now.

Are they really not going to avoid suspicion at all!]

[Theyre insane!]

[When did this show become too much for me to handle]

Qiu Ye gritted his teeth.

“Bo Silin, didnt you walk perfectly with your walking stick yesterday Why cant you walk again so early in the morning”

[Qiu Ye is calling him out!]


[Qiu Ye, youre so immoral.

why did you expose my baby]

Before Bo Silin could say anything, Xiao He immediately stepped forward.

“Director Qiu, you cant just say that! Bo Silin was seriously injured last night, but he still insisted on carrying Su Feifei in!”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

Tiantian agreed, “Thats right! Even if he bled, he didnt forget to cover Su Feifei with a blanket!”

“I saw it too,” Shen Ruoqing replied.

Qiao Hefeng replied, “What a role model! Even though your leg broke, you still shine like a star!”

Were these the soldiers that Su Feifei had raised

[Qiu Yes expression is so funny, hahaha!]

[Qiu Yes expression is legendary!]

[Youve messed with the wrong gang.]

Bo Silin nodded slightly at them.

Very good.

those who wanted to increase their pay increased their pay, and those who didnt have a job came to work.

The Bo familys door was always open to welcome anyone in.

Outside the island, a war started.

Grandpa Qius sports car was parked in front of the Bo familys house.


The two sides were playing a game of chess.

The butler was holding his phone and doing a live broadcast.

This was because Grandpa Bo had appeared on camera a while ago and was loved by the netizens.

The netizens left comments online, hoping to see Grandpa Bos daily life.

That was why Grandpa Bo started his first live broadcast.

He did not expect to have an uninvited guest in the first stream.

Grandpa Bo sneered as he sat at the stone table.

“You didnt come here today to discuss business with me, did you, Qiu Goudan”

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