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The button bounced twice on the ground.

Her soft and beautiful body had exquisite lines and curves.

One could vaguely see the shape of a figure through the cloth.

Her usually flat figure was actually… very impressive.

Bo Silins body froze slightly.


Su Feifei called out again.

She reached out in the air, grabbed Bo Silins sleeve, and pulled it hard!

Bo Silin pounced forward and buried his entire face in Su Feifeis chest.

Bo Silin was speechless.

He propped himself up, and all the blood in his body instantly rushed to his head.

Then, he could clearly see that on the snow-white patch, bright red blood began to appear.

Bo Silin was speechless.

He suddenly raised his hand, and his delicate features instantly cracked.

A… nosebleed

Why did he have a nosebleed

This matter was no less impactful than waking up in the cave.

The light of life had once again been extinguished.

At the entrance…

“How is it, how is it Did you hear that Did you hear any cries” Xiao He asked Qiu Ye, who was squatting in front of him.

“Crying!” Qiu Ye turned around and cursed, “Youre forbidden from saying such vicious words! What else do you want to hear Xiao He, youve changed!”

Xiao He glared at him and said righteously, “I only hope for great harmony in life, and I hope that the lovers will finally be together! If you cant hear anything, then dont stand at the center position!”


He pulled Qiu Ye away and squatted in front of him.

Qiu Ye was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Were these people crazy Was he the crazy one

[Xiao He youre so funny!]

[Should I say it or not Xiao He is really promising.]

The curtain of the tent was suddenly lifted.

Then, a figure walked out.

Everyone was speechless.

Xiao He trembled.

“Bo Silin”

[That quick]

[That was like one or two minutes!!]

[I cant accept this!]

[Go back!]

[Everyone relax! His clothes are still intact! Three minutes cant even be enough for him to take off his clothes! If he could see the comments now, he would probably kill someone.]

Bo Silin covered his nose and lowered his head to bump into the few people squatting outside.

Several pairs of eyes met, and everyone fell silent.

Furthermore, they all had their own reasons for being silent.

“What are you guys doing here” Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

“Huh” Xiao He panicked.

“We… were here… here… digging for wild vegetables”

When the last sentence was said, it was phrased into a question.

Tiantian glanced at him, but she didnt dare to agree.

Xiao Hes face immediately drooped.

‘Forget it, I cant explain it.

Was he supposed to say to the truth

Qiu Yes laughter sounded very abruptly, and his expression was still sneaky.

“Hey, Bo Silin, why are you out so quickly”

[Qiu Ye still has something to say]

[Oh my Su Feifei, wake up.

Your boys are fighting.]

[As long as we get a good view of the fight, Ill be happy.]

At Bo Silins studio.

Li sat in front of the computer, his mouth twitching.

After a long while, his hand holding the cigarette started to shake.

After Bo Silin being a bottom trended online, he thought that there would not be any more words that would surpass this hot search.

Since life had already reached the bottom, then there was only one way up, right

Everything will be fine.

Just a minute ago, he was still thinking that.


But why…

Could anyone tell him what the words on the screen meant

A staff member passed by.

“Bo Silin is on the hot search again” he took a closer look.

“What the f*k, why is that word there”

The person continued reading.

“Bo Silin… lasting three minutes…”

The kettle fell to the ground.

Everyone looked at each other and went numb.

“W-what should we do… are we going to retreat”

Li put out the cigarette and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, his entire body was on fire.

“Retreat Motherf*cker! How can we not retreat Ill remove this hot topic today even if I have to bet on my dignity as a man!”

The studio immediately got busy.

At the same time, in the Bo familys house.

“What” Grandpa Bo was shocked.

“He… Hes that bad!”

“No… ” the butler was anxious.

“I-I dont know! The team has already removed the hot search, shouldnt we do something now”

Grandpa Bo frowned.

What else could he do at this point

He had never expected that his grandson would fail at the last step! This b*stard!


His phone suddenly rang.

Grandpa Bo took a look and saw that it was Grandpa Qiu!

“Oh no, theyre definitely here to mock me! This man has been coveting my Su Feifei for the past two days!”

He turned on the speaker.

Grandpa Qius voice was immediately heard.

“Oh, I heard your grandson only took three minutes”

Grandpa Bo was speechless.

“I think Su Feifei is a really good girl! Qiu Ye also likes her a lot, right Our Qiu familys strength is up there.

No matter how weak Qiu Ye is, at least he wont cross the line.

If he really cant do it, why dont you give her up Bo, what do you think”


“Qiu Goudan, in your f*cking dreams!”

Grandpa Qiu was furious.

“Bo Tieniu, how dare you!”

Grandpa Bo directly hung up the phone.

He was trembling with anger and called for Bo Xi.

“Go! Buy the hot search! Hurry up and buy the hot search!”

“What are we buying” Bo Xi asked after taking a sip of her drink.

Grandpa Bo thought for a moment.

In less than half an hour, a brand new hot search had firmly stuck at the top of the ranking — Bo Silins 18 centimeter… it was followed by the word explosion.

Bo Xi looked at the searches and then at her grandpa, who had a righteous look on his face.

“What are you looking at” Grandpa Bo walked out of the door and muttered, “It could be right… right”

On a deserted island.

A few of them had no idea what was happening outside.

No one knew how much Bo Silins reputation had changed in the past few minutes.

Bo Silin took Xiao Hes paper and raised his head to wipe the blood from his nose.

Qiu Ye was still laughing, “Your nose is bleeding, hahaha… it cant be that you cant take it even before you even started, right B-Bo Silin, youre too weak… ah!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Bo Silin waved his hand and a slingshot appeared.

It went straight for Qiu Yes nose.

Qiu Ye turned his head after he shouted.

Blood from the same nose instantly appeared on Qiu Yes face.


Bo Silin smirked, his face full of sarcasm.

“Qiu Ye, oh Qiu Ye, why do you have a nosebleed just by looking at me Control it, the entire countrys audience is watching.”


Qiu Ye was speechless.

“Get lost! F*ck you, you animal!”

[Does anyone know happened to the hot searches Looks like the Bo family bought the hot search, hahaha!]

[If our baby Bo sees this, hell go home and fight his grandpa.]

[Its a good thing he cant see.

Its really tragic, hahaha.]

Bo Silin looked at him coldly, then turned and went into the tent.

Many people were destined to have a sleepless night on this deserted island, he was one of the many.

The next day, Su Feifei had a headache when she woke up.

She rubbed her eyes and opened them to look at her surroundings.

When did she reach the tent

Didnt she prepare to win over Bo Silin last night

She suddenly stopped.

She turned around and saw a pair of amber eyes.

The man with a curly beard was lying beside her.

His collar was half open, and his collarbones were clearly visible.

His hair was slightly messy, and his clothes were covered in blood.

There were still two red bloodstains on his perfect face.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with resentment as he stared at her.

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