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Su Ling hurriedly handed her a tissue.

Luo Feifa coughed and retched.

She finally regained her senses and grabbed Su Ling.

“What did the broadcast just say!”

The only reply she got was a repeat of the broadcast.

“Shave your head.

Shave your head.”

All of them lowered their heads and pretended as if nothing had happened, but their trembling shoulders had already betrayed them.

Luo Feifa screamed, “D*mn it! Shes so audacious!”

She threw her chopsticks and rushed toward Su Feifeis team!

[Im dying of laughter.

Im dying of laughter!]

[That caught me off guard!]

[Its happening!]

[Im laughing like a pig.]

[Luo Feifa, are you sure you want to go]

[Remember to take a screenshot and record it, everyone!]

[Are you really shaving it]

[Su Feifei has already said it.

What do you guys think]

When Luo Feifa rushed to the team, a large group of people was surrounding the pot and drinking hot chicken soup.

The things stewed in the big pot were especially fragrant.

Especially in a jungle environment, this scene would simply become a nightmare for the remaining two teams tonight!

[Im drooling…]

[Amazing, I can smell the fragrance even through the screen! ]

[Su Feifei called someone over to shave her head, its over!]

[This punishment is insane…]

[Youve suffered well Luo Feifa.]

“Su Feifei! The time isnt today, what right do you have to bring it forward just because you say so!” Luo Feifa said angrily.

Su Feifei glanced at her while holding a bowl of chicken soup.

“We talked about the time”

A question that struck straight at the soul.

Luo Feifas body trembled as she tried to recall.

Su Ling whispered, “She didnt say the time, but she promised that there would be meat for every meal…”

Luo Feifa immediately became excited.

“Yeah! You said that you had to make sure that there was meat in every meal! How can you promise such a thing If you dont promise me anything, why are you still being so arrogant…”

The continuous sound of more than ten boxes being opened directly interrupted Luo Feifas words.

Everyones attention was attracted, and the drone also flew in the direction of the box.

When she saw what was inside, she instantly gasped!

Box one was filled with fish!

Box two was filled with crabs! There were also unmelted ice cubes in it to keep it fresh!

There were two huge lobsters in box three!

A total of ten boxes were filled with an assortment of meat!

[Oh! My! Gosh!]

[I can bet that Luo Feifa did not expect this.]

[This must have been prepared from the beginning! Then why did she bet with Luo Feifa]

[Was this a sure-win bet from the start]

[So, Luo Feifa could have just shaved her head early on, but Su Fefei gave her hope and hung her up for the whole day]

[She is a true genius!]

[She went hunting on purpose and showed off in front of Luo Feifa.]

[When did Su Feifei catch all this seafood Thats awesome! Its like she went swimming in the ocean to restock her supplies!]

“We can eat this meat for a week.” Su Feifei said indifferently.

Luo Feifa was completely flustered.

Is Su Feifei sick!

Is she really going all the way

So, out of the 20 boxes, her team pushed, 10 of them were filled with food

“Su Feifei! Youre doing this on purpose!” Luo Feifa shouted, “Youre deliberately making me think that you have no food! You even made a bet with me! I dont care, this bet doesnt count!”

[So I guess its popular to directly go back on ones word now]

[Luo Feifa is also awesome for that.]

Su Feifei threw the chicken bone away and glanced at her face.

Then, more than twenty members stood up and surrounded Su Ling and Luo Feifa.

“Youre definitely going to shave today.”

Luo Feifa narrowed her eyes and stepped back.

“Su Feifei, think clearly! Do you want to go against our Luo family”


Su Feifei gave a quick-cut answer.

[F*ck, Su Feifei, you cant just say that!]

[Shes so brave, I want to be like her!]

[Luo family, Luo family, Luo family.

What else can Luo Feifa mention besides her own family]

Luo Feifa glared at her.

She was stumped by her words and didnt know what to say for a moment.

“Alright, Ill shave it.” Su Ling suddenly said.

Luo Feifa was speechless.

The bullet comments were:

[Are the sisters turning against each other]

[I didnt expect to see Su Lings suicide performance today.]

“Youre sick!” Luo Feifa shouted.

Su Ling already knew that Luo Feifa would have this reaction and held her down.

“But there doesnt seem to be anyone here who can shave their heads, right” She continued.

Everyone finally understood.

So this was what she was planning!

[What a thief!]

[When it comes to brains, Su Ling is the best.]

[Indeed, no one here knows how to shave their heads.]

[This is a mistake.


[Quick, lets get down to it!]

Luo Feifas expression softened.

“Thats right, I want to shave it.

Whos going to shave it for me” she sneered.

“Me,” she said.

Su Feifei spat out a word.

Luo Feifa was speechless.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

Everyone turned to look at Su Feifei, and even Xiao Hes mouth was wide open.

“I will.” Su Feifei said.



[Su Feifei, you really know a lot of tricks.

Hahahaha ]

[Su Feifei, why dont you tell me what you dont know ]

[Look at Luo Feifa.

Shes terrified!]

However, this time, Luo Feifa had finally opened her mind.

“Fine, even if you know how to, how are you going to shave it!” Luo Feifa said sternly, “Dont you try to fool me with a knife! What if I get scratched Since you want to shave my head, fine, bring out the proper shaving tools!”


A voice attracted everyones attention.

Everyone turned around.

Qiao Hefeng was standing next to the airdrop.

He was holding a brand three-in-one electric razor in his hand with a big grin.


“Famous brand, trustworthy, comes with seventeen sets of hair accessories, three years of warranty, shipping insurance, convenient for both plug and travel.

This meets the needs of family shaving!”


Qiao Hefeng turned to Luo Feifa.

“You mean this”

The bullet screen was silent for a moment before it burst into laughter.

[Qiao Hefeng is getting his revenge!]

[Did you take this out of the airdrop Was it prepared by Bo Silin!]

[Im dying of laughter!]

[One is responsible for providing the knife, and the other lover is responsible for cutting!]

[Bo Silin contributed to Luo Feifas lost hair today.]

[The electric razor is ready.

I didnt expect it to be here.]

[Be more confident.

Whats more unexpected is that the battery is fully charged!]

[Luo Feifa, death is upon you.]

Luo Feifa was so shocked that she was rendered speechless.

She was starting to suspect that this trip was a deliberate joke from the heavens!

Su Feifei finished the last mouthful of chicken soup and put the bowl down.

“Come on, lets go shave your hair off!”

She took the razor and stood up.

Luo Feifa took a step back and pushed Xiao He when he was not paying attention!

Xiao He staggered.

Luo Feifa immediately ran out.

He even turned around and cursed, “Ill shave your grandmothers head! Su Feifei, you b*tch! Just wait for your death! Do you think Ill just stand there and let you shave your head What a joke! Listen up, no one has ever made me do something Im not willing to do in my life! Rethink your life choices now or forever hold your piece!”

The smug expression only lasted for a few seconds.

Because in the next second, she stepped into a trap.

Her ankle was instantly pulled by the rope, and she was hung upside down!

His black hair was swaying in the air as her world turned 180.


“W-whats going on”

Everyone was stunned.

Then, a fair hand reached and struck the center of her skull with lightning speed.


The razor moved along her head slowly and gently.

Bit by bit, hair dropped onto the ground.


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