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Su Feifei cant carry something

Were there hundreds of steel bars underground

While everyone was curious, Bo Silin reached out to take it.

However, when his fingers touched the glass bottle, he suddenly froze.

This… could it be…

“What is it, Bo Silin” Xiao He was even more curious.

“Take it out and let me see!”

[What Im more curious about is, if Su Feifei cant lift it, can Bo Silin]

[Bo Silin, its time we spend some money to ban some accounts.]

[I mean, Bo Silin is mighty and majestic.

Of course, he can carry it!]

Bo Silin lowered his eyes to take a look and looked up again.

He and Su Feifeis eyes met.

Su Feifei asked, “Why are you looking at me Take it out.”

Bo Silin was speechless.

He grabbed the can and placed it on the table with a bang.

It was another newly unearthed gas station.

He had gotten over it.

Everyone was speechless.

Su Feifei touched the edge of the jar very naturally and said, “Today is the first day back on the island.

Lets have a few drinks to celebrate.”

“Drinks” Xiao He asked.

“Yes, this is good for your body.” Su Feifei nodded.

[Forgive me for thinking a little astray]

[So this is the reason why she couldnt carry it Should I give Bo Silin some supplements to prevent him from losing his health at the most critical moment]

Su Feifei personally filled Bo Silins cup and symbolically poured herself a little more.

“Drink up.” she smiled.

Bo Silin was speechless.

[Girl, you are being too much right now…]

[Why did she give herself a sip and give Bo Silin a cup]

[Its to prepare him for bed later!!]

[Can someone kick that viewer off please…]

“I dont need this,” Bo Silin replied.

“No, you need it.” Su Feifei said.

Bo Xi had said that it was best to have some wine before entering the tent.

In a tipsy state, it would definitely create wonderful sparks.

Though… Su Feifei didnt know what kind of sparks it was that she mean.

In her entire life, she had only started a fire with wood and created sparks.

However, she trusted Bo Xis words very much.

She had to listen and try.

In front of the screen, Bo Xi and Grandpa Bo had already started to slap their thighs.

“Hahaha!” Bo Xi laughed maniacally and took out her phone to take pictures of Bo Silins dark face.

“I cant take it anymore, Im dying of laughter!” She shouted, “When Bo Silin comes back, Im going to develop this photo and hang it on his bedside to remind him!!”

On a deserted island, everyone at the table started to eat ad mind their own business.

The one who suffered the most was none other than Qiao Hefeng.

He didnt dare to eat the lobster to his hearts content.

Why are seafood noodles so hard to eat these days

“Excuse me.” Xiao He suddenly popped his head out.

“Bo Silin, did you carry firewood just now Your hands must be hurting, right Su Feifei, why dont you feed him”

Hearing the prompt of her feeding him brought back a lot of memories.

Su Feifei was just about to agree when Bo Silin immediately picked up the bamboo cup and drank it all in one gulp.

“No need, I can drink it myself.” Bo Silin put down his cup.

Su Feifei was satisfied and also took a sip.

After pushing the cup away, she realized that she was injured in her right hand.

So she couldnt eat noodles with her left hand.

“Ill help you.”

A low voice passed by her ears.

Bo Silin directly took her bowl and fed her the noodles.

In an instant, the temperature in the area rose!

Everyones eyes widened and they stopped breathing.

Xiao He started to pinch himself again.

The burly mens faces turned red as if the shyness that should have belonged to Su Feifei had been transferred to them.

Tiantian was also so excited that she was trembling.

[What did I just see What did that mean]

[Baby, youve finally made it.

I can die in peace.]

[Subo rice pot! I love you!]

[This ship will stay with me forever!]

[I hereby announce that you are the biggest fan of this couple, Bo Silin!]

Su Feifei turned to look at him with a blank expression.

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows and moved a little closer.

The chopsticks had already touched her lips.

The shape of her lips was beautiful, and the color was pink.

His eyes moved, revealing an undisguised desire.

[Holy f*ck, this look is spicy!]]

[Dont look back Su Feifei, youll fall in love!]

“Be good and open your mouth.” Bo Silin said.

The entire place exploded.

Everyone covered their mouths at the same time and started to scream silently.

Xiao He clenched his fists and wanted to run away!

However, he was afraid of disturbing this peaceful painting, so he didnt dare to move at all.

He only dared to pinch his thigh until it was bruised!

Its here, its here! The day had finally come!

The finish line is close!

He wished he could rush up and press the two heads together!

Su Feifei, quickly take a bite! hurry up and take a bite!

As long as you take this bite, Ill declare that youre legally married from now on!

[Eat, eat!]

[Eat the noodles and then eat out the person.

Im begging you.]

[Bo Silins clothes today look really easy to tear apart.]

[I think this man is intoxicating.

Hes giving off a sexy feeling from head to toe.

Its impossible for Su Feifei not to feel it this time! ]

[Su Feifei has also been enlightened! Trust me!]

As the bullet comments boiled, Su Feifei leaned forward.

Bo Silins heart moved slightly.

Her every action was so cute that it made his heart tremble.

Wait, she was blushing

Su Feifei was being shy

Bo Silin could not believe the results of his analysis and took another look.

It was really pink.

It was very beautiful, but it also made ones hair stand on end.

In the next second, he knew the reason for the creepy feeling.

Su Feifei slammed the table and stood up.


she stretched out her hand and pointed at Bo Silin.

Bo Silins bowl of noodles froze in his hands, not knowing whether to put it down or take it.

“Are impudent!”

A voice that was full of vitality rang out in the entire camp.

Everyone stood up in unison.

Almost reflexively, they immediately lined up in a formation!


Su Feifeis body swayed.

She pulled her leg out of the wooden bench, her gaze sweeping across the entire place before landing on Bo Silin.

“Who allowed you to… without permission… What do you want to do huh”

Everyones eyes were about to pop out.

This time, Bo Silin had already anticipated this.

“Are you trying to seduce me”

Su Feifei shouted and tilted her body, allowing Bo Silin to catch her immediately.

He protected Su Feifeis injured hand.

He put down the bowl of noodles as he held her.

Bo Silin pursed his lips as he looked at the obviously drunk face.

She was drunk just like that

[What the f*ck Su Feifei is drunk just like that ]

[Su Feifei, did you get yourself drunk from that one mouthful]

[Didnt anyone notice Bo Silins little actions Hes even taking care of Su Feifeis wound!]

“Say something!”

Su Feifei straightened up and grabbed Bo Silins collar.

She asked fiercely, “With such a handsome face, what else could you be doing if not trying to seduce me Speak, is it true or not!”

Huh Handsome

Bo Silins eyes lit up and he smiled.

“Yes,” he said after a seconds pause.

[We shouldnt be here!!!!]

[I want to go home…]

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