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Luo Feifa ran around and shouted until her voice was hoarse.

Everyone splashed water on her and patted her head with her clothes.

“It hurts! Dont hit me!”

Luo Feifa screamed, holding her head.

In the end, it was Huang Ling who stepped forward and pulled her wig off her head.

He stomped on the ground to put out the fire.

Luo Feifa twisted her body and fell to the ground.

Her entire body was covered in smoke, and there was still steam coming from the top of her head.

She sat on the ground and shivered, not yet coming to her senses.


Qiao Hefeng sneaked out of the forest.

He took a glance and immediately turned around to call for the people behind him.

“Hurry up and take a look! Hurry hurry! Its all burned up!”

Luo Feifas entire team was speechless.

The screams continued.

Qiao Hefeng tugged at Shen Ruoqing.

“Hey, look at Luo Feifa.

Shes so angry she caught on fire!”

[Angry Hahaha!]

[Your 80 IQ points are showing Hefeng.]

[Shut your mouth.

Your public relations team is also on fire, do you know that]

Shen Ruoqings eyes were sharp.

When she saw Su Feifei, she immediately tugged at Qiao Hefeng.

Only then did Qiao Hefeng clearly see the people standing on the field.

He immediately screamed and rushed over.

“Su Feifei! Youre finally back…”

Renbo and Shen Ruoqing were speechless.

Just as he was about to reach Su Feifei, he saw Bo Silin standing next to him.

He immediately turned around, circled around the field, and ran away.


[Dont be scared Hefeng!]

[If Bo Silin was not around just now, would you have crashed into Su Feifeis arms]

[Silins gaze is killing me!]

[Im dying of laughter here!]

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes, his smile unchanged.

Su Feifei turned to look at Luo Feifa.

Everyone looked over as well.

A few of them couldnt help but lower their heads and laugh.

The remaining fire in the camp was also gone.

The only light source was from Luo Feifas wig.

Not only was it shiny, but it also had a flat head.

[Luo Feifa, just admit defeat and leave.]

[Thats what I said.

Shes asking for a beating and yet she hasnt been beaten to death.]

Luo Feifa touched her head and broke down.

Su Feifei tilted her head and looked around.

She smiled when she saw the charred tents around her.

She was quite satisfied with todays battle.

“Luo Feifa,” she said.

Although Luo Feifa was full of hatred, she still felt a chill in her heart when she heard this.

“What are you doing-” she glared.

Before she could finish her words, something suddenly flew in front of her.

She was so frightened that she screamed again.

An arrow was nailed to the tree trunk beside her.

Luo Feifas body froze for a moment before she shouted, “Are you f*cking sick What if you missed it Do you want to take my life”

“Its just an arrow, yet youre so scared.”

Su Feifeis dark eyes swept across her face.

“If the wolves come, what would you do then”

Luo Feifa choked and her expression changed slightly.


[What do you mean Is it what I think it is]

[Could it be that those wolves are really related to Luo Feifa]

[That wolf is obviously a foreign creature.

It cant be from the island! They must have been deployed!]

“Cut the crap!” Luo Feifa glared at her and said, “This is my camp! Get out of here immediately! Get as far away as you can!”

“When did this place become your campsite!” Tiantian said loudly, “This is just an empty space.

youve only set up camp here! ”

“What, youre not convinced If youre not convinced, then come over! if you have the ability, then bring your broken wooden house here!”


Tiantians face turned red, and Xiao He was also furious.

“Feifa theres something on the arrow… ” one of his teammates reminded her.

Luo Feifa covered her head and stood up while cursing.

she pulled the arrow off and took a look.

On a piece of white cloth, red words were scrawled on it.

A letter of challenge


[Su Feifei, what kind of move is this]

[The letter of the challenge is killing me.

It really does have a taste of war.]

[Su Feifeis every action is beyond my expectations.]

Luo Feifa raised her head, but before she could ask anything, Su Feifei was already standing in front of her with Qiu Yes loudspeaker.

“From today onwards…”

Luo Feifa was startled by the sound and immediately waved her hand and retreated.

However, Su Feifei reached out and pulled her in front of her.

the horn was aimed right at her ear.

“I, Su Feifei, officially declare war on Luo Feifas entire team!

“Once the letter of the challenge is out, sound the war drums!

“I wont rest until the whole team is dead!”

The last sentence shook the entire arena.

Luo Feifas ears were almost ringing.

She pushed her away in despair.

“Do you think we care A challenge just because you want to Get out of here! Dont touch me!”

Su Feifei didnt bother with her and threw the horn away.

Qiu Ye immediately caught it.

In the blink of an eye, there was only a back view left on the field, leaving the people in Luo Feifas team to look at each other.

Su Lings face turned white as she stood on the spot, trembling.

To fight to the death… she had to admit that these words had really frightened her.

Moreover, based on her experience fighting with Su Feifei during this period of time, Su Feifei was definitely not lying!

Su Feifei was a woman of her word, and she would definitely do something next!

[To be honest, Im really looking forward to it.]

[Its finally starting!]

[It seems that the wolf from last time was Luo Feifas doing! Otherwise, why would Su Feifei take the initiative to retaliate]

[Thats right! Ive been tolerating this Luo Feifa for a long time! Su Feifei, kill her!]

[Lets go sisters! Attack!]

Back at the camp.

Xiao He moved a chair over for Bo Silin and then eagerly ran into the tent to get some water.

As soon as he lifted the curtain, he saw Su Feifei immediately retract her hand from the bed and hide a book under the bedsheet.

“Su Feifei, what are you doing” Xiao He was puzzled.

It seemed like Su Feifei was trying to keep a secret.


Su Feifei walked out of the tent with a straight face.

Xiao Hes line of sight immediately fell on the bed.

One could even see a bulge in the corner of the bed sheet.

Was it that book

He walked forward.

To see, or not to see

Xiao He quickly looked behind him and gritted his teeth.

He could not resist his curiosity.

‘Forget it, Ill just take a quick peep!

What if Su Feifei had encountered some difficulties that she couldnt talk about He could help!

Just one look!

Xiao He thought about it and reached out.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he lifted the bed sheet.

The next second, he gasped!

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