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It was about soldiers — A Good Fellow!

Su Feifei was actually secretly reading a military book Shes working too hard! It was because he wanted to defeat Luo Feifa, right

Xiao He pursed his lips and put the book back in its original place.

He had made up his mind.

He must look out for Su Feifei!

He had to work harder and help Su Feifei win this battle!

Xiao He went out.

A few minutes later, Su Feifei returned.

She sat on the bed and reached under the wooden board to touch the book.

There was a secret compartment under the book.

She pulled it out, her eyes and brows glittering.

With Xiao Hes skills, she was sure that he would want to peek at her things.

It was obviously written on his face.

Then, she carefully turned on the lamp and sat down cross-legged again.

She flipped to the first page of the book.

The more she looked, the more fascinated she was, and the more she felt that it made sense!

As she read, she wrote down the next few steps of the operation with her pen.

She was amazed.

Indeed, the things Bo Xi gave her were reliable.


After studying for half an hour, she closed the book and let out a breath.

“Its really a treasured book.” Su Feifei said sincerely.

She looked down.

on the cover, there were a few large words — How to Conquer a Handsome Young Man!

Outside the door.

Renbo and Shen Ruoqing were quarreling.

“She used to be weak, but look at Luo Feifas lineup! How can we possibly win” Renbo said.

Shen Ruoqing frowned, “Renbo, can you stop complaining all the time If you really dont want to play, then quit!”

Qiao Hefeng, who was sitting at the side, stopped eating his lobster and felt a little awkward.

Just now, Su Feifei had started a fire for him as soon as she came back.

He was originally happily eating lobster, but after this mess, who still dared to eat

Just as he was about to secretly change his position, he saw Shen Ruoqing walk somewhere.

“Here, take this”

She passed him a bottle of water.

“Dont choke again.”

[Ill be honest.

the Qiao Hefeng who has cleared his name is indeed quite likable.]

[Why do I feel like its love

[Whats going on]

“Thank you,” Qiao Hefeng was still in a daze as he took the water.

Su Feifei walked over.

“Sleep early tonight, well start working tomorrow,” she left this sentence and walked towards Xiao He.

Shen Ruoqing glanced at Qiao Hefeng.

“What time do you sleep”

“Me” Qiao Hefeng pointed at himself.

“I probably… Ill go to sleep after eating this lobster.”

“Then come over to me later.

I have something to talk to you about.”

She got up in a hurry and added, “In the tent where the food is kept…”

[No way The outrageous guess has come true]

[ Qiao Hefeng, your good fortune is here.]

[Look at Hefengs dumbfounded face.

I guess he didnt think in that direction at all.]

[Maybe its not that kind of thing]


Qiao Hefeng wanted to continue asking, but when he looked up, he only saw a back view and couldnt help but tremble.

What do you have to say Did she have to meet him in the dead of night

He didnt offend her, right

Behind the tree, Renbo saw this scene and was so angry that his eyes turned red.

Su Feifei walked all the way to the table.

The wooden table was very long, with Xiao He and Bo Silin sitting on one end and three strong men on the other.

The brawny men were picking out dried mushrooms for tomorrows breakfast.

Su Feifei glanced at it and stood behind Xiao He.

She raised her leg and kicked his chair.

Xiao He looked up in surprise.

“Su Feifei”

“Sit at the side.” Su Feifei said.

Xiao He instantly gasped and looked at Bo Silin.

Question marks were written all over their eyes.

“Hurry up,” he said.

Su Feifei said.

“Oh, good, good, good!”

In his panic, Xiao He pulled the chair away and returned it.

He sat at a place further away, and the strong man and Tiantian were also attracted to him.

They peeked at them from the other end of the long table.

[F*ck! That was such a girl boss move!]

[This is the first time Su Feifei has taken the initiative to ask to sit with Bo Silin!]

“Su Feifei is acting strange today,” Tiantian asked softly.

“Yes … after Su Feifei talked to Bo Xi today, she became very abnormal.

I dont know what she said to her!”

“Lets wait and see, will they start fighting”

“I cant be sure…”

The few of them huddled together and chatted.

Bo Silin also put down the black frost and turned to look at her.

“Whats wrong” his voice was gentle.

[Its here.

Bo Silins unique gentleness catered only for Su Feifei.


“Nothing, just chatting.”

Su Feifei turned around and rummaged through her pocket.

She took out a small piece of paper.

He took a glance.

[Why are you even bringing a cheat sheet]

[A speech What are you doing]

Su Feifei glanced at it and quickly retracted her gaze.

“What are your plans tonight” she asked.

Bo Silin stared at her for two seconds.

“Ill follow your arrangements.”

[I dont know if Su Feifei is tempted, but I am!!]

[He really knows how to flirt.

Su Feifei is really dense.]

Su Feifei raised her eyes when she heard this.

“Alright,” she nodded.

“Then lets go take a shower together later.”

The onlooker, Xiao He, was the first to choke.

Su Feifei immediately looked over.

Xiao He and the rest immediately hid under the table and tried their best to hold back their coughs.

“Dont pinch me!” Tiantian protested softly.

The three men exchanged glances with each other, their eyes filled with fear.

[What the f*ck I dont understand, I really dont understand!]

[What kind of plot is this A shower Together]

[Based on Su Feifeis performance, I think she probably doesnt know what it means for a man and a woman to have a shower together.]

[Are you st*pid How can she not know]

At the other end of the table, Bo Silin was also stunned for two seconds.

“You want to take a bath together”

“What do you think” Su Feifei was being defensive.

“I think its pretty good, but…”

[Pretty good]

[Bo Silin, dont you have any shame!]

[Im guessing that Bo Silin is looking to wed her!]

“Are you sure you want to take a bath” Bo Silin said.

His amber eyes were shining.

Su Feifei was a little uncertain.

What did the book say

Yes, physical contact.

A boy needs physical contact, and its best to inadvertently tug at his heartstrings.

Since she was going to do it, she had to do it thoroughly.

Wasnt the only time that a large area of physical contact could happen when they were naked

“Yes,” Su Feifei was certain.

Bo Silin sighed.

“You dont want to” Su Feifei frowned and got up.

“Then forget it!”

Anyway, there was a second plan.

[Bo Silin, whats wrong with you!! Just agree with her!]

[Who cares! I want to see it!!]

[Me too!]

Before she could turn around, someone grabbed her wrist.

“Im willing to.” His eyes were determined.

He was going to use this bath today to create the sparks of love.

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