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[Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Please!!]

[Im dying of anxiety! Can they kiss already!]

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

The drunkenness had already spread to her cheeks.

She reached out her hand slowly and pinched Bo Silins face.

“Youre honest…”

She furrowed her brows and hiccuped.

Bo Silin reached out to scoop her up, the two of them pressed tightly together.

Everyone watched the ants move on the ground, not daring to raise their heads.

However, even if they didnt raise their heads, they couldnt ignore what they were talking about.

“Is there any reward for my honesty, your majesty” Bo Silins voice sounded again.

This time, the brawny mens faces turned even redder.

They wanted to hear it, but they were embarrassed, excited, and helpless.

[Omg a daddy!!]

[Is this something that can be said on this show]

[Bo Silins public relations team has already been disbanded, right]

[I dont care about them.

I just want to know what happens next.]

At this moment, in Bo Silins studio.

A few staff members sat together and volunteered to work overtime.

There was a large screen in front of them, on which all kinds of replies were rolling down.

Their hands were clenched into fists, and their faces were also flushed red.

Waves of emotions surged in their hearts.

“This hot search…”

“Who cares about the f*cking hot search!” Li didnt even turn his head.

He stared at the screen excitedly.

“Bo Silin! You can do it!”

The staff member was speechless.

“The reward …”

Su Feifei squinted her eyes and looked at several double images flashing in front of her.

She struggled to think about this question.

“You didnt think of one, did you” Bo Silin hugged her, his voice very close and low.

Su Feifei looked up at him and felt like she was looking at a starry sky.

She could just swim in it all day.

“Well, I didnt expect it… ” she said sternly, “But… Im very fair.

You can tell me whatever reward you want.”

“What if… ” Bo Silin paused and mumbled in her ear, “What if the person I want is you, your majesty ”

[Bo! Silin! What did you say!]

[What the f*ck did he say!]

Xiao He was already trembling.

The corners of his mouth rose crazily, and he couldnt help but want to stir up the hot search.

It had already exploded, right

“You want me” Su Feifei stopped swaying and looked at him.

After a while, she laughed.


Here you go.”

everyone was speechless.

Bo Silins temperature was instantly raised by this sentence.

He squinted at Su Feifei and said, “You said it.

there are many people looking at us now, and the evidence has been left behind.”

[You still know that its a live stream]


[You two are just short of a bed, okay!!!]

“Of course its true!” Su Feifei stood up.

“My words carry enormous weight! I am a woman of my word and…”

She chuckled.

His eyes swept across Bo Silins body, and her gaze swept across his body.

“I also want you..r…”

Bo Silins movements instantly froze.

“Parents.” Su Feifei paused.

“And grandpa.”


Bo Silin raised his eyebrows.

What did she mean by that

“What about me” Bo Silin asked again.

Su Feifei frowned.


If she wanted his parents, she could only have him.

“That too.” Su Feifei said.

“Ill take it…” his tone was more or less filled with helplessness and disdain.

However, Bo Silin did not care about that at this moment.

Capture her first, and then slowly teach her the rest.

Anyway, there was still a long way to go, so he was not in a hurry.

“Words are not proof.

When you sober up tomorrow, youll have forgotten everything.” Bo Silins gaze started to move from her eyes down to her lips.

“I need proof.”

“Proof How can I give you the proof”

“Youre mine, and Im yours.

Do you now know how to prove this”

Bo Silin guided patiently.

The drunk Su Feifei was much more obedient than usual.

The way she stared at him in a daze was more like a vigilant deer in the forest.

She was attracted to curiosity, and her eyes were also glossy.

One couldnt help but want to taint this cleanliness with a bit of the real world.

“I… I dont know.” Su Feifei answered.

“That day on the hospitals rooftop, what was on the opposite side Baby, do you still remember ” Bo Silin moved closer.

“The rooftop of the hospital …”


She remembered.

The ring, the man, and the woman entangled together.

“Su Feifei” Bo Silins bewitching voice rang out.

His eyes which were filled with the starry sky were pulling her into his orbit.

His thin lips opened slightly, and the words that came out of his mouth were scorching hot.

“Thats the proof,” he said.

Su Feifei grabbed his collar and steadied herself.



he was very certain that she understood his wants.

“Alright, Ill give you the proof.”

The next second.

Su Feifei immediately stood on her tiptoes, hooked her left arm around Bo Silins neck, raised her head, and pressed her lips against his.


Their soft lips instantly pressed together.

The bullet screen instantly exploded with exclamation marks!

Everyone was speechless!

D-did they really kiss!!

In the director teams tent.

“Holy f*ck!”

Qiu Ye was so shocked that he even threw away his tablet.

Two seconds later, he knelt down and shouted.

“Bo Silin! You animal! Animal! What method did you use to get her to do that”


The Bo family also exploded.


Bo Xi, Grandpa Bo, and the butler stood up and jumped on the spot.

Grandpa Bo stuck his head out and called for a servant in the courtyard.

“Go! Book a hotel! Hurry up! Choose a good day! My grandson is getting married!”


All the blood in Bo Silins body was rushing to the same place.

Without any hesitation, he wrapped his arms around Su Feifeis waist and deepened the kiss.

However, the next second, Su Feifeis head tilted to the side and she fainted in his arms.


Bo Silin, who was preparing for a long time paused.

Is she for real

Only then did he raise his head and find that there were already a few more human-shaped stone pillars beside him.

Xiao He and the rest stood in place.

They did not know where they had lost their chins.

Their whole demeanor was crooked and stood in place.

Did the scene just now… really happen

Ater a long time, Xiao He slowly stepped forward.

“Do… do you need my help, Bo… Bo Silin… Su Feifei… fainted”

He reached out to help her up.

In the end, Bo Silin turned sideways and gave way.

The next second, he picked up the person in his arms, threw away his walking stick, and walked into the tent.

[What the f*ck A medical miracle]

[Is this the power of love]

[Is there a possibility that shes just pretending]


[Drone, youre awesome! Go into the tent and shoot them now!! Be good!]

[Thats why Bo Silin has been deliberately not using the wheelchair for the past few days.

He insisted that Su Feifei support him instead…]

[Bo Silin you cunning lovesick bird!]


In the director teams tent, there was also a cry of despair.

“Bo Silin! You scheming animal!”

Xiao He swallowed his saliva and stood still for a long time.

Then, he waved his hand and said to everyone, “All of you can go back! Bo Silin will take care of Su Feifei tonight.

Itll be fine!”

Qiu Yes voice exploded from the speakers around them.

“Get her out of Bo Silins tent! We dont allow men and women to live together!”

[Qiu Ye, give up.

I cant handle this.]

[If only your brain was a third as good as our Bo Silins, you wouldnt be here scolding people.]

[Maybe even Xiao He is better than you now.]

[Maybe even Qiao Hefeng is better.]

[Please, youre taking things too far.

Qiao Hefeng is the bottom line…]


Xiao He said, “Disperse, disperse!”

No one paid attention to Qiu Yes order.

In the tent, Bo Silin placed her on the bed.

Su Feifei frowned.

The slight blush on her cheeks hadnt faded, and her expression was completely different from usual.

After the coldness faded, the lines on his face were extremely soft.

She was pretty and had exquisite facial features.

“Its hot …”

she mumbled and suddenly reached out to unbutton her collar.

The next second, her collar was directly pulled open.

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